Arcane Mage

Patch 9.0

Written by s1qs Last Updated: 20th Nov, 2020

Some content in this guide is based on beta or early data

Updates will be made after raid progress is finished and more accurate information is available.


Night fae

The best choice for Mythic week, Dreamweave is the only covenant that allows 2x potencies on Mythic week. Night fae in itself is also the best covenant already for most scenarios, Arcane Barrage 3-target cleave, where Necrolord (Emeni) is superior.
You’ll get more frequent burst windows, and also reduce the downtime tremendously because Evocation will have a cooldown of 1 minute and 6 seconds.

The signature ability, Soulshape, is absolutely insane as well, despite being a mage, I've got to use Soulshape so many times in raid testing as well as the maw/M+.


This covenant has some insane potential, due to the fact that you can essentially burst three targets at once, with amplified Arcane Blast damage. However, on single target it’s very underwhelming, as it’s just a +10% modifier to Arcane Blast damage on a 3 minute cooldown. Also, the 3 minute cooldown is an issue in itself, as it doesn’t line up with Arcane Prodigy. However, when we reach higher ranks of Arcane Prodigy, Arcane power will eventually line up with both Necrolord and Berserking.
Regarding soulbinds, Emeni has a very good trait called Lead by Example, and is currently also a strong option if you like Maldraxxus/Necrolords thematically.


Average covenant, being fine on single target and terrible on multitarget. 


Below average covenant in every scenario. The covenant spell deals good damage, but also has a requirement of the mob hitting/casting.

To summarise:

  • Single target: Night Fae > Kyrian > Venthyr > Necrolord
  • 3+ targets: Necrolord > Night fae > Venthyr > Kyrian
  • Less than 3 targets: Night Fae > Necrolord > Venthyr > Kyrian

Therefore Night Fae should be your choice for maximizing performance, and you should pick the Dreamweaver soulbind if you want to min-max your output for Mythic week. Korayn will be the best soulbind later on.

Soulbinds and Conduits

Single target

Arcane Prodigy  - Assuming you have the mythic 0 conduit and amplification, every Clearcasting wave decreases the cooldown 3.12s. 10 procs of Clearcasting would reduce Arcane Power cooldown by 31.2 seconds, on top of 24s from Night Fae. Arcane Power cooldown is at 1 minute 5 seconds. Which means you’ll have to hold your touch for Arcane Power.

Magi’s Brand - Assuming you have the mythic 0 conduit, you gain an additive 7.8% accumulated damage. Yes, additives make this conduit insane.

Single Target Soulbind Calculator



Only 1 potency which would be Magi’s Brand or Arcane Prodigy.

AoE Soulbind Calculator


Temporal Warp - single target

Has the annoying requirement of needing to lust at the beginning of the encounter to min-max. Alternatively, you can play Arcane harmony on a single target. Arcane Bombardment is also a good legendary on single target, and I recommend you guys craft bombardment, because it's decent in every scenario.

Arcane Bombardment - AoE

That's it, nothing compares on AoE.


The two recommended trinkets are:

  • Badge which is from PvP
  • Cabalist Hymnal which drops from Sire Denthatrius (the end boss of Castle Nathria)