Destruction Warlock

Patch 9.0.5

Last Updated: 14th Apr, 2021


Night fae and Necrolord are the 2 strongest covenants for destruction warlocks. Each one being stronger in different situations. Kyrian and Venthyr are not competitive compared to the other 2 covenants.  

Nightfae: Niya and Korrayn are both very strong in different pieces of content. It basically comes down to “Just how much value can I get from First strike?” Very fight dependent

Necrolord: Heirmir: When playing necrolord, you always want to be playing Heimir paired with his Gemstone, the crit you gain from this is very very strong.

Soulbinds and Conduits


Due to the destruction conduits being pretty weak apart from 1 outlier, its optimal to have 1 potency paired with the last DPS row on the soulbind (e.g Niya’s tools: Burrs or First Strike

  • Ashen Remains - you want to play this in almost every situation as your first and only potency conduit.


Destruction legendaries comes down to 2 main choices: Cinders or Wildfrids. 

Cinders: You always want to be playing cinders in an ideal scenario, it really does boost your single target and makes the spec flow a lot faster. 

Wilfirds: When playing with this you need to be in the mindset of “My infernal is my everything” So it really does have it’s pros and cons when playing this build. It gains lots of value just due to gaining 1 more infernal than you would not have throughout a fight, however, if you don’t directly gain 1 more infernal from this, then it can be argued that you just did a fight without any legendary effect! Please try to understand when and why you use Wilfirds, it will help a lot.