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Thread: Diablo 3 Beta Key Giveaway - Winners, Rules, Details

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    Still waiting for mine as well, I'm not too worried at the moment, only if it hasn't arrived by the end of the week would it start to look odd, but otherwise I'm really looking forward to it, can't wait to play! :D Checking email and battlenet as often as possible!

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    So, here's to hoping that it's our turn today! They should begin handing out beta statuses around this time.

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    Johnny G and Baka Neko you have your message function disabled on Facebook. Please enable it or send a message to the methodwow/d3expert page with your first name, last name and email.


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    Guys I ... I don't know what to say... you just made a permanent change to my biosystem... a grin from ear to ear, my body quivering with anticipation.

    I was playing diablo I when I was like... what... twelve years old? I spent countless hours playing it single and then Diablo II came. I immediately got my copy and went on a full-year lasting rampage with my friends (crazy all-weekend LAN parties back then!!) playing nearly every class and every build. Few years later, D3 was announced. I was super-hyped. I eagerly "ATE" every new bit of information about it.

    Then beta came. And I wished SO MUCH to get into the beta. I refused to view any videos, streams, class info, class skills, everything about the game which wasn't an official mini-sneak peek since the beta went live. I didn't want to spoil it for myself. I'm the kind of gamer who needs to find the game out by himself, and has an incredible pleasure from doing so. Ignorance is bliss.

    I entered various contests on various sites, kept looking at my mail and beta profile nearly every day to see if it didn't get flagged. I wished the key so much. And today, after a long day in work, I sit down, browse through facebook and then I see a link to this thread... I slowly read the names ... and I see my twitter account there...

    My heart started racing, my body started to quiver... Was I dreaming? Is it REALLY MY twitter account?... Endorphin was cruising thru my body like mad.. and it still is... I don't know what to say other than

    HUGE THANK YOU! You made a man very happy today (and guaranteed him he doesn't get any sleep on the upcoming weekends!).
    And I wish every single one of your guys in your guild (even the alts! ha!) the BEST of the BEST in WoW - boss kills, loots, much of lulz etc.

    Thank you.

    With kind regards,

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    That's the kind of people who should get the beta, ppl like us who has been playing Diablo since forever :) Now let's just survive the waiting for the Blizzard mail :) It's not easy, trust me but somehow it works. I conveniently got the flu so no need to leave the apartment for a few days. Now if only that mail could come.... :)

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    You tell me mate! I will have trouble getting to sleep today, and will be nervous at university tomorrow, the time will literally stop there until I get home and start playing haha. Hammering the blizzard website with login attempts atm... this is an unbelievable rush! I last felt like this when I got accepted to my job :D

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    Default Beta Key

    It would be amazing to get one, You have no idea what the fans have to go through this site that site click here "like there" @tweet here and most importantly /cry there because nobody seems to hand out keys after all the contests I have entered laugh.. Going to give this website a shot and well if they can do what the others have failed you got a fan for life.

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    I have to say tho.. Blizz is slacking!
    According to my message my entry was sent out on sunday and still no key :(

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    @Farske here.

    Fantastic, I was driving back today and my phone alerted me of a twitter msg. I dropped my mate off and as I idled I checked my phone. My frown as I read that message gave me a thrilling high. I had to calm myself to drive to the speed limit desperate to get back here to write this thank you!

    I've been buzzing about playing the beta and I just can't wait to get my slaying underway..

    Oh god, this morning I was stressing over what time I should arrange meeting a friend and now I'm stressing over what class to play! :D

    This is just fantastic :D

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    Last round! just liked the facebook page and left comment im so ready to play this game lookin forward to testing / playen witch doctor

    Andrew Pellegrino.

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