Elemental Shaman Covenants, Soulbinds, Legendaries & Gear guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 6th Aug, 2022
Cayna Elemental Shaman Author
Raime Elemental Shaman Author


One Legendary: Night Fae > Necrolord > Kyrian > Venthyr

Two legendaries: Night Fae = Necrolord > Kyrian >>>> Venthyr

Night Fae: Night Fae: Night Fae soulbinds are simply very strong with access to thins like Podtender or First Strike. They all have their use alongside Fae transfusion, a nice single-target nuke, and undervalued heal. One should also consider the power of Soulshape when choosing a covenant. The blink it provides can be a lifesaver.

Necrolord: Necrolord is also a good choice and competitive with Night Fae on single-target. However, it does not perform as well in heavy AoE but does better on cleave with the additional Lava Bursts generated from Primordial Wave. Fleshcraft is very powerful when used appropriately to mitigate serious damage.

Kyrian: Kyrian is pretty good in all aspects but does not seem to be the best at anything. Because of the easy swapping of covenants, I don't recommend it. Unless you never want to swap covenants, then Kyrian is very flexible.

Venthyr: It is weak and doesn't bring anything to the table that the other covenants don't do better.

Soulbinds and Conduits


Sadly, most elementals conduits are quite weak, And patch 9,2 makes it worse. You can see why they are worse, including our recommendations are below.


  1. Covenant-specific ones: Due to the strength of our covenants, any covenant specific conduit will be locked in
  2. Call of flame: Increases the duration of our fire elemental. The conduit is alright but loses nearly all value when you obtain 4-set and double legendary at which point it becomes fight and covenant dependent if it’s needed or not. If you’re unsure if it’s needed or not, it’s much better to use it than it is to potentially lose uptime on Fire Elemental.
  3. Pyroclastic Shock Gives Earth Shock a chance to extend the duration of your Flame Shock on the target. This conduit is fairly weak, but some soulbinds have no better option than a 3rd potency.
  4. Shake the Foundations Gives Earthquake a chance to cast an automatic Chain Lightning, not a bad choice for AoE.


  1. Condensed Anima Sphere provides solid passive healing
  2. Astral protection is always good if you have a spare slot
  3. Vital accretion due to Primal Elementalist becoming the go-to talent and the full tier-set enabling permanent Fire Elemental; you can rarely actually use Earth Elemental as it will despawn the fire one. This means that this conduit is far more niche but could still see some use in specific fights


  1. Thunderous paws is really nice and it’s really good for quick movement.
  2. Spiritual resonance is super strong during specific fights where lust is used and followed quickly by movement (for example, at the start of Sire Denathrius Phase 3 this conduit is great).

Our strongest soulbinds:

Remember to swap Pyroclastic Shock for Call of Flame if needed!

Night Fae:

Single target:





Single target:





Double Legendaries

Double legendary will add your covenant-specific legendary.

Night Fae: Fae transfusion adds a lot of crit chance and lowers fire elementa/storm elemental cooldown. It gives a nice bit of extra burst, which is great for progress. It works even better for AoE

Necrolord: This legendary is not very impressive on single-target as it only provides a bit of haste whenever you cast Lava Burst after a Primordial Wave. However, this scales with the number of targets you have Flame Shock on at the time and becomes very strong with a couple of enemies. With some lucky Tumbling Waves resets, you can sit at very high haste levels for extended periods. An important note is that the haste buff doesn’t stack or extend in any way, so wait the 12 seconds between each cast to maximize uptime.

Kyrian: It's a strong legendary, But sadly, you will have to cast three healing globals to get its full effect.

Ventry: Not a bad legendary since the change that reduces the cooldown of Chain Harvest by 1 second whenever Flame Shock crits. Sadly Venthyr as a whole is not good enough.


Elemental shamans have 2 required legendaries.

Windspeakers’s lava resurgence

Windspeakers’s lava resurgence is our best in slot single target legendary. The damage is really good, it smooths out your rotation a bit and provides extra mobility.

Echo’s of the great sundering

Echo’s of the great sundering is great for stacked up AoE, especially if it comes in waves. Being able to prepare a proc before a wave spawns will massively increase this legendary's value. This is also our best cleave legendary, as long the targets are stacked and all require damage (unlike the council of blood fight). For AoE, this legendary has huge potential with the Aftershock talent to generate numerous high damage earthquakes.

There is also a situational legendary.

Legendary Crafting

Due to Tier-set, legendaries will use these slots, so these don't overlap. Echoes of the Great Sundering can only be crafted on slots overlapping with tier, so craft on the slot you don't get tier in: 

Deeply Rooted Elements can be crafted on shoulders if that’s where you crafted Echoes of the Great Sundering; otherwise, the wrist is the best option since it won’t interfere with tier.

The slot you want to craft Unity in will depend on the rest of your gear, ring, amulet, or belt are safe options if you don’t ever want to recraft it.

Back/Boots Windspeaker
Shoulder/Wrist Deeply Rooted Elements
Gloves/Shoulders Echoes of the great sundering



One of Elemental's unique abilities is Elemental Fury which makes our crits do 150% more damage rather than the normal 100% more damage. However, this does not work with trinkets; therefore, trinkets that have damage effects are not extra powerful for Elemental.

Since Elemental has a very flat damage profile on single-target, trinkets that are on-use and provide a lot of stats for a short period of time are usually not the most powerful ones, there are however obviously exceptions, and this is not true for AoE where Stormkeeper and Eye of the Storm do a lot of burst in a small time frame.

For Season 4, we have quite a lot of competitive trinket options:

From the raids, you can get The First SigilDreadfire VesselGlyph of Assimilation, or Ebonsoul Vise; all are great options for single-target.

Soul IgniterGrim Eclipse, and Tome of Monstrous Constructions are comparable to the above in sims but come with substantial downsides that make them inferior in actual use.

M+ has limited trinket options this season, with only Tovra's Lightning Repository and So'leah's Secret Technique being good enough to consider using. Unfortunately, Unbound Changeling won't be attainable at a high enough ilvl anymore with Mists of Tirna Scithe not being available for m+.

For AoE and M+, you want trinkets that either give you a lot of crit like Cabalist's Hymnal and Forbidden Necromantic Tome or one that offers you a lot of crit/versatility on use like The First Sigil.

Tier Sets

The elemental tier set is extremely strong. On a pure single target gain, it is currently the single strongest 2/4-set combination out there.

It works very well with what elemental needs, single target. Because of this set, we go from the lower end middle of the pack towards the higher end.

2-set: While elemental is active, Lava burst gains 20% additional damage, and you get a Lava Surge proc every 8 seconds

4-set: Casting Lava burst extends the elemental by 1.5 seconds(Overloads from mastery for an additional 1.5seconds), and If your elemental is not active, it gives Lava burst a 20% chance to reduce the elemental's remaining cooldown by 10 sec.

What does this mean?

2-set: It gives us more damage during the elemental alongside more surge procs. This means that we have more instant casts for movement and even less time to be spent casting Lightning Bolt.

4-set: Allows us to reach 100% uptime on fire elemental. This means the 2-set is permanently active for a considerable increase in damage.

The full tier-set makes us favor Primal Elementalist over Icefury, which is objectively far easier to play and lets you pay more attention to the bosses than your rotation.

The ability to extend our elemental has a lot of gameplay changes. Depending on single target/AoE and especially when combined with storm elemental to get another Eye of the Storm cast and get to play for a longer time at high stacks of Wind Gust