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Thread: Enhancement Shaman needing a few tips

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    Default Enhancement Shaman needing a few tips

    Hey guys, I just wanted to ask if there are any experienced Enhancement Shamans out there to help/tell me the best way to open on a DS boss. I've seen WoL for Enhancement and most of the top DPS are basically slightly better geared than me and they're pulling about 40k - 42k while I only pull 38k.
    I usually run in and open with Pop DPS trinkets + Wolves > UE > FS > Drop totems > Stormstrike > Lava Lash > ES > etc. Is there a better way to open on a boss in DS as Enhancement?


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    We don't have any enhancement shaman, but Superorby plays a beastly one and it was his former main. If you say you hate Messi im sure he will pop up on the forums and assist you in your search for the perfect opener!

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    pls sparko!

    The only boss where you should use totems after the opening is ultraxion, due to the retardness of the searing totem AI, it will most likely not attack the boss if you have it down pre-pull.
    On ultraxion i open with the totems down for soe/wf, SS > LL > UE+FS > redrop searing > LB(you should definitely have mw5 by then) > wolves > ES > and so on.
    If you want/can save your heroism for the 2nd wolves summon, get the 1st wolves earlier on the cycle so they benefit from the raid heroism aswell(make sure that whoever is using it is doing a countdown before).

    On the other encounters you'll need to ''run'' to the boss, so you can drop the totems on the fly and do the standard opening assuming that searing will attack your target from the beginning. SS > LL > UE+FS > LB(you should definitely have mw5 by then) > wolves > ES. same as before, depending on your setup you might want to adjust the timings on wolves.

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