Assassination Rogue Covenants, Soulbinds, Legendaries & Gear guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 16th Aug, 2022
Ceverion Assassination Rogue Author


Venthyr is the covenant to use. It is the best covenant for single target and has good traits like Theotar’s Token of Appreciation. The issue with Theotar is the positional requirement on Soothing Shade. In general, Nadjia actually provides very comparable effects. They are very close however so feel free to pick whichever you feel like. It might also be worth going Nadjia if you roll a bad Tea such as versatility. It’s also the premiere covenant for mythic+ due to the priority damage it brings through its strong 1 minute cooldowns. Using Crimson Tempest even in single target allows for additional passive cleave, and Marked for Death helps stacking Flagellation quicker than ever before.

Necrolord is also a strong covenant of choice for mythic+. The cleave and AoE potential of Necrolord is very high, especially paired with its covenant legendary, Deathspike. Where it lacks, however, is in single target. It’s not so far behind as to be unplayable, but it is enough to second-guess taking it. In mythic+, we have seen a strong shift towards the boss and priority damage from the rogue in the group, which lends itself more towards Venthyr, and less towards Necrolord. The same issue pops up in Raids, where the added cleave is usually not desired over the stronger single target of both Venthyr and Night Fae. The tier set does help bridge this gap a little, as the 2 piece bonus directly buffs the damage of Serrated Bone Spike.

Night Fae is currently our second strongest single target covenant in 9.2 due to its powerful combo with double legendary tier set bonus and some complimenting soulbind traits. It is also considered very easy to learn and play and has the best signature ability (Soulshape). On top of that, the huge variance in soulbinds (Niya/Dreamweaver for ST, Korayn for M+/AoE) makes it a decent covenant all around.. With that being said, Venthyr is better in raid content using some tricky tactics. It also loses to Necrolord and Venthyr in mythic+ and has its issues in raid cleave. It can shine on fights with frequent adds, getting high uptime on Korayn’s First Strike, as well as boasting the highest single target damage once you obtain your tier and legendary. Definitely a great covenant that you can’t go wrong with.

Kyrian is the worst covenant of the bunch. The extra health potion has some use, while very limited, but the damage is simply not competitive in any situation. Playing Kyrian as Assassination should be a last resort if you have no other covenants leveled. For any aspiring Assassination Rogue, avoid Kyrian entirely.

Soulbinds and Conduits


Night Fae raid:

Night Fae m+/add fight raid:

Venthyr raid:

Venthyr mythic+:

Necrolord raid/m+:


Potency conduits:

Always use Lashing Scars when playing Venthyr, even in AoE encounters. It is our best potency conduit by far.

Well-Placed Steel is the second best choice and you should look to use it in combination with Lashing Scars in most scenarios.

Sudden Fractures is a really good conduit for Necrolords and it usually pulls ahead if you sim yourself for AoE encounters. It does however, loses in single target scenarios to Well-Placed Steel. It's still a good pick and you generally want to play it in combination with Well-Placed Steel.

Maim, Mangle is terrible and only sees use specifically in single target, in conjunction with Doomblade, which is a bad legendary we do not use in any situation. Never use this conduit.

Finesse conduits:

You always want to use Quick Decisions when playing a rogue. it is our best finesse conduit and everything else is personal preference and it won’t make much of a difference in raiding or mythic+ dungeons.

Endurance conduits:

These are very heavily preference-based as well. Recuperator and Condensed Anima Sphere are both good options that add decent passive healing. An argument can be made for Nimble Fingers saving energy and thus being a very minor dps gain, but realistically you will never benefit from the extra energy, and I personally do not recommend it.

We use the same Endurance Conduits in mythic+ as well, making soulbinds a breeze!


When it comes to legendaries, we have quite a few choices;

Dashing Scoundrel is one of our best legendary for raiding before obtaining your 4 piece bonus. If you already have it crafted from 9.1 raiding, feel free to use it as a nice passive damage boost!

Doomblade is very similar to Dashing Scoundrel but weaker in every situation. It is not recommended to use this.

Zoldyck Insignia is a decent passive option in dungeons before obtaining your tier set bonus. It's the preferred legendary for aoe as well as execute. It's an all-around good legendary, although it fails to shine in the single-target favored playstyle of Assassination. You can safely use this legendary in every single dungeon during any week and affix-combination, but remember that there are better options available, especially with tier set.

Mark of the Master Assassin is our best legendary for open-world content like the Maw and Korthia as well as Torghast. It helps a lot when grinding in the open world but loses to other alternatives for raiding and mythic+. Do not bother crafting it if you want to be competitive.

Duskwalker turns into an incredibly strong legendary with the 4 piece from the tier buffing Vendetta. This makes it the single best legendary, in both raid, and mythic+, for every covenant. The increased single target and priority damage that it brings are insanely valuable. Once you get your 4 piece, make this legendary and unlock your second legendary.

It should be noted that you are required to run your covenant legendary in 9.2. This comes through a newly learned memory called Unity. All of the above recommendations are an addition to this new legendary power. That being said, before you unlock Unity, one covenant legendary is a very good option, that being obedience.

Obedience is an excellent legendary choice for Venthyr before obtaining your tier set. Once double legendaries are unlocked, you're required to run this on venthyr. Until then, it's your best raiding legendary and can pull ahead of Dashing in the new patch with the loss of the frost set. Use a simulation to check for your character. Bringing Flagellation down to a 1-minute cooldown is also very strong for specific encounters and aligns better with your vendetta. After unlocking Unity, you get obedience at all times when playing Venthyr and should consider other legendaries, such as Duskwalker.



Scars of Fraternal Strife, Decanter of Endless Howling, Salvaged Fusion Amplifier and Eye of command are all fantastic trinkets. In mythic+ you would want to use Cache of Acquired Treasures


Edge of Night is back and purchasable at the highest item level possible for Dinar in Oribos. Because the item level is now equal or better to other daggers, Edge of Night is once again the best in slot for all content. You should ideally buy two of them, and then use the third Dinar for a trinket. Until that point, feel free to use your valor on any mythic+ daggers you find. Remember to simulate yourself always, either with a patchwerk 1 target sim for raid bosses, or dungeonslice for mythic+ in order to evaluate the gain for your personal character!