Discipline Priest

Patch 9.0

Written by Buythelight & Mitzki Last Updated: 16th Jan, 2021


Best Disc Priest Covenant for Raiding


The Best Disc Priest Covenant for Raiding is Venthyr.

Remember Light’s Wrath? Now it’s back with half the CD in the form of Mindgames

Chuck this bad boy into a Schism debuff and your raid members will worship you.

An interesting mechanic of Mindgames

The healing reversed to damage mechanic does transfer atonement healing, making your Mindgames ramp incredibly powerful in any raid encounter where the boss heals. An example from Castle Nathria is Hungering Destroyer, which heals whenever it auto attacks. Your mindgames does a lot of damage already, and the healing turned into damage can be as much as 1.5 times mindgames initial damage.

Door of Shadows is the Venthyr covenant signature ability, which is the same for all classes. Door of Shadows offers mobility to an otherwise immobile spec, allowing you to travel up to 35 yards after a 1.5 seconds cast time. This counts as a teleport, and as such it will allow you to cross beam mechanics, which is something Disc has not previously had access to.

Best Disc Priest Covenant for Mythic+


The Best Disc Priest Covenant for Mythic+ is Kyrian.

Boon of the Ascended is a very strong 3 minute cooldown. The damage from the two abilities you gain when using this ability will be transferred into atonement which makes it amazingly strong if you radiance before, and then refresh the atonement duration between the Ascended blasts later with another radiance. 

Since Ascended blast will have a shorter CD the more haste you have, you can combine this ability with any haste bonus, such as an on use trinket, Bloodlust or Power Infusion to make yourself a turret healer. Every Ascended Blast you use you will top your whole team.

Kyrian potion, or Phial of Serenity which is its actual name, is amazing in M+. You can use it as an extra healing potion, or use its remove bleed, disease, curse and poison utility for reducing damage taken or to do some pretty interesting moves.

Take Echelon, the second boss in Halls of Atonement for example. If you do not have any curse dispellers you could use your Phial of Serenity to remove the curse that stuns you after 5 seconds. After that you can use your Leap of Faith right after Echelon finishes his Stone Shattering Leap, to save your group member from taking the huge ticking damage over time ability: Shattered.

Soulbinds and Conduits



Your soulbind choice for raids will depend on your renown level with the Venthyr covenant. In the beginning, Nadjia will be the best option, as she unlocks her first potency slot at renown 3, in which you will want Exaltation for Spirit Shell or Shattered Perceptions if you play with evangelism.

Once you have renown 9 unlocked, Theotar is a good option for progress raiding, as he offers a defensive conduit slot in combination with a potency slot at this stage. For your Endurance Conduit, Translucent Image offers your squishy priest some much needed survivability against some hard hitting mechanics.

If you are only after throughput, Nadjia is probably still your best selection, due to Thrill Seeker offering you a lot of stats on demand. Assuming you score no killing blows, Thrill Seeker has a cooldown of 80 seconds, knowing this and knowing your timers for an encounter, you can ensure Thrillseeker procs on your ramp by cancelling the Thrill Seeker aura 80 seconds before you want the proc. This will generally be around when you press Spirit Shell. By using this method, you get less procs during an encounter but they’re more reliable, compared to the random nature of Theotar’s Soothing Shade.

These will be your two options until renown 21, where Nadjia unlocks an Endurance conduit, making her the preferred soulbind again. Nadjia also unlocks her second potency slot before Theotar, she unlocks this at renown 25 allowing you to use both Exaltation and Shattered Perceptions for Spirit Shell, while for Evangelism, then Shattered Perceptions and Shining Radiance would be your two preferred options.

Once you hit renown 31, swap to General Draven who offers you two potency, one endurance and one finesse conduit and the very powerful trait, Hold Your Ground, which offers you a 4% healing increase after standing still for 4 seconds, giving you a good boost to your ramp.


Pelagos is your pick for Mythic+.

