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    Congratulations to KIN Raiders who managed to take World first this tier. I would however like to share some of my 'whines' in regards to this tier of progress. Dragon Soul is the worst raid instance to date in regards to the competitive PvE Race (alongside ToC). The 8 day ban was ridiculous, destroying the race for world first and removing some of the 'prestige' from first kills when guilds were playing in a race without key competition. The 8 day ban led to a Heroic reset of gear and experience being lost but an additional surprise was in-store when the 8 days were up; all "legit" LFR gear had also been removed (30-35 LFR runs wasted, good bye trinkets etc). Combined with the gear issue was the problem that players had taken time off work/life specifically for the first 1-2 weeks of heroic progress - now we had several players, including myself twiddling their thumbs for 8 days and then having to return to work when the progress actually started. As a side effect the delay also led to some Christmas raiding which although not as bad as Tier 11, was still annoying (we ended up taking 2-3 days for Xmas).

    Anyway, the first 6 bosses were okay and then you reach Spine and realise how much of a DPS check this boring boss is (can you kill the tendons in 2 or not? Well not with an 8 day ban... cya next reset). Upon finally killing Spine you reach the worst and easiest end boss in the history of WoW - Madness of DW. Disappointing tier, and not surprised many guilds swapped to 10man to by-pass Spine (much easier). Need to wait another 4-6 months now and hope MoP delivers.

    Now that my whine is over! Below are a few short thoughts from some of Method's players;

    What did you think about Dragon Soul?

    Imsupersdw (Balance Druid):
    After having to skip Firelands for personal reasons, I came back with huge expectations for the last tier of the expansion. Doing the "jump" from t11 to t13 I was expecting some hard/balanced encounters, and a really nice race for the world 1st spot. Needless to say that this tier was a huge letdown, bugs everywhere, really easy and straightforward encounters with a couple of them clearly favouring class stacking(again).

    Noxe (Rogue):
    Blizzard killed this progress. Ridiculous call with all bans and extremely poor design of Deathwing encounters.

    Strydem (Holy Paladin):
    It was like a TV show, which you watch till the end just because you have wasted so much time on it already.

    Enderox (Balance Druid):
    Aside from the ban, it's definitely not the best raid instance in WoW history, of all the fights, despite difficulty, Madness was the best... and that's saying something. No it was certainly not as promising as Blizzard wanted it to be.

    Phlaryu (Discipline Priest):
    I've always liked instances which are open and not closed in, with rooms and locked doors, so I found this tier pretty enjoyable. The bosses themselves were okay, Nothing more. I can't say that Blizzards excitement about this patch was understandable.

    How did you feel when Method downed Heroic Madness?

    Imsupersdw (Balance Druid):
    Again, huge letdown. This "can't" really be the final boss of this expansion, doing something around 40pulls to kill the end boss of the expansion makes no sense at all, specially when you look at the amount of tries everyone did on the end bosses from the previous tiers. It just didn't have that ''epic'' feeling knowing that you were done with progress once again.

    Sparkuggz (Warlock):
    55 attempts to down the overhyped endgame boss for this entire patch? Even ragnaros took over 500 wipes to go down... Very disappointing endgame content.

    Noxe (Rogue):
    Was glad that it's over. Zero excitement, only relief.

    Enderox (Balance Druid):
    Let's move on to the next progress tier, shall we?

    Phlaryu (Discipline Priest):
    Honestly not much, usually during progress bosses you get that adrenaline rush and your whole body is pulsing when you get a kill, but this time there was to much else that crippled our progress (ban among other things) that it simply was more of a task to just be done with then to enjoy.
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    1. Hentrenson's Avatar
      Hentrenson -
      Phlaryu was only disappointed cause his grinchling didnt get #1 dps on maddness.
    1. Toriel's Avatar
      Toriel -
      An interesting read. TY for the post. I think MoP will be here sooner than everyone thinks.
    1. Photek's Avatar
      Photek -
      Good read and agree on most points.
    1. Artzie's Avatar
      Artzie -
      Last raid dungeon of the expansion and especially madness of deathwing was so legendary

    1. Valiane's Avatar
      Valiane -
      We gave the ingredients to a shit storm for sure with this article

    1. Zoateck's Avatar
      Zoateck -
      kinda sad that they made spine harder then madness.. and that they made it so class needy
    1. Safari's Avatar
      Safari -
      Very uninteresting tier from a spectator point of view. Faceroll content with a gigantic false start.

      Bring back that good old Vashj excitement, including the drama.
    1. Areyliah's Avatar
      Areyliah -
      I'd agree with the majority of the comments and the article itself. As a medium hardcore raider since late Vanilla i would agree Dragon Souls has been major disappointment in terms of balance between 10 and 25man; "bring the player not the class, but with his alt" issue was drastically emphasized; and finally the curve of difficulty or rather the lack of one, which crushed so many Raiders' hearts.

      edit: And with all that being said, the ban accident made the picture quite ugly.
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