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    aside from what the guides are saying, and after hours of reforging/gemming/enchanting i just feel that stacking mastery is painfully slow, find myself on energy lockout for 3-4 seconds quite often with bleeds ready to run out... wanted to get your thoughts on stacking crit instead... i like the flexability it adds with more Primal Fury procs...

    is mastery really that much better?, it seems about even with crit and i feel like i can do more


    edit: on a side note... reapplying rip with it still having 11 seconds or so remaining still seems like a waste... is it better to reapply even with that much time left?
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    Even if it might feel smoother with crit its gonna be less dps in total so i think you should keep with mastery. If there is long time left on your dots and its the next thing you need to reapply you can just keep shredding with 5 combo points to not cap energy.
    There aint really no right or wrong to clip dotting, you have to do it on a feel along with savage roar to make your rotation smooth

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    hmm, I had tried shred spam at max cp but felt like I was wasting cp... I'll look into that more

    wanted to ask also if you put your 3 minute cool downs into a rotation or just pop them all at once

    thanks again

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    Use incarnation a couple of seconds before and then burn all energy -> tf-> berserk/nature's vigil/berserking -> etc

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