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Thread: Rogerbrown's UI (hunter)

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    Default Rogerbrown's UI (hunter)

    NEW UPDATE FOR Legion! This version is uploaded as of January 11th 2017!

    Rogerbrown Legion UI 7.1.5

    PLEASE take 5minutes to read the .txt file included in the download. It explains everything.

    This UI is fixed for a resolution of 1920x1080. If you have a different resolution, you need to fix them a bit yourself.

    Check this thread for any questions you might have... the might have been already answered.

    Thanks for using my UI.


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    Hi rogerbrown,

    I'm interested in TellMeWhen, so i've DL your UI to export parameters from this addon BUT, it didn't worked (x))

    Finnally i've configured it by myself, but there is still stmh i don't know hot to do : evidence on Aimed shot proc (you know, the guitar hero proc on the button). i think i've missed something, could you help me? maybe un screenshot of your aimed window of the addon would be great.



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    The guitar hero that you speak of can't be done on the TMW icon, it is only done on your bar addons (dominos). Not sure if I answered your question fully.

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    if the action bar upside your energybar isn't TMW on this :

    then yes, you answered my question :p

    thanks sir.

    ok then i think i understood my mistake : up from your enrgy bar : dominos scalled differently.
    On the left part of the screen, tracking ISS and AI stacks : TMW.
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    updated the UI, check OP for the download link

    let me know if you need another place apart from rapidshare to upload it.
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    UPDATED FOR MOP!!! check OP for link!

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    Hi, I am just wondering which addon you use for your focus bar? Thanks in advance :)

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    is there any specific advice you could give me on elegon, (10 man), when the 6 adds spawn rushing to the pillars at the end of the platform?

    i am trying to make sure once im in position, just to use corbra shot to max out focus, then on the add, explo shot and spam arcane with glaive toss to get the add down.

    sv spec i am, any advice thanks.

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    Hello Roger,

    Love the ui, but

    The TMW dosent seems to work. do you know why or could you maby re upload it ? :) thanks/ Hoob

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