Since Kleia’s crit buff was recently nerfed, it is now recommended to pick Pelagos. He offers you a potency conduit and an endurance conduit. On top of this, his key ability: Combat Meditation offers you a large amount of mastery every time you activate your Boon of the Ascended. It has an extra mechanic, where you spawn orbs around you and walking into those extends the mastery buff by 3 seconds per orb. This is a very strong trait for Mythic+, since generally, you will be using your Boon of the Ascended on high damage intake moments, such as the last 10-15seconds you are fighting the Prideful affix, making mastery very valuable.

Another passive effect you get from Pelagos conduit tree is Focusing Mantra, which results in Phial of Serenity coming off cooldown faster in Mythic+, giving you a slight boost to your survivability.

Raiding Conduits


Potency: Exaltation

This is an extremely strong conduit when playing Spirit Shell. Apart from the increased duration of Spirit Shell, the absorbs are amplified based on conduit level, starting at an incredibly powerful 6% at rank 1. It is not suggested that you select this potency if you are not playing Spirit Shell.

Potency: Shining Radiance

When you are playing Evangelism, you will want Shining Radiance as your second potency conduit for raiding, the increase to Power Word: Radiance is going to offer you the greatest throughput increase throughout the fight, out of the remaining potency conduits.

Potency: Shattered Perceptions

Increases the effects of Mindgames by 13%. Viable conduit if you need more burst throughput. This is currently the strongest potency conduit for disc priests not playing Spirit Shell in terms of throughput in your burst window, which is generally what you want to enhance.


Endurance: Translucent Image 

Fade is a 30s CD which means it’s often if not always ready when there’s a mechanic landing on your face. With good usage of Fade you can prevent a lot of damage.


Finesse: Clear Mind (reduced mana cost on Dispel Magic, Purify and Mass Dispel)

Finesse conduits for priests are sadly not great. Out of the options, slightly reducing the mana cost of dispelling seems decent enough for fights where you dispel, such as Stone Legion Generals.

Mythic+ Conduits:


Potency: Here you have a choice, either pick Courageous Ascension as your first potency conduit or pick Shining Radiance. If you are not Kyrian for mythic+, you should pick Shining Radiance conduit first.

The benefit of playing Courageous Ascension is that it offers slightly more burst healing and damage during your Boon of the Ascended.

Shining Radiance will benefit you in your Boon window since you will press two radiances, but it will give slightly less burst healing than if playing Courageous Ascension. It will however give you more healing overall throughout the dungeon.


Endurance: Translucent Image 

Fade is a 30s CD which means it’s often if not always ready when there’s a mechanic landing on your face. With a good usage of Fade you can prevent a lot of damage.


Finesse: Power Unto Others, this conduit has very good synergy with the legendary Twins of the Sun Priestess, making it possible to utilise double Power Infusion more frequently.


Disc Priest Raiding Legendaries

Clarity of Mind - As explained in the level 50 talent row, empowers your Spirit Shell to work as a pseudo Evangelism, extending your active atonements by three seconds, which does not sound like a lot but Spirit Shell being off the GCD (Global Cooldown) unlike Evangelism makes it sufficient to ensure your hardest hitting abilities will do atonement healing to everyone. It also reduces the mana cost of your damage-dealing abilities during your Spirit Shell window. 

When instead picking the Evangelism talent in this row and using Rapture, the increased atonement duration for your empowered Power Word: Shield allows you to do a reasonably sized ramp without expending Evangelism. A Clarity of Mind buffed Rapture will mostly add a couple of smites to your atonement healing window.

Disc Priest Mythic+ Legendaries

Twins of the Sun Priestess - Buffing a member with Power Infusion and at the same time getting the bonus yourself is really strong. In M+ you want to make good and efficient use of your CDs to get through the dungeons as fast as possible and being able to buff 1 out of 3 dps members every two minutes in your group does a huge impact.


For Spirit Shell, the PVP trinket Sinful Gladiator's Badge of Ferocity will be especially powerful, as it lines up with the 1-minute cooldown of Spirit Shell.