Affliction Warlock

Patch 8.2

Written by Deepshades Last Updated: 19th Jul, 2019

Azerite Traits

Spec Specific Azerite Traits:

Cascading Calamity: Grants you a 15 seconds haste buff for each time you apply Unstable Affliction on a target already affected by it.

Deathbloom: Seed of Corruption deals additional damage if it detonates early.

Dreadful Calling: Makes Unstable Affliction deal additional damage and reduces the cooldown of Summon Darkglare by 1second for each Unstable Affliction.

Inevitable Demise: Makes Agony stack up a buff up to 100 stacks, increasing the next use of Drain Life.

Sudden Onset: Agony deals additional damage and starts with 4 stacks.

Wracking Brilliance: Increase your Intellect for 6 seconds every other time your Agony creates a shard.

Azerite traits rotation chances:

Cascading Calamity: Instead of refreshing Unstable Affliction shortly after it runs out, you simply refresh it shortly before.

Inevitable Demise: Applying Agony stacks up a buff on you. You want to use Drain Life around 48-50 stacks and don’t need to move for the whole duration. Haunt and Unstable Affliction should also be applied beforehand.

Recommended Azerite Traits

Tier 1 & 2:

Generally speaking you want Wracking Brilliance, Cascading Calamity and Treacherous Covenant as often as you can get. For Multi Target fights like High Tinker Mekkatorque, Inevitable Demise is incredibly good.

Tier 3:

In most cases Overwhelming Power is the best Tier 3 trait. The only exception are execute damage reliant bosses like G’huun, High Tinker Mekkatorque and Jaina. Gutripper is perfect for this kind of situation and can make the difference between a kill and a wipe.

Azerite Essences

With everything unlocked you’ll have 1 Major Essence and 3 Minor Essence effects.

All information listed here is still subject to change.

Major Essences Ranking (Rank3):

  1. Condensed Life Force: Summons a guardian that does damage and increases your haste by 10%.
  2. Crucible of Flame: Extra ability that does a fair amount of damage
  3. Essence of Focusing Iris: a 3 second channel ability that does a lot of damage and is on a 1.5 minute cooldown.
  4. Unbound Force: 45 seconds cooldown ability that does mediocre damage but does 300% increases damage if it crits.
  5. Worldvein Resonance: Spawning three Lifeblood shards immediately on a 1 min cooldown. Each shard grants you 50 primary stats within 12 yards.
  6. Blood of the Enemy: AoE damage ability that increases your critical strike chance by 25% on all targets it hits for 10 seconds and increases your critical hit damage by 25% for 5 seconds. On a 1.5 minute cooldown.
  7. Purification Protocol: AoE ability on a 1 minute cooldown. If a target dies your damage is increased by 10% for 8 seconds.
  8. Conflict and Strife: Allows the use of a PvP talent in PvE encounters.
  9. Memory of Lucid Dreams: Increases your Soul Shard regeneration for 15 seconds by 100%.
  10. Ripple in Space: You can place an Azerite beacon at a target and get ported there in 2 seconds. You will deal damage at that location and take 10% less damage for 10 seconds.
  11. Vision of Perfection: Your spells have a chance to activate your Darkglare for 35% of it’s normal duration. When activated you and 2 other nearby allies gain Haste for 10 seconds.

Minor Essences Ranking:

  1. Crucible of Flame: DoT that does damage.
  2. Worldvein Resonance: You spawn a shard every 1-25 seconds that grants you and allies 50 primary stat within 12 yards. You can benefit from a maximum of four at the same time.
  3. Condensed Life Force: Chance to do damage to the target and increases all damage you deal to that target by 5% for 6 seconds.
  4. Essence of Focusing Iris: Gain up to 10 stacks of Focused Energy, increasing your Haste. You need to use abilities on the same target. When you have no stacks at all your first ability grants you 3 stacks.
  5. Conflict and Strife: Chance to gain a stack (up to 8) to increase your Versatility for 14 seconds. If you get cc’d  you also get a stack.
  6. Unbound Force: Your non critical strikes have a chance to give you Reckless Force. When you reach 20 stacks you’ll gain 70% increased critical strike chance for 4 seconds.
  7. Blood of the Enemy: Your critical strikes grant you a stack of Blood-Soaked, increasing your Critical Strike. When you reach 40 stacks you’ll gain Haste for 8 seconds.
  8. Purification Protocol: Chance to deal fire damage to your target and to get a HoT on yourself.
  9. Memory of Lucid Dreams: Chance to refund Soul Shards.
  10. Ripple in Space: Your movement speed is increased by 5% and when you move more than 25 yards within 4 seconds you gain Intellect for 20 seconds. This can only happen once every 30 seconds.
  11. Vision of Perfection: Reduces the cooldown of your Darkglare and increases your Versatility. Also, when you use your Darkglare you heal for 5% of your maximum health.

Choosing Gear/Azerite traits

The best way to find the best gear, Azerite Traits & Essences for your character is to "sim" your character

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