Arms Warrior Covenants, Soulbinds, Legendaries & Gear guide

Patch 9.2.5 Last Updated: 2nd Aug, 2022
Danwarr Arms Warrior Author


For raiding Night Fae is looking like the best option. In comparison to Venthyr, Night Fae is slightly less Rage intensive and provides solid damage output even outside of Execute phases.

Kyrian can be very competitive on AoE with the new Kyrian Elysian Might legendary. Kyrian also has potential to be the new go to M+ Covenant due to the Mikanikos soulbind having a new trait (Effusive Anima Accelerator) which will reduce the CD of Spear and cause it to line up with Warbreaker.

Soulbinds and Conduits

Potency Conduits

Potency 1: Mortal Combo. A very generic, decent chance at a second Mortal Strike cast. Nothing spectacular, just a solid option.

Potency 2: Crash the Ramparts. Overpower has a pretty high priority when it comes to single target as Night Fae and this Conduit increases the damage of both the Overpower itself and the Dreadnaught wave after it resulting in a rather sizeable increase in damage per cast.

Potency 3: Adaptive Armor Fragment. A solid all-around Potency Conduit that grants Strength for 15 seconds when healed on a 30 seconds cooldown. A downside to this Conduit is its capability to proc outside of combat. This can result in it being proceed by overzealous healers pre-boss pull.

M+ Potency option: Crash the Ramparts. Only when paired with Dreadnaught. The extra Overpower damage is converted to extra Dreadnaught damage also.

Merciless Bonegrinder. This Conduit has become a standout guaranteed pick in M+ for Arms following the buff. It is unlikely to see play in raid unless there was a very heavy AoE fight with no priority target or boss involved.

Additional mention to any relevant Covenant Potency Conduit as all of them provide good benefits to our Covenant abilities (Piercing Verdict/Destructive Reverberations). Adaptive Armor Fragment can also be a very solid 3rd option.

Endurance Conduits

Stalwart Guardian. Reduces Die by the Sword’s starting from 20 seconds at Rank 1 and by a further 2 seconds with each additional rank. This is a fantastic Conduit for Arms which has historically been a very squishy DPS spec.

Finesse Conduits

Inspiring Presence. Rallying Cry health increase and duration increased by 20% at rank 1 and a further 2% each with every additional rank. Rallying Cry is a very strong raid-wide cooldown. Further improving the effect is a great option for Arms Warrior.

Safeguard. Strong in any form of content, Safeguard adds a damage reduction to your Intervene target for 6 seconds, effectively turning Intervene into a 30sec external CD. Particularly useful for M+.

Single target (Night Fae)

Mythic+ (Night Fae)

Single Target (Kyrian)

Mythic+ (Kyrian)

Mythic+ (Kyrian v2)

This Kyrian build also involves a different talent setup as shown below and uses the Signet or Tormented Kings legendary instead of Enduring Blow. The idea behind this build is centered around utilizing as many Signet procs as possible. The Single Target damage of this build can suffer as a result of not using any of the Mortal Strike enhancing Conduits or Legendary. This build is particularly effective in Gambit, Halls of Atonement and Necrotic Wake.

Talents for Kyrian v2 build:


While you are still using 1 legendary, I recommend the following options:

Enduring Blow remains the strongest legendary choice going into 9.2. Worth noting is that this legendary can also proc from follow-up Mortal Strike hits coming from the Mortal Combo conduit.

Signet of Tormented Kings is a great legendary choice for burst AoE as Night Fae. Choosing this legendary will usually promote the use of the Avatar talent to proc it more often. Playing around this legendary, particularly on single-target, will be required.

Unity provides the Covenant Legendary effect for whatever Covenant you are in at that time.

Double Legendary

With double legendaries introduced in the 9.2, every class will be forced to use their Covenant legendary as one of the two legendaries you can have equipped. With that being said, I don’t see any other legendary being played apart from Enduring Blow. The 4-set increasing Tactician procs leads to more Dreadnaught damage making Arms sustained AoE not quite as terrible as it has been so far this expansion. However, it still leads a lot to be desired and definitely falls behind its Fury counterpart.

NOTE: Current double legendary choices do not impact the Arms rotation in any way.


Tier Set

  • 2 set: Colossus Smash/Warbreaker’s duration is increased by 3 seconds and has a 5% increased effectiveness
  • 4 set: Tactician has a 50% increased proc chance against targets with Colossus Smash and causes your next Overpower to grant 2% strength, up to 8% for 15 seconds

These set bonuses will not require any playing around, but they will alter how you play simply by giving you more free globals through Overpower casts from Tactician procs.

The Tier pieces I would recommend using are:

  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Gloves
  • Legs

The Unity legendary will eventually take the helm slot, but this is a LONG TERM GOAL and not something you need to be concerned with until you have enough Mythic Tier pieces to commit to the Unity slot.


There aren’t a great deal of specific items that I would 100% suggest using as an Arms Warrior. Provided you have access to raiding, Old Warrior’s Soul and Gavel of the First Arbiter are the only items that I would advise obtaining during Season 4.

The stat budget of a fully stacked OWS is incredible and the Boon buffs from Gavel are very significant, especially with the recent buffs to Boon of Assured Victory (the stacking DoT) and Boon of Harvested Hope (the Bleed/Leech). These buffs mean that these 2 DoT’s can now Crit which boosts damage output from these Boons quite significantly.