Fury Warrior

Patch 8.1.5

Written by Revvez Last Updated: 18th May, 2019

Azerite Traits

Spec Specific Azerite Traits

Cold Steel, Hot Blood

Cold Steel, Hot Blood is good for single target, it's the best stackable trait for cleave.

Infinite Fury

Infinite Fury is a decent trait on paper but in game you sometimes end up dropping the buff which drastically reduces the value of this trait.

Reckless Flurry

Reckless Flurry is good for single target, weak for cleave. The CD reduction does not stack but when playing with the Siegebreaker talent it does not matter since you want to use Recklessness together with Siegebreaker anyway.

Simmering Rage

The Simmering Rage trait is good to have 1 of, but very little value to have more than 1.

Unbridled Ferocity

The unbridled ferocity trait has very high value and is worth dropping ilvls to get - however it is only good to have 1, stacking this trait is very bad.

Pulverizing Blows

Pulverizing Blows is a decent trait for single target but you will likely not have to use this since there are several better options.

Azerite traits rotation changes

The main thing that changes with traits is whether to use Raging Blow at 2 stacks at higher priority than Bloodthirst. Cold Steel, Hot Blood makes Bloodthirst have more value, Pulverizing Blows gives Raging Blow more value.

Recommended Azerite Traits

You need 1x Unbridled Ferocity and usually you would drop ilvls on your gear in order to have it. Other than that you should go for Cold Steel, Hot Blood and Reckless Flurry traits, ideally with 1x Simmering Rage. Overwhelming Power is an amazing inner trait. There are some zone-specific traits that also have great value such as Treacherous Covenant and Swirling Sands combined with Cold Steel, Hot Blood.

There is great azerite gear that drops from Battle of Dazar’alor but for a BiS setup you would have to spend a lot of titan residuum for M+ gear. I would recommend settling for a slightly worse setup and saving your currency for next patch. Sim your character to see what setup is best for you that can come from what you have currently and what might drop from the raid.

Choosing Gear/Azerite traits

The best way to find the best gear & azerite traits for your character is to "sim" your character

Find out how to sim

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