Fury Warrior

Patch 8.2.5

Written by Revvez Last Updated: 10th Nov, 2019

Azerite Traits

Spec Specific Azerite Traits

Good Traits

  • Cold Steel, Hot Blood - The best stackable trait for most situations.
  • Simmering Rage - Great to have 1 of, but there is very little value to stack.
  • Unbridled Ferocity - Even better than Simmering Rage to have 1 of. You will often drop item levels on the gear to have it, but don’t use more than 1.

Average Traits

  • Reckless Flurry  - Good stackable trait for single target. Bad for Cleave and AoE.

Bad Traits

  • Pulverizing Blows - This trait is "ok" on single target and low target cleave. You would most likely only end up using this trait if you get it on a higher item level item or an item where you gain Overwhelming Power.
  • Infinite Fury - This trait is "ok" in simulations and would be used for both multi target and single target. In many real scenarios though you may end up losing the buff because of fight mechanics.

Azerite traits rotation changes

Cold Steel, Hot Blood makes you prioritise Bloodthirst over Raging Blow at 2 stacks.

Recommended Azerite Traits

Go for as many Cold Steel, Hot Blood as you can whilst keeping 1x Unbridled Fury and ideally 1x Simmering Rage. If you can use something with Overwhelming Power, that might take priority over the ideal outer traits. If unsure, make sure to sim your own character.

An Ideal setup for M+ and often best for raiding as well is:

  • Helm of Abyssal Malevolence 
  • C’thraxxi Binders Pauldrons
  • Notorious Gladiator’s Plate Chestplate

Using 3x Cold Steel, Hot Blood, 1x Swirling Sands, 1x Unbridled Ferocity and 1x Simmering Rage.

Another setup that is almost equal on single target, and much easier to get would be:

  • Helm of Abyssal Malevolence or if you’re saving Residuum you can go with the Engineering helm, but it will result in an approximate 300 dps loss.
  • Trench Tyrant’s Shoulderplates
  • Dark Passenger’s  Breastplate

Using 2x Cold Steel, Hot Blood, 2x Loyal to the End, 1x Unbridled Ferocity and 1x Simmering Rage/Engineer trait.

Azerite Essences

I would recommend getting access to all of the good essences, since they are likely to be useful in a range of scenarios.

Good Essences:

Condensed Life-Force will most likely be the best essences for Fury in a lot of situations, including single target.

Blood of the Enemy is one of the best cleave and AoE essences, with an added upside of also being pretty good single target.

Essence of the Focusing Iris is great for burst AoE and the minor is also good.

Average Essences:

The Crucible of Flame is one of the best minor essences for single target. However, the major effect is not likely to be used when you are geared.

Memory of Lucid Dreams makes you favour Anger Management over Siegebreaker. Use it on pull and then on CD, don’t try to line it up with Recklessness.

Worldvein Resonance has a weak major effect and a decent minor if your group uses it.

Conflict and Strife gives us access to Battle Trance. It is weak for almost all scenarios. However, the minor is pretty good.

Purification Protocol does good damage in AoE scenarios, but not as much as the other AoE options. It is very weak on single target, making the only likely use of the major when you are in an AoE situation with Aberrations. The minor is a little better, it can be used as a minor in cleave situations without Aberrations.

Weak Essences:

Vision of Perfection. Our cooldowns alone are not strong unless we have the other essences to buff them.

The Unbound Force is also a weak essence both as a major and as a minor.

Choosing Gear/Azerite traits

The best way to find the best gear, Azerite Traits & Essences for your character is to "sim" your character

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