Arms Warrior

Patch 8.3

Written by Revvez Last Updated: 11th Jan, 2020

Some content in this guide is based on PTR/early data

Updates will be made after raid progress is finished and more accurate information is available.

Azerite Traits

Spec Specific Azerite Traits

Good Traits

  • Test of Might is the best stackable trait for single target and sustained AoE. However, it doesn't work well in most burst AoE situations since you need to spend rage to get the benefit and not be bladestorming.
  • Crushing Assault it is very powerful to have 1 of this trait.

Average Traits

  • Gathering Storm is very good on burst AoE and bad for single target.
  • Lord of War is very good on burst AoE and bad single target.
  • Seismic Wave is very bad on single target and very strong on sustained AoE.
  • Striking the Anvil is mediocre for single target, but a little better on low target cleave, since you are able to multidot Deep Wounds easier. Almost no benefit in AoE situations.

Azerite traits rotation changes

Test of Might would have you Bladestorm during the Test of Might window instead of during Colossus Smash, since you need to spend rage during Colossus Smash with this trait. The Test of Might buff might also be stronger than the 30% damage from Colossus Smash if you have 3x Test of Might.

Azerite Trait Recommendations

For raiding you need 3x Test of Might to do competitive damage and a lot of the time you will drop item levels to get those traits. Overwhelming Power is very strong for an inner trait, ideally you find Azerite gear with both Test of Might and Overwhelming Power, down below are a few examples of great azerite setups for Arms.

A great setup for m+ would be:

The traits you would use are 3x Test of Might, 1x Arcane Heart/Seismic Wave, 1x Tradewinds, 1x Meticulous Scheming, 1x/2x Elemental Whirl, 1x/2x Overwhelming Power.

For raiding you might go:

The traits you would use are 3x Test of Might, 1x Striking the Anvil, 2x Meticulous Scheming, 1x Unstable Flames, 2x Overwhelming Power.

For a setup easier to get (without PvP/residuum) I would go:


I would recommend getting access to all the good essences, since they are likely to be used in a range of scenarios.

Good Essences:

Memory of Lucid Dreams is usually the best single target essence. Make sure if you play with this essence you always have your last use of the essence in the execute phase.

Condensed Life-Force as a major is very competitive on single target, and it is sometimes your best option depending on kill times and other circumstances.

Essence of the Focusing Iris is great for burst AoE and the minor is one of the best in general.

Breath of the Dying minor effect Lethal Strikes should be a great minor at rank 3.

Average Essences:

The Crucible of Flame is average for Arms, both as a major and minor.

Blood of the Enemy is one of the best cleave and AoE essences. Often Arms may go with Essence of Focusing Iris for AoE, but the numbers are really close.

Worldvein Resonance has a weak major effect and a decent minor if your group uses it.

Conflict and Strife gives us access to Sharpen Blade. It is pretty much not a DPS increase to use, so never have it as your Major. However, the minor is good.

Purification Protocol does good damage in AoE scenarios, but not as much as the other AoE options. It's very weak on single target, making the only likely use of the major when you are in an AoE situation with Aberrations. The minor is a little better, it can be used as a minor in cleave situations without Aberrations.

The Formless Void should not be your go-to essence, but may situationally be powerful if you need different kinds of damage in different phases of a boss.

Spark of Inspiration would be used to buff your party members essences. If you have a party of people using essences like Crucible of Flame or Breath of the Dying major it should be very good.

Weak Essences:

Vision of Perfection as a major is barely a DPS increase, and the minor is usually very weak.

The Unbound Force is also a weak essence both as a major and as a minor.


Gear Recommendation

The trinket Ashvane’s Razor Coral is incredible for Arms. The way you play it is very simple, just save all the stacks until the execute phase, and use the Crit buff together with your essence for a huge execute phase.


Blizzard are still updating PTR at this time, but the best Corruption effects are Infinite Stars, Echoing Void, Gushing Wound and Expedient. Although there are effects I did not get to test on PTR and are not implemented in simulationcraft at the time of writing.

Infinite Stars is a lot stronger on normal single target fights than on fights where you have to AoE or switch targets.

Echoing Void does reduced damage to targets in AoE situations.

Expedient is great for Arms because of how much haste we usually have, but it depends on your gear.

Ideally have access to Infinite Stars and maybe a second set with Expedient or Echoing Void for AoE and target switching fights. More changes are likely to come to Corrupted items though, this is written a few days before the patch is live.

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