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Thread: HC spine of deathwing progress help

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    Default HC spine of deathwing progress help

    Hello ,

    My guild is currently progressing at this boss . But we have one major problem : we getting owned by the small adds ( oozes ) .
    Our raid setup isn't the best especially the tank classes. So here it is :

    Tanks: warrior - druid
    Healers: 2 Discipline priest - holy pala
    DPS : frost DK , BM hunter , arcane mage , fury warrior , demon Warlock

    As a result we are getting raped while dps'ing the 1st burning tendon at the last plate.

    Our feral druid starts kiting the ozzes when we get into the 3rd plate , but the dmg is too hight.

    So , my question is : What can we do in order to stay alive and not get killed by bloods? Do you any tips to suggest?

    Thank you in advance.

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    on 10m Hc you can kill a bunch of bloods off before you barrel roll after the 1st plate and the 2nd plate. On the 2nd plate, you will need some raid CD / tranq to survive and you shouldn't kill all, try to pick a few off. Amalgamations soak them up right before you roll and fly off with the stacks.

    Also now with the dmg reduction it's possible to use defensive CD's (4p) and simply AOE kill a bunch of bloods while you DPS the amalgamation to open the plate. With proper CDs you won't notice the damage.

    Avoid bloods dying while you run in and out of the hole and avoid bloods dying in a too fast frequency without CD's.

    Also during the 2nd plate, you can kill more bloods then you need, simple because you kill them one by one and outheal the damage.

    A few tips and tricks to keep the blood count low!

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    Thank you for the fast reply! gonna test it tommorow and i'll let you know how it goes .

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    You might want to have your warrior tanking the bloods as he have an easier time kiting. Heroic Leap, Intervene, Charge etc.

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