• Ra-den 30 Attempts Limit

    Screenshots have appeared which indicate that the heroic-only boss Ra-den of the upcoming Throne of Thunder raid dungeon has a 30 attempts limit on the current PTR build. This model of limiting tries and thus increasing the difficulty of killing an encounter is nothing new but hasn't been used by Blizzard since Lich King in Icecrown Citadel. Another mechanism of prolonging the life of an encounter was used back in Ulduar. The heroic-only boss Algalon had a time limitation of 1 hour per reset which is a model we haven't seen implemented again since then.

    So do you guys like attempt limitation? Do you think a time limit like on Algalon would be better? Let us know your thoughts!
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    1. Sariesl's Avatar
      Sariesl -
      My preference would be that you've got a 24 hour window to kill Ra-den, that gives most guilds enough time to atleast practise on it, and makes the World First race more intense rather than having to rely on alt runs like what happened with LK.
    1. Klarybaba's Avatar
      Klarybaba -
      I think 30 try is okey, no need to take any stupid ppl because it's not the boss. I would not be in the place of the man who messes up the last attempt. :)
    1. Padmais's Avatar
      Padmais -
      blizerd pls stahp
    1. Notfur's Avatar
      Notfur -
      Meh ;/
      Many alts, handle it!
    1. Lagruell's Avatar
      Lagruell -
      I guess they will have to do this one more time before finally realising there is no way this can be fun.
    1. Gruntex's Avatar
      Gruntex -

      enjoy alts guys
    1. Testerone's Avatar
      Testerone -
      If they did it at start with 30 attempts per account might be bit more interesting,but with top guilds being able to use extra alts to test accounter i can see that guild with most alts to test accounter would have best position to take WF on this boss.And thats not something i would like to see.
    1. Rayko's Avatar
      Rayko -
      I think its a bit many tries as you are going to kill it on the next reset(after using the first 30 tries of x week). Dont think that guilds like you guys or D.Paragon or similar lvl guilds
    1. Bess1641's Avatar
      Bess1641 -
      I think i try.....
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