Blood Death Knight

Patch 8.3

Written by Justwait Last Updated: 22nd Jun, 2020

Azerite Traits

Spec Specific Azerite Traits

Good Traits

  • Eternal Rune Weapon: It is nice to have at least one of these, just for the extra duration on your Dancing Rune Weapon, but is also stackable because of the strength.
  • Bloody Runeblade: Gives a fair amount of haste and a small gain of Runic Power. Not worth stacking, but having one is good.

Average Traits

  • Bone Spike Graveyard: Scales well with the number of mobs, worth it in dungeons, but not worth picking up for raid.
  • Deep Cuts: Only gets applied to the main target and gets outperformed by generic traits.

Bad Traits

  • Marrowblood: It’s a very small, static amount and not worth it in any situation.
  • Bones of the Damned: The proc rate is too small for it to matter, and you lose out by not having a good trait.

Recommended Azerite Traits

For damage:

Death Knight specific traits don't offer much for damage and therefore the generic traits like; Rezan’s Fury, Filthy Transfusion and Heart of Darkness will do more for you.

But no matter which traits you have to choose from, if you’re going for damage it will always be best to sim your character.

For defense:


Essences Overview


The Crucible of Flame: This is the go-to essence when survival is not needed, as it provides the best damage but does not help much in terms of survival.

Extra mention:

Azeroth’s Undying Gift: This essence gives the DK an extra defensive cooldown that can be used.


Strength of the Warden: This essence provides an AoE Taunt when used as a major, this is not really used in any encounters.

The minor effect provides a small amount of healing but when you gain rank 3 of the essences this will also benefit yourself and your co-tank with 3% extra max health. Combine this with Corruption effects that scale off of Max Health and you will also see a damage increase from this essence for the tanks in the raid.

Nullification Barrier: This essences provides a nice magical damage reduction through the absorbs, and also provides a decent damage boost when used as rank 3.

Conflict and Strife: This Essence provides a passive versatility gain.

The Formless Void: Every time an ally within 40 yards uses an active Azerite Essence ability, you gain main stat (Agi/Str) and haste (Rank 3) for 20 seconds. This essences also increases your Corruption Resistance by 10 incase that is wanted, but it’s not worth taking for the resistance alone.

Vision of Perfection: If needed, Vision can provide a good cooldown reduction to Vampiric Blood and might help you keep it up while you are tanking, especially if you don't have to tank swap too often.


There are many corruption effects available, but for Blood Deathknights there are 3 which stand out. These are the corruptions you should focus on using depending on your playstyle and the situation you are using them in.

Twilight Devastation: This is the go to corruption for any tank. It simply has the highest damage output, although it can be quite random in terms of procs for when and how many you will get throughout a run/encounter.


Versatile: For defensive purposes, and only high M+, stacking versatility is recommended and Versatile boosts this.

Surging Vitality: As with Versatile, Surging Vitality gives you more versatility when taking damage, and can be used alongside Versatile to obtain absurd levels of versatility.