Discipline Priest Covenants, Soulbinds, Legendaries & Gear guide

Patch 10.0.5 Last Updated: 2nd Feb, 2023
Crazy Discipline Priest Author


Tier Sets

With the first Dragonflight raid Vault of the Incarnates comes a new tier set for Discipline Priests. This tier set grants some new bonuses when wearing 2 and 4 pieces of the armor set.

Let’s first talk a bit about the 2-piece bonus for this tier set. This bonus gives a relatively small bonus to the next spell you cast after a Power Word: Shield cast. The 10% is realistically not enough to warrant any drastic changes to the rotation in raid, so for the most part you will be ignoring it and it won’t be affecting how you play. However outside of your ramps you would try to remember this bonus as you’d prefer to cast a stronger spell after you cast a shield. In dungeons the 2-piece bonus is a nice addition to the kit as it allows you some extra throughput after casting your shield which you’ll be doing a lot of in Dragonflight dungeons.

Now on to the 4-piece. This bonus is extremely simple but also very well designed as it interacts with a lot of the talents we will most likely be playing in many builds like Harsh Discipline and Blaze of Light. With this bonus you’ll be able to build up massive shields whenever you cast a buffed Penance, and even when you don’t have a buffed Penance you’ll get a nice boost to your shields. With your shields becoming much larger you’ll have to think a little more carefully about who you’ll want to put them on, as you want to be able to consume the whole shield to get the most value out of the tier piece bonus. Usually that would be the tank that is currently tanking or a party/raid member being targeted by a dangerous mechanic.


Broodkeeper’s Promise - This trinket comes from the second to last boss in the Vault of the Incarnates raid, Broodkeeper Diurnia. The effect of this trinket is simple yet very powerful. It gives you the ability to select an ally and give them a versatility buff as well as passive healing every second, which also applies to yourself. While using the trinket you might wanna think about picking a target you know you’ll position close to during a raid encounter as its bonuses are increased while you are standing close to the bonded ally.

Whispering Incarnate Icon - This trinket comes from one of the bosses in the Vault of the Incarnates raid, The Primal Council. The trinket without any other synergies give a good amount of haste which is Discipline Priests best stat overall. It also gives even more stats if paired with other raid members in the raid using the trinket which boosts this trinket even higher. In both dungeons and raids, this will be one of your best trinket options as the large haste it provides and the benefit given to others is almost too big to pass up.

Voidmender’s Shadowgem - This trinket comes from Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, one of the dungeons in the Mythic+ rotation for Dragonflight Season 1. The trinket grants you a massive critical strike buff on a 1 min 30 second cooldown which perfectly lines up with Evangelism (or Rapture) making it an incredibly good trinket for Discipline Priests in raid. Since the stat it gives is critical strike it also synergizes well with one of our talents that we might be taking, Divine Aegis, which makes it potentially even better!

Conjured Chillglobe - This trinket comes from one of the bosses in the Vault of the Incarnates raid, The Primal Council. While this trinket may not look amazing at first glance when you actually look at it you can see its value. In Dragonflight one of disciplines main issues in raid will be mana and how much we can afford to spend on ramps. This trinket gives a sizable mana injection whenever you drop below 65% mana, and also gives you passive damage whenever you are above that same threshold. It only has a 1 minute cooldown allowing you to see some good mana returns across an entire fight, especially if you decide to open aggressively during a fight and try to build up mana later.

Furious Ragefeather - This trinket from Nokhud Offensive is an incredible option for dungeons as it will contribute to a large amount of your damage breakdown. If you feel that you are no longer struggling on keeping people alive and want to push more damage, then this is definitely the best trinket available for Discipline Priests in dungeons.

Notable Items

Seal of Diurna’s Chosen, dropping from Eranog, is an incredibly potent ring as it can activate from Purge the Wicked and also Light’s Wrath, as they both technically deal fire damage (Radiant is Fire and Holy). This results in a pretty good chunk of extra damage and should definitely be a priority pickup, even though the ring doesn’t have any haste.

Seal of Filial Duty is another very rare ring that drops from Broodkeeper Diurnia. Like Seal of Diurnia’s Chosen, it can also activate from Purge the Wicked and Light’s Wrath. The shield it grants is an excellent addition, as it allows you to boost your survivability passively, which can be incredibly nice as priests don’t have the best defensive toolkit. Even if you aren’t in particular need of the ring, the shield it provides is a nice boost to your overall healing.


With the revamped profession system in Dragonflight you’ll be able to put 2 Embellishments on your armor. These are powerful bonuses that help you out in some way shape or form, whether it be stat bonuses, random procs or quality of life changes. Here are the best embellishments for Discipline Priest:

Elemental Lariat: The overall best embellishment for Discipline Priest is the Elemental Lariat crafted neck. It allows you to get powerful stat procs from your socketed gems. If you’re following the gem recommendation in this guide this stat will be crit. You can also use the item Tiered Medallion Setting to insert extra socket slots in this neck to use more gems.

Allied Wristguards of Time Dilation - This embellished wrist has a chance to proc a versatility buff for you and your allies whenever you are casting spells. As a healer, being able to give your teammates a stat boost is incredibly valuable, as their damage contribution in both dungeons and raids is more important than your own due to them being able to deal more damage and thus get closer to finishing a raid boss/dungeon. Being able to provide this buff with little to no sacrifice other than one of your embellishment slots is almost a no brainer. This embellishment is overall the second best embellishment slot as you should always be using Elemental Lariat.

Magazine of Healing Darts: While this embellishment might not look that enticing, it is competitive for the third best embellishment for Discipline Priest if you also use the Elemental Lariat which is something you definitely should. You can pick this embellishment if you already have some really good wrists and it would be a much larger item level upgrade to create another piece with a Magazine of Healing Darts instead.