Enhancement Shaman Covenants, Soulbinds, Legendaries & Gear guide

Patch 9.1 Last Updated: 20th Aug, 2021
Written by Weber Enhancement Shaman Author

Soulbinds and Conduits

Night Fae

Night Fae is the preferred covenant for raiding in Sanctum of Domination mainly because of its very solid Soulbinds. The Night Fae covenant ability Fae Transfusion is a single target ability that will split its damage among all targets hit and while the abilities value is diminished in AoE scenarios. Picking Night Fae will also make you excel at Mythic+ and fights with frequent add spawns because of First Strike in the Korayn Soulbind. Both Niya and Dreamweaver will be very close in single target so you can use Dreamweaver with Doom Winds and Niya with Witch Doctor’s Wolf Bones.








Venthyr is still a valid option, especially if you care about PvP where it reigns as the covenant of choice because Chain Harvest is both a strong AoE nuke and a massive heal for your team at the same time, however in the raid you will most likely find yourself losing out on some damage compared to Night Fae. The go-to Soulbind for singletarget is Nadja. With the full Soulbinds unlocked Draven is now a solid option for M+.






With the full Soulbinds unlocked Kyrian is now a competitive option for Enhancement and even preferred if your main content is Mythic+. Mikanikos is the go-to Soulbind for all content, so you will either have to use both Unruly Winds and Magma Fist or swap conduits a lot.




Necrolord isn’t worth considering at all, the way the covenant ability works for Enhancement feels like an afterthought and the Soulbinds aren’t strong enough to make it a worthwhile choice.



Which potency conduit you want to use depends largely on which legendary you are running at a given time.

  1. Unruly Winds provides you with a chance at some extra Windfury damage and is our strongest conduit when used together with Doom Winds and Forceful Winds.
  2. Magma Fist makes your Lava Lash more likely to crit and is our strongest single target conduit when used together with Witch Doctor’s Wolf Bones.
  3. Essential Extraction is a strong single target option for Night Fae.
  4. Focused Lightning is a decent second potency conduit.


  1. Vital Accretion lets you use your Earth Elemental as a defensive cooldown. The extra maximum HP will be active as long as Earth Elemental is alive. Make sure you don’t mess with your tanks by taking adds from them and dismiss it if it gets their way after you’ve survived whatever you used it for. A great conduit and should always be used.
  2. Condensed Anima Sphere is a solid passive option especially in the raid where you don’t want to actively heal yourself except as a last resort..
  3. Refreshing Waters improves your self heals. Together with the bonus from Maelstrom Weapon your Healing Surge will become quite potent on yourself, to the point that a lucky crit will top yourself off easily.


  1. Thunderous Paws is a little extra speed boost when you need it. Not very useful but better than nothing.

The other Finesse conduits are all very niche and not impactful at all. Pick whichever one you like best, but none of them will be of much use to you.


There are two very strong legendaries you will want to craft.

Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones Legendary:

The best legendary for single target damage is currently Witch Doctor’s Wolf Bones. It increases your Maelstrom Weapon generation and will reduce the cooldown of your Feral Spirit by around half.

While this is our best single target legendary, it is pretty niche all in all, it provides very little value in AoE as you will be swimming in Maelstrom Weapon stacks either way and it suffers a lot from movement and downtime, so if you can’t hit the boss for sizeable parts of the fight don’t use this.

Optimal Slot: Ring.

Doom Winds Legendary:

Doom Winds is a great allrounder legendary. It turns your Windfury Totem into a very potent burst window on a 1 minute cooldown where every main hand melee hit will proc Windfury Weapon. This notably includes Crash Lightning which is uncapped for massive AoE burst, hitting every enemy in front of you with Windfury Weapon.

This is useful in a lot of situations, so use it whenever there are frequent add spawns, burst windows, or when there is too much downtime for the more sustained damage profile of Witch Doctor’s Wolf Bones.

Don’t bother with any of the new 9.1 covenant legendaries except for the Night Fae legendary Seeds of Rampant Growth, which you can use to do single target burst without sacrificing too much overall damage compared to Witch Doctor’s Wolf Bones. The other ones are all very weak and not worth crafting.

Optimal Slot: Cloak.

Don’t bother with any of the new 9.1 covenant legendaries. They’re all very weak and not worth crafting.


How good the new raid trinkets will be remains to be seen, keep an eye on Bloodmallet and Warcraftlogs to see which ones will be worth using.

Gladiator’s Badge of Ferocity is an easy to acquire, incredibly solid trinket that heavily synergizes with Doom Winds 1 minute burst intervals. It’s especially great in AoE given that our burst during Doom Winds is not target capped.

Phial of Putrefaction is a very strong single target trinket and one of the best options you should look out for from your great vault.

Regarding the new Shards of Domination, you want the Unholy set bonus Chaos Bane, so grab all three Unholy gems and fill out your other two slots with Shard of Bek and Shard of Cor.