Brewmaster Monk

Patch 9.0

Written by Kian Last Updated: 18th Nov, 2020

Some content in this guide is based on beta or early data

Updates will be made after raid progress is finished and more accurate information is available.



I will start out by saying all the covenants are fairly close in power, however some slightly better at things than others.


Base Covenant Ability: summon steward is the base ability everyone gets when picking Kyrian as their covenant. 

It gives you phial of serenity when summoned, and as stated restores health and removes debuffs including a bleed on you. This is great because it's on a separate cooldown with health potions and healthstones.

Monk Specific Covenant Ability: weapons of order is the monk specific ability you get as Monk. 

When used it grants you 10% Mastery buff, it resets the cooldown of your Keg Smash (only 1 charge if you're wearing stormstouts last keg) and makes your Keg Smash apply a 8% stacking damage taken debuff, up to 4 stacks, that works on all of your damage.


Base Covenant Ability: door of shadows is the base ability everyone gets when picking Venthyr as their Covenant. 

During pulls I’d call it practically useless for us, we already have great mobility and the cast time must make it awkward. Might have some very niche uses in specific boss fights, but the best I can see it being used for would be skipping packs in dungeons.

Monk Specific Covenant Ability: fallen order is the monk specific ability you get as Monk.

Press it and it will summon fallen monks that heals and does damage. The damage is okay and the healing is pretty weak, so basically a 3-minute burst cooldown.


Base Covenant Ability: fleshcraft is the base ability everyone gets when picking Necrolord as their Covenant.

While it might sound useful for tanks, it's really not. To start with the amount is pretty weak, on top of that you have to be channelling it, which is really awkward if you're actively tanking, since you can't block, dodge or parry.

Monk Specific Covenant Ability: bonedust brew is the monk specific ability you get as Monk.

It's a targeted ability(like Ring of Peace) that debuffs anything it hits for 10 seconds, giving your abilities a 50% chance to replicate for 35% effectiveness. Since it’s a brew, it’s cooldown gets reduced like all our other brews, putting it closer to 30-35 seconds cooldown rather than the 1 minute the tooltip states.

Night Fae:

Base Covenant Ability: soulshape is the base ability everyone gets when picking Night Fae as their Covenant.

Soulshape is a mobility cooldown. On activation it blinks you forward and increases your movement speed by 50% for 15 seconds, reactivating it during the 15 seconds allows you additional blinks. While it sounds good for mobility, it’s on the GCD, and will cancel with most offensive abilities used. For other tank classes, it might be worth it but since we already have great mobility I don't see it being very useful for monks outside of maybe open-world travelling. 

Monk Specific Covenant Ability: faeline stomp is the monk specific ability you get as Monk.

This is an interesting one because it gives us an ability you can kinda work into your already somewhat boring/empty rotation.

It gives monks some, honestly, much-needed AoE damage, while also making Stagger 5% more effective against targets in the stomp.

While the damage might not be amazing, it’s currently looking to be the best option for AoE between all the covenants.

Now that we’ve gone over what the different abilities do, it's time to decide what to pick.

Here I’ll rank them for raid as well as Mythic+.

Raid: Kyrian > Necrolord = Night Fae > Venthyr

Venthyr might get ahead purely for damage if the cooldown lines up properly.

Mythic+: Night Fae > Necrolord = Kyrian > Venthyr

Soulbinds and Conduits


Currently, this is the best soulbind setup for the different covenants:

Kyrian Soulbind

Kyrian Soulbind Calculator

Necrolord Soulbind

Necrolord Soulbind Calculator

Alternative DPS option: Necrolord Soulbind Calculator Heirmir has some strong soulbind abilities but in order to get those you give up on potency conduits, you will have to sim it in order to see if it's worth it.

Venthyr Soulbind

Venthyr Soulbind Calculator  

Night Fae Soulbind

Night Fae Soulbind Calculator 


Here I’ll list the conduits as well as rank them from best to worst

Potency Conduits are the most important conduits, therefore you're gonna want to try and pick 2 when choosing a path in soulbinds.

I would almost always use a covenant specific soulbind as the first potency so either of these depending on what covenant you picked.

The second option will depend on conduit item level

Endurance Conduits

Endurance Conduits are all uninteresting (almost pointless) conduits, but hey, it’s there so might as well use them.

Finesse Conduits

Finesse Conduits are the last uninteresting conduits we get to pick from, that gives us a bit of extra… something?


General Monk Legendary Powers:

fatal touch - Interesting legendary if you can take advantage of the low cooldown

invokers delight - Maybe, for some funky shenanigans at some point?

roll out - Maybe for some PvP? It used to give another Roll charge which I guess was nice from travelling in the Maw?

escape from reality - Again some kind of PvP thing?

Brewmaster Specific Legendary Powers:

shaohaos might - Yeah, it was terrible, then it got nerfed. Can something get worse than terrible?

charred passions - This one is actually a pretty good dps legendary if combined with other Breath of Fire things. Defensively it doesn't do much.

mighty pour - A really bad “defensive” legendary power that I guess MIGHT have some use in super high mythic+ content?

stormstouts last keg - If you only had the option of crafting 1 legendary, this would be it. It’s good both for dps and defence. Get it as your first (you could potentially delay it until after ToD legendary as it might be good for some Torghast/dungeon shenanigans, but this means you will be behind on upgrading Stormstout).