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Thread: X Realm T12 HC's

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    i dont usually get involved in forum arguements but you sir are a disgrace to humanity you inbred scum, also a quote that sums you up well

    “And if you think that, for one second, online anonymity is a license to act like a racist, sexist, foul-mouth bigot, YOU’RE A DOUCHEBAG! In fact, you don’t need online-gaming, you need a therapist and a swift kick in the gooch, is what you need!”

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    I was looking decent!

    And nah got attacked with a knife when I was younger but that's living in Liverpool for ya.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qlimaxx View Post
    I noticed. No wonder your fanbase is shitty. I use to have respect for you guys.
    So you are saying that you are the 'good' fanbase? I prefer shitty fanboys in that case. And I dare you to go ask any other guild to do what you proposed to us, and then see the response you will get. Afterwards try asking anyone in the real world to play with you in any sport or w/e at a top level for free. Your world is about to collapse!

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    btw nice flag in the background xero nice to see the pic represents the better side of the bridge!

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    need free boost in FL and DS achi and mount... just for funn u know :) any1 intrested ?? ;)

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    Method owns, and thats a Fact =)

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