Fury Warrior

Patch 9.0

Written by Faithy Last Updated: 18th Nov, 2020

Some content in this guide is based on beta or early data

Updates will be made after raid progress is finished and more accurate information is available.


What is the best Fury Warrior Covenant?


Venthyr is the strongest Covenant for raiding in Castle Nathria. Condemn has a super high value in single target and raid scenarios due to the increased damage on pull, which is often when you lust on the earlier bosses and the execute damage past 35% if you are talented into the Massacre talent. execute damage is often one of the most valuable kinds of damage in raids.

The added Defensive benefit that Condemn provides on the Main Target can take off pressure from your healers especially during progression when you’re not that well geared.

Door of Shadows the utility ability provided by the Venthyr Covenant is an additional option of movement and can see uses especially in Mythic + when combined with Nadjia the Mistblade as she makes Door of Shadows disorientate nearby enemies where you teleport which can be used to CC mobs.


Kyrian is the strongest Covenant for Mythic+. Spear of Bastion has great value in AoE situations and opens up for a high burst which is the predominant kind of damage you are looking for in Mythic+. In addition to the bursty damage Spear of Bastion has a root effect similar to Ursol’s Vortex, which has previously proven to be one of the stronger CC abilities in the mythic+ scene.

Summon Steward, the utility ability provided by the Kyrian, summons an NPC which can be used as a vendor or other flavour mechanics. The most crucial part of this NPC is that it provides 3x Phial of Serenity which is a second health pot that not only provides 20% health but also removes diseases, poisons, curses, and bleeds.


Not played / Not strong enough in comparison

Night Fae:

Not played / Not strong enough in comparison

Soulbinds and Conduits

Soulbind Recommendations

Venthyr: The go-to Soulbind for Venthyr Fury Warrior is Nadjia the Mistblade.

Kyrian: The go-to Soulbind for Kyrian Fury Warrior is Pelagos.

Potency Conduits

Venthyr specific:

Harrowing Punishment is going to be a strong cleave choice for Venthyr. Increasing the overall Damage on Condemn depending on how many targets you are surrounded by is a major benefit to both priority damage and cleave damage.

Kyrian specific:

Piercing Verdict is most likely going to be one of the go-to Conduits for Kyrian as it increases our burst damage with Spear of Bastion making it strong in mythic +. As ranks go higher we could potentially see it over-capping us in rage but the damage is going to be worthwhile.

General potency conduits:

Depths of Insanity will be the best conduit for any kinds of PvE content you will be playing through as Fury Warrior especially combined with Anger Management which have great synergy together.

Hack and Slash is a strong single target contender for the second Conduit if execute phases are short as it increases the number of Raging Blows throughout a fight and removes Whirlwind fillers. Additionally, it synergises super well with our Tier 5 talent of choice Cruelty

Ashen Juggernaut increases the crit chance for execute, every time you execute, stacking up to 8 times for 8 seconds. The conduit is showing promising value for execute oriented situations especially if Venthyr is your chosen Covenant due to the potency of execute damage throughout a progression raid.

Ashen Juggernaut loses value if you can’t keep up the stacks.

Vicious Contempt has some potential value in fights where increased damage during execute is important just like Ashen Juggernaut. Even though overall it will have lower damage output throughout the fight the damage profile it provides could prove to be valuable in progression and could replace Ashen Juggernaut if stacks prove to drop throughout the execute duration.

Finesse Conduits

Inspiring Presence is an insanely powerful conduit especially for raid content due to the immense value of buffing your raid external. This will be your raid Finesse Conduit without a doubt.

Safeguard is gonna be a very strong Finesse Conduit in Mythic + content. Being able to provide your Intervene target with extra damage reduction could be essential in high keys where externals are needed for surviving mechanics.

Cacophonous Roar is a very weak conduit and I don't see any uses for the conduit in comparison to the other choices.

Disturb the Peace reduces the cooldown on your AoE slow and could prove to have a very few niches. However, I can’t imagine the benefit would outweigh either Inspiring Presence or Safeguard.

Endurance Conduits

Stalwart Guardian is the strongest Endurance Conduit in general gameplay as having a reduction on your primary defensive is always good.

Indelible Victory could see use if synergised with Impending Victory talented however it would be in very rare situations even if talented Impending Victory due to the strength of having a reduction on your primary defensive cooldown which Stalwart Guardian provides.

Brutal Vitality is a very situational Conduit and I can’t imagine seeing it being played. However, the one situation it could be deemed useful would be if prebuilding the Ignore Pain shield for a hard-hitting mechanic could save you.

Conduit Recommendations

Raid Recommendation (single target):


  1. Depths of Insanity
  2. Ashen Juggernaut


  1. Inspiring Presence or Safeguard


  1. Stalwart Guardian

Mythic+ Recommendation (AoE):


  1. Depths of Insanity
  2. Harrowing Punishment (Venthyr) or Piercing Verdict (Kyrian)


  1. Inspiring Presence or Safeguard


  1. Stalwart Guardian


Deathmaker is the go-to single target legendary for Fury and performs the best overall for pure single target. Being able to keep a high uptime of Siegebreaker is just a flat damage increase and doesn’t change anything in the playstyle. It isn’t a bad legendary for AoE but it is pale in comparison to its competitor.

Signet of Tormented Kings is a powerhouse in AoE burst and will see high value in either burst situations or just AoE in general. Being able to get an additional cooldown when using either Bladestorm or Recklessness opens up the opportunity to get two uses of Bladestorm back to back or buffing your talented Bladestorm with 20% from Avatar.

All the other legendaries are not worth prioritizing for damage output.