Destruction Warlock Covenants, Soulbinds, Legendaries & Gear guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 3rd Aug, 2022
Wexi Destruction Warlock Author


Night Fae, Kyrian, and Venthyr are all excellent choices for Destruction for different kinds of fights.

All three of them are suitable for m+. However, currently, NF is the best universal choice for this type of content, being best in pure ST and cleave.

However, venthyr will be a better choice for pure AoE and dungeons like HoA or Gambit, where curses will also help your team deal with trash. Kyrian, on the other side, is currently a bit unknown; it’s a good choice if you can funnel it properly and will have the highest priority target damage; if you can execute it. However, you will lose on pure ST, cleave, and AoE to NF and Venthyr.

In the raid, your best choices will be NF and Kyrian. As I’ve said previously, NF will be best on ST and Cleave fights and Kyrian best on fights with ST+adds spawning and dying often enough for your funnel, like Dausegne or Rygelon.

Soulbinds and Conduits


Soul Eater, Catastrophic Origin, Soul Tithe - all three covenant specific conduits are really good and most of the time will see the play.

Ashen Remains - always your best conduit regardless of situation.

Combusting Engine - good choice for ST without tier set.

Infernal Brand - very good conduit for any situation with tier set and good for AoE without tier set.

Demonic Momentum - your best finesse conduit.

Resolute Barrier - your first best defensive conduit.

Condensed Anime Sphere - your second best defensive conduit.

Bis NF soulbind tree:

Bis Venthyr soulbind tree for m+:

Bis Venthyr soulbind tree for raids:

Bis Kyrian soulbind tree:


Destruction's best legendaries without tier set are Cinders or Wilfreds.

Cinders is your best choice for ST and Wilfreds for AoE or m+.

Once you get the tier set, your best legendaries are Wilfreds and Madness.

Wilfreds is your best choice for AoE or cleave, and Madness is best for ST or 2Targets fights.


Tier Set

      Destro tier set is extremely good and is one of the best in the game. It increases your ST and 2 target damage and almost doubles your AoE damage.


      On use trinkets:

      Best - The First Sigil, Meathook

      Good - Moonlit Prism,  Shadowed Orb, Grenade

      Passive trinkets:

      Best - Elegy of the Eternals, Ocular, Hymnal

      Good - So’leah’s Secret, Insignia, Infernal Writ

      Also with “Operation: Mechagon” coming back these two rings are your best ring slots: ring1, ring2.