Enhancement Shaman Covenants, Soulbinds, Legendaries & Gear guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 29th Jul, 2022
Weber Enhancement Shaman Author

Soulbinds and Conduits

Night Fae

The changes in 9.2 Night Fae are still our single target covenant of choice. The Night Fae covenant ability Fae Transfusion is a single target ability that will split its damage among all targets hit while the abilities value is diminished in AoE scenarios. Seeds of Rampant GrowthWitch Doctor’s Wolf Bones, and the new tier set result in massive uptime on Feral Spirits.

On low movement fights where you can afford to stand in Field of Blossoms Dreamweaver is the way to go. If you don’t like Hot Hand you can also switch to Social Butterfly with Stormflurry and pray for lightning wolves instead. If a fight doesn’t allow you to get good value out of Field of Blossoms swap to Niya, don’t run Stormflurry with her though.






Through the addition of Flame Shock spread to the spec, this covenant which has not geled with Enhancement all expansion, is now all of a sudden the go-to for AoE! Since it is now easy to get out lots of Flame Shocks, it is also easy to get out lots of extra Lightning Bolts via Primordial Wave.

This is the go-to covenant for funneling damage from multiple enemies into a single priority target via Primal Lava Actuators and Splintered Elements and will likely see some use in the upcoming raid.




Venthyr is a solid choice for sustained AoE in 9.2. Using Skybreaker’s Fiery Demise and Elemental Conduit, you can get the cooldown of Chain Harvest below 15 seconds consistently on AoE, providing massive off healing and uptime on Wasteland Propriety for your whole party.



If you really want to play Doom Winds go with Draven instead of leaning all into Chain Harvest synergy. This will have your damage profile be a bit more front-loaded and do more damage on massive pulls since your big damage will be uncapped, compared to the Chain Harvest build topping out at 6 targets. However, you lose out on the off healing and Versatility buff for your party and a lot of overall damage.




With the introduction of using two legendaries, Kyrian is no longer a useful covenant for Enhancement since the covenant legendary Raging Vesper Vortex is very weak compared to the other ones.



Which potency conduits you want to use depends on which build you are running at a given time.

  1. Focused Lightning got buffed and is now your #1 set-and-forget conduit. Run this at all times.
  2. Essential Extraction is your second strongest conduit for Night Fae because of its synergy with Seeds of Rampant Growth.
  3. Tumbling Waves can be a bit frustrating, but it is strong enough to warrant dealing with gambling on it proccing, as it gives you more uptime on the massive Haste buff from Splintered Elements. This is your second strongest conduit for Necrolord.
  4. Lavish Harvest is your second strongest conduit when fully leaning into Chain Harvest synergies.
  5. Magma Fist makes your Lava Lash more likely to crit and is a great conduit when playing Hot Hand.
  6. Unruly Winds provides you with a chance at some extra Windfury damage and is your second strongest conduit when using Doom Winds and Forceful Winds.


  1. Vital Accretion lets you use your Earth Elemental as a defensive cooldown. The extra maximum HP will be active as long as Earth Elemental is alive. Make sure you don’t mess with your tanks by taking adds from them and dismiss it if it gets their way after you’ve survived whatever you used it for. A great conduit and should always be used.
  2. Condensed Anima Sphere is a solid passive option especially in the raid where you don’t want to actively heal yourself except as a last resort..
  3. Refreshing Waters improves your self heals. Together with the bonus from Maelstrom Weapon your Healing Surge will become quite potent on yourself, to the point that a lucky crit will top yourself off easily.


  1. Thunderous Paws is a little extra speed boost when you need it. Not very useful but better than nothing.

The other Finesse conduits are all very niche and not impactful at all. Pick whichever one you like best, but none of them will be of much use to you.


Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones:

Witch Doctor’s Wolf Bones remains the best legendary for pure single target. It increases your Maelstrom Weapon generation and will reduce the cooldown of your Feral Spirit by around half. Having more Feral Spirits massively synergizes with the new set bonus and will have you gain a lot of additional Stormbringer procs.

Optimal Slot: Ring.

Primal Lava Actuators:

With the comeback of Flame Shock spread, it has become very easy to get lots of value out of Primal Lava Actuators to funnel damage into a priority target, making it our best legendary for multi-target situations. Every time your Flame Shock ticks, you get extra damage to your next Lava Lash, and its cooldown is reduced by a bit. With lots of Flame Shocks running, you will be able to spam massive Lava Lashes, especially during Hot Hand procs.

Optimal Slot: Wrists.

