Brewmaster Monk

Patch 8.3

Written by Justwait Last Updated: 22nd Jun, 2020

Azerite Traits

Spec Specific Azerite Traits

Good Traits

Training of Niuzao - Gives you mastery, the amount scales based on the amount of Stagger you have stored up (scales until high stagger). Really good trait that increases the amount of hits you dodge (Mastery: Elusive Brawler) and slightly increases your damage.

Straight, No Chaser - 8% chance to give you a free brew but the key thing is the armor. It does nothing offensively, but is a decent option for a defensive if you can't get your hands on Training of Niuzao. Since Brewmaster primarily works around stagger and dodge, this trait is heavily outclassed by Training of Niuzao.

Elusive Footwork - If you don’t want to play with generic traits, then this is the best dps trait to use. It also benefits you defensively by giving you a stack of Mastery: Elusive Brawler and increases the amount of hits you dodge.

Boiling Brew - The damage gain is very small, but the healing sphere spawn rate is very good and will help you do more self healing. However, the spawn rate does not stack and the damage is very low, so do not have more than one of this trait.

Heart of Darkness - All of your secondary stats are increased when your corruption level is 25 or higher.

Bad Traits

Staggering Strikes - This trait does not outperform the other traits in any situation. It will remove a small amount of stagger but it’s such a small amount you will always benefit more by using a different trait.

Fit to Burst - This is not good in any situation. In world content you never get to high stagger and in raids the heal is too low to do anything the healers aren’t already doing.

Pressure Point (Windwalker Trait) - This is a straight numbers buff to Tiger Palm and is only worth considering if you’re running Blackout Combo. If you aren’t, then it won’t be able to compete with your other traits since it’s nerfed by 60% when used by a tank.

Recommended Azerite Traits

Damage Build:

Note: If you're going for extra benefits of Elusive Footwork and Boiling Brew, it should be instead of Training of Niuzao; Heart of Darkness shouldn't be sacrificed.

Defense Build:


New Essences

The Formless Void: This is a new essence that can fill one of the minor slots as it provides a good uptime and gives a nice amount of main stat. This essences also increases your Corruption Resistance by 10 in case that is wanted, but it’s not worth taking for the resistance alone.

Touch of the Everlasting: This essence provides a 10 minute cheat death when used as a major essence, the minor effect is not worth using alone. This can be useful when you feel like you need an extra cooldown to survive but it will come at a DPS loss.

Strength of the Warden: This essence provides an AoE Taunt when used as a major, but as brewmasters have access to their Summon Black Ox Statue and Provoke, this is not used.

The minor effect provides a small amount of healing but when you gain rank 3 of the essences this will also increase your and your co-tanks with 3% extra max health. Combine this with Corruption effects that scale off Max Health and you will have also see a damage increase from this essence for the tanks in the raid.

Essences Overview

The Crucible of Flame: Will likely be your go-to option when trying to maximise your ST dps.

Conflict and Strife: Allowing the use of Hot Trub in PvE. Another option for ST damage which has the potential to outperform Crucible of Flame. Also, it will change how you approach the fight, since you need to build up a large portion of stagger and then use Purifying Brew as an offensive attack.

Nullification Dynamo: This will be your default choice (at rank 3) for a minor essence slot. The essence provides high damage and an almost constant defensive (absorb shield).

Aegis of the Deep: Will be good during dungeons where you’re going to do big pulls and tank it rather than kiting.

Sphere of Suppression: It’s an option for niche situations where you have to kite a lot, this will help you a lot.


There are many corruption effects available, but for Brewmaster monks there are 3 that stand out. These are the corruptions you should focus on depending on your playstyle and situations.


Twilight Devastation: This is the go to corruption for any tank. It simply has the highest damage output, although it can be quite random in terms of procs for when and how many you will get throughout a run/encounter.

High Mythic+:

Versatile: For defensive purposes, and only high m+, stacking versatility is recommended and versatile boosts this.

Surging Vitality: As with Versatile, Surging Vitality gives you more versatility when taking damage, and can be used alongside Versatile to obtain absurd levels of versatility.