Frost Mage Covenants, Soulbinds, Legendaries & Gear guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 7th Aug, 2022
Tamir Frost Mage Author


The Necrolord Covenant is highly competitive in single target and cleave situations once we have our 2nd legendary.

With the new 2P tier set bonus, Comet Storm as a talent might be something to keep in mind, especially for pure single target encounters because it has good synergy with the Comet Storm proc and our actual Comet Storm talent.

Currently, on PTR, you can extend the 4P Buff from the Comet Storm Proc and our actual Comet Storm since they are double-dipping. (might be a bug, subject to change)

The 2 best covenants for a frost mage will be Necrolord and Venthyr for raiding, and Night Fae remains the strongest choice for M+ content.
You can read my overall conclusion at the start of the guide section for more info.

Venthyr is mainly for raiding\ST. Having Mirrors of Torment on single target works well with Icy Veins, essentially getting Brain Freeze Proc roughly every 15 seconds, which helps us extend Icy Veins with Thermal Void and reduce the cooldown of the ability due to the Icy Propulsion conduit.

In patch 9.2, we can equip a second legendary and use the Necrolord legendary Death's Fathom. A Frost Mage gains a lot of value in 1-3 targets situations; if you can have a good uptime during combat and keep casting frostbolt. This will keep buffing the Death's Fathom legendary and have a huge spell power buff.

Check the overall conclusion at the start of the guide section for more info.

Night Fae has a lot of value in Mythic+ because it reduces the cooldown of Icy Veins with shifting power. On top of that, you will also be able to have multiple Frozen Orbs active.

Raiding - For raiding, I would recommend Necrolord or Venthyr. However, Necrolord will be stronger with 4 pieces of your tier set and 2 legendaries.

Mythic+\Multi-spec - Night Fae will be the better choice for Mythic+ dungeons or if you are planning to play other mage specs. The Night Fae covenant is very flexible, and it gives us the most benefit in terms of Mythic+. Shifting power reduces our cooldowns which allows us to have Icy Veins up more often. It will also enable us to have multiple Blizzard and Frozen Orb simultaneously, which benefits our damage by a large margin. 

I want to discuss something regarding frost mage covenants in the new raid.

In 9.2 while we don't have any tier sets and only 1 legendary, Necrolord and Venthyr are pretty equal, with 100 DPS leaning towards Venthyr. However! There are some fights where Mirrors of Torment does not proc correctly, such as Xymox in the new raid during the Intermission when he basically goes AFK.

You will not get Brain Freeze Procs if you use Mirrors on the boss before an intermission or during the downtime. So you have to keep an eye on that.

With that being said, once we have our 4p and our covenant legendary, Necrolord will pull a bit ahead on pure single target and 1-3 target cleave encounters, such as on the Pantheon fight. (Assuming there is no covenant legendary Tuning)

Soulbinds and Conduits

Night Fae

For Night Fae you will be using the following Conduit Setup:


For Venthyr you will be using the following Conduit Setup:


For Necrolord on single target you will be using the following setup:

If you don't lose Deathborne over the fight duration and are unsure about the kill timers and still progressing through the raid, then just use Frozen orb as your conduit instead.


Second Legendary

For Mythic+: we will gain the power of the Night Fae Legendary Heart of the Fae. This will allow us to cast shifting power while moving and gain up to 10% Critical Strike and 10% Haste for 15 Seconds. (Assuming you can hit at least 10 Mobs with shifting power)

For Raiding: The Necrolord Covenant and Legendary Death's Fathom

has good synergy with frost. It will essentially give you a 1% spell power buff for each enemy you hit with frostbolt. It gains a massive value in single target with Slick Ice and even in Cleave situations. You want to keep an eye on this one!


Slick Ice Legendary

While Icy Veins is active, each frostbolt you cast reduces the cast time of frostbolt by 2%, stacking up to 10 times.

This Legendary is super strong when fighting one target. It synergies well with our Icy veins cooldown, essentially granting us almost 100% uptime, assuming we can keep casting without being interrupted.

Optimal slot: Legs with critical Strike and haste.

Freezing Winds Legendary

While Frozen Orb is active, you gain Fingers of Frost every 2 Seconds.

This is our go-to legendary for multi-target encounters and mythic+. It essentially makes us highly mobile and gives us the ability to squeeze in a lot of burst damage during Frozen Orb since we will be getting a lot of Fingers of Frost. It's overall a super-strong pick when you are fighting anything more than one target.

Optimal slot: Gloves with critical Strike and haste.


As far as unity goes, I would recommend simming the legendary to see which slot would be the best to craft it on because it heavily depends on the pieces you have, and you don’t want to break the 4 piece bonus from your tier set.

If you are playing the other specs, I would recommend crafting it on anything that is not a tier piece slot, such as a ring or boots, to not conflict with a tier piece or other legendary slots.


As far as M+ goes, there are 3 builds you can play as a frost mage, and I will try to break them down for you and explain each build's purpose

Freezing Winds + Unity

This is the standard Freezing winds build that we played in season 2. This build will focus on funnel damage, good single target, and good AoE.

Disciplinary Command + Unity

This build is relatively new, but it can provide strong AoE Damage. To achieve the AoE damage you want to will line up Disciplinary Command with the 2 piece tier set proc.

Additionally, you want to summon your Water Elemental and use the Bone Chilling talent because it provides more AoE. The idea behind this build is for your pet to shatter (not on GCD) your 2P proc, Frozen Orb, and Blizzard.

This build is mainly used for big AoE Mythic+ keys like Necrotic Wake, Sanguine Depths, De other Side, and Halls.

Keep in mind that your single target damage is significantly lower with this build, and I would not recommend this build if you are not playing with a coordinated group that won't pull big groups of adds.

Necrolord Coldfront + Unity

This is the most recent build that most Frost Mages are playing in Mythic+. This build is very similar to how Venthyr Moonkin used to be in Season 2 - Extremely strong DPS output with Deathborne. However, it requires a lot of coordination to be worth it.

This is the most recent build that most Frost Mages are playing in Mythic+. This build is very similar to how Venthyr Moonkin used to be in Season 2 - Extremely strong DPS output with Deathborne. However, it requires a lot of coordination to be worth it.

This build aims to ramp Deathborne with Frostbolt while you avoid using procs during AoE. You only want to cast Frostbolt to ramp Deathborne stacks and then proc Coldfront Frozen Orb.

I only recommend this build once you are playing higher mythic+ keys.


Tier Set

In patch 9.2, we will gain a significant power spike with an additional legendary on top of our current one. We will be using 2 legendaries, a covenant legendary and a secondary one that we can pick ourselves.

In addition, we will also be able to get tier sets.

The 2p as a whole is a pretty big DPS spike, on top of the fact that the Comet Storm procs help us reduce the CD on our Icy Veins because of the Icy Propulsion conduit.

The 4p is also quite good since we will be in our Icy Veins window for the vast majority of the fight; having our main target take up to 10% increased damage is pretty massive.

9.2.5 Vendor Items

These are the items that I would recommend getting from the Fated vendor, and Honorable Mentions

  1. Rygelon Dagger (1st)
  2. The First Sigil (2nd)
  3. Forbidden Necromantic Tome
  4. Cabalist's Hymnal
  5. Elegy
  6. Titanic Ocular Gland (optional, Very good assuming u can avoid the downside effect)