Skybreaker’s Fiery Demise Legendary:

You can use the Elemental legendary Skybreaker’s Fiery Demise for AoE in 9.2. We only benefit from the extra crit chance to Flame Shock; however, this has such massive synergy with Elemental Conduit that together, they can reduce the cooldown of Chain Harvest below 15 seconds. So, you can throw them out in rapid succession, resulting not only in good damage but also massive off healing and permanent Riptides and Wasteland Propriety on your party.

Optimal Slot: Ring.

Doom Winds:

Doom Winds is still a solid AoE legendary. It turns your Windfury Totem into a very potent burst window on a 1-minute cooldown where every main hand melee hit will proc Windfury Weapon. This notably includes Crash Lightning which is uncapped for massive AoE burst, hitting every enemy in front of you with Windfury Weapon.

Optimal Slot: Cloak.

Second Legendary

In addition to your chosen legendary, you will gain a new legendary power that will swap between covenants with you, mimicking the covenants legendary effect introduced in 9.1. You will initially gain this on a belt through the 9.2 campaign.

Seeds of Rampant Growth (Night Fae):

Each damage tick of your Fae Transfusion reduces the cooldown of your Feral Spirit and provides you with a strong crit buff. Make sure to always get Feral Spirit on cooldown before channeling Fae Transfusion, so you don’t waste the cooldown reduction part. Already a solid legendary in 9.1, being able to run this together with Witch Doctor’s Wolf Bones and synergizing with the new tier set that makes Feral Spirits even more valuable, is a fantastic addition to the spec. 

Splintered Elements (Necrolord):

Splintered Elements provides you with a big Haste buff every time you copy Lightning Bolt via Primordial Wave for each copied instance. This gets you your own personal attack steroid on a short cooldown, provided you have targets around to spread Flame Shock to. Combined with Tumbling Waves, this allows you to high roll for massive burst, provided you are lucky enough.

Elemental Conduit (Venthyr):

This got a buff in 9.2, and in addition to making Chain Harvest spread Flame Shock and Riptide now also reduces its cooldown by 1 second each time your Flame Shock ticks crit. Combined with Skybreaker’s Fiery Demise, this lets you massively reduce the cooldown, throwing out Chain Harvests in rapid succession while maintaining all your Flame Shocks and keeping your party healthy.

Raging Vesper Vortex (Kyrian):

Raging Vesper Vortex absolutely pales compared to the competition and is a significant factor in us not running Kyrian in any scenario in 9.2. It’s barely even worth triggering the second hit using 3 healing spells now that you can do it with Earth Shield in 9.2.


Season 4

In Season 4, you can buy three weapons or trinkets of your choosing with tokens gained from defeating bosses in the new Fated Raids. Which ones you want to buy will depend on what loot you get from the raid, but solid choices will be Cruciform Veinripper, First Sigil, and the final boss weapons with increased item levels.

Special effects

Jeweled Signet of Melandrus is available during Legion Timewalking M+ and is a powerful ring for us as its special effect works on the auto attacks of our Feral Spirits.

In Season 4, the Mechagon dungeons are making a comeback, so Logic Loop of Recursion, Logic Loop of Division, and Overclocking Bit Band are available again and a solid alternative if you don’t want to farm Legion Timewalking.

Tier Set

Our set bonuses this time around are single target focused, improving on our current niche while having little effect in AoE.

Stormspirit 2-piece bonus: This increases the uptime on our Feral Spirits by a lot, which locks us into using Elemental Spirits at all times since we also get higher uptime on the respective buffs for each wolf.

Stormspirit 4-piece bonus: This bonus provides a ton of Stormbringer procs while any  Feral Spirit is active, causing us to generate a lot more Maelstrom Weapon and eliminating any downtime we previously had almost entirely. You will be able to spend Maelstrom Weapon much more aggressively with this and find yourself running out of steam much less frequently.


First Sigil is a fantastic trinket for Enhancement as we have great burst potential through Fae Transfusion (specifically Field of Blossoms and Seeds of Rampant Growth).

Moonlit Prism, is available during Legion Timewalking M+ and is a solid alternative to First Sigil since it lines up with every Fae Transfusion. Be sure to run the dungeon in Elemental loot spec if you want it, as this is a caster trinket. 

Gladiator’s Badge of Ferocity is an easy to acquire, incredibly solid trinket that heavily synergizes with Doom Winds 1 minute burst intervals. It’s especially great in AoE, given that our burst during Doom Winds is not target capped.

Phial of Putrefaction is a strong single target trinket and a solid option for your passive trinket.

Stat sticks like Elegy of the Eternals, Soleah’s Secret Technque, and Stone Legion Heraldry are all very solid passive picks too.