Elemental Shaman

Patch 8.1.5

Written by Cayna Last Updated: 10th Jun, 2019

Azerite Traits

Spec Specific Azerite Traits

I will only be listing the azerite traits that are of impact to the spec. Any traits not listed should be avoided, bare in mind these are SPEC SPECIFIC only, not raid or open world traits.

Igneous potential: This is by far the best trait right now. Stacking this trait will increase your damage by a huge amount, at 2+ traits you will start taking different talents to empower the trait even more. Try and obtain 3 of these at all costs.

For M+ this trait will depend on the affixes. When there are affixes where huge AoE can be done, you would want to trade these out and take other traits listed below.

Lava shock: Because of Igneous being so good, flame shock becomes more valuable. This means multidotting things that don't take damage is now powerful, think Mekkatorque robots or Jaina Ordnance barrels. Because of this and Master of the elements talents, lava shock is very strong on multitarget fights. It's also strong on single, but there are slightly better options.

Natural harmony: Free stats, this trait also becomes a bit more valuable when you get Igneous potential as it unlocks Icefury to be used. Icefury is our only real source of frost damage and will allow you to proc the mastery effect of this trait. Even without Icefury, the stat gain makes it very solid. This trait is extremely strong in M+ as secondary stats scale great on AoE.

Tectonic Thunder: AoE only, first 2 traits are okay for value. Adding the 3rd trait will make you want to earthquake on single target, thus obtaining the 3rd tectonic trait will increase the overall value of the trait by a fair amount.

Ancestral Resonance: Very fight dependent, however on the correct fight this can be of big value. Adding 10 seconds more of Bloodlust is very useful in the right situation.

Example, Champions is very good, when there is constant cleave, so the extra BL duration will grant you many more surge procs.
Using this on Jaina is pointless, as you want to cancel bloodlust (Mythic only).

Azerite rotation changes

Igneous potential: at 2+ of this trait you will start to run different talents, which will change around your talent build:
You will start running Echo of the Elements over Earthen Rage, Master of the Elements over Storm Elemental and Icefury over Primal Elementalist in certain situations.

Tectonic Thunder: At +3 traits you will use earthquake single target over Earth Shock.

What traits to go for:

3x Igneous Potential = required for raiding on all fights

For single target

Add whatever sims best from the following (close in value) traits:

For cleave

3x lava shock is extremely powerful.

Choosing Gear/Azerite traits

The best way to find the best gear & azerite traits for your character is to "sim" your character

Find out how to sim

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