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Thread: Diablo 3 Beta Key Giveaway - Winners, Rules, Details

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    lol 5 mins after I wrote that I got my key :D

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    Same just got my key! omg gamegasm! Lots of love to methodwow for making this possible also blizzard! Thanks again! <3

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    Yey!!! I got an email from blizz with my beta key so cool!!! Happy times!!! Thanks method and @d3expert!!! YEAH!!

    Hope everyone get their key soon! :P
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    Quick question to people that received their keys. When did you win them? I won mine yesterday and was wondering how much I have to wait before enjoying D3. :D

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    I won on Sunday, March 4 at 13:45
    Got email from blizz on Friday, March 9 at 06:34
    Looong... wait, I was going crazy checking email every minute...

    But now IŽm happy...

    Soon youŽll get yours!

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    I won last friday, so one week of anguish! :)

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    hey there what should i do for key?

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    I can't reply on youtube.........!
    I have subscribed your youtube, can I join the round?????

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    25 Keys (insta 2-3 keys for his friends)
    1015 Comments (at this time)

    2% for key
    Keep dreaming ;)

    Edit: Thanks to Old for improve my calculations. (Srsly dunno how i calculated that)
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    You actually have 2,46% chance, according to your numbers.

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