Beast Mastery Hunter

Patch 9.0.5

Last Updated: 14th Mar, 2021




Resonating Arrow on 1-minute cooldown deals damage at the target location for 10 seconds and applying debuff on all targets within the area. The effect causes your attacks to ignore line of sight and increases critical strike chance against them. Thanks to line of sight this is a perfect choice for PvP. 

Night Fae:

Wild Spirits on 2 minutes cooldown dealing damage at the target location to all enemies and applying Hunter’s Mark for 15 seconds to them. While it’s active each damaging ability including a pet against a target in the area deals some damage up to 5 nearby targets. This is a very good AoE and single target burst cooldown. The only downside of the ability is that all mobs have to stand in the circle. Currently best for both raids and M+.


Flayed Shot on 30 seconds cooldown fires a bleed on target for 18 seconds. Each time Flayed Shot deals damage it has a 15% chance of causing the next Kill Shot to be free and increases damage by 25%, usable on any target regardless of its health.


Death Chakram on 45 seconds cooldown throws chakram at current target dealing damage 7 times, bouncing to other targets if they are nearby. Each time it deals damage, its damage is increased by 15% and generates 3 focus. Damage and focus generation is too low to be a viable choice.

Soulbinds and Conduits


Kyrian: Pelagos

Pelagos gives some mastery after Resonating Arrow, which gives you decent burst every minute.

Night Fae: Niya

Generally best Night Fae soulbind. For non-single target fights, you want to play double potency with Bloodletting.

Venthyr: Nadjia

Necrolord: Bonesmith Heirmir

Necrolord: Emeni

One With The Beast can be switched for Bloodletting depending on which one sim higher for you, but usually with low haste Bloodletting should be better.


Harmony of the Tortollan - Reduces Aspect of the Turtle cooldown by 19 seconds (226 item level). Combined with Born To Be Wild is a good option if in the fight immunity is useful.

Markman’s Advantage - Hunter’s Mark decreases damage taken from that target by 6% (226 item level). Hunter’s Mark is finally useful with this conduit, it’s the best choice here because flat damage reduction is permanent.

Rejuvenating Wind - Exhilaration heals additional 17.5% (226 item level) of maximum health over 8 seconds. Worth picking if the fight needs more healing than damage reduction.

Resilience of the Hunter - After Feign Death ends, it grants 7.8% (226 item level) damage reduction for 8 seconds. Really good conduit for incoming damage.


Ambuscade – Reduces the cooldown on Disengage.

Cheetah’s Vigor – Extends the bonus movements speed from Aspect of the Cheetah by 3 seconds.

Reversal of Fortune – Interrupting an enemy with Counter Shot grants you 5 focus.

Tactical Retreat - Disengage slows nearby enemy movement for 3 seconds.

The Finesse traits are not useful unless you have a very specific need for more movement speed, otherwise it's better to take an Endurance trait.


Soulforge Embers - Using Flare into Tar Trap dots up to 5 targets, it's currently the best legendary for every scenario. The downside of that legendary is the positioning of the trap, which makes your gameplay inconvenient. You can use a second Flare into the same Tar Trap.

Rylakstalker’s Piercing Fangs - During Bestial Wrath, the pet's critical damage is increased by 20%. This is slightly worse than Soulforge Embers for single target, but more reliable since you don’t have to play with Tar Trap. It also scales well with critical strike.