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Thread: Article: Dragon Soul Challenge - Vodka vs Method

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    Yep that was a lot of fun, actually made raiding exciting ! Felt intense, especially when reading the updates in gchat that Vodka were suddenly right behind us - I was thinking "WTFFFFFF"

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    money for children!

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    What a fantastic night that was, it was so good from start to finish. Kudos to Vodka, what a recovery, although the bonus DPS really made the difference, literally as the streams were at P2 madness, the kills were 3 seconds apart!

    I'll see you Horde side!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enderox View Post
    ^yes, it'll be live streamed and those streams will be vlogged
    Sadly none of the streamers have VOD's on their twitch accounts .
    Unless there are added some where else ;/

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    EDIT: vid in main post now
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    It seems you haven't understood me again Enderox i was asking for PoV VOD's :) not the athene/kinasteasya(spelling) VOD aka from players that particapated in the event from methods side.

    Thanks anyways ,how ever i'll pass on the whole athene thing :).

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    Those are PoV vods, both Supers and Killars, how do I not understand you again?

    Also I checked out Supers' twitch and vods are up, including our TeamSpeak.

    Click on Videos for the 2nd part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebalina View Post
    Sadly none of the streamers have VOD's on their twitch accounts .
    My vod's have been available ever since i shut down the stream. part 1 part 2

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    My VOD's of the event are also available.

    Part 1
    Part 2
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