• Patch 5.2 Raid Testing Videos

    Update #5: Ji-Kun, Durumu and Primordius (10 Normal) 5.2 PTR added

    Update #4: Best try of Twin Consorts and Megera (10 Normal) 5.2 PTR added

    Update #3: Tortos (10 Normal) 5.2 PTR added

    Update #2: Lei Shen and Jin'rokh the Breaker (10 Normal) 5.2 PTR added

    Update: Sparkuggz uploaded Horridon and Iron Qon (10 man Normal) videos from recent PTR testing sessions

    Sooner than expected raid testing for the upcoming Patch 5.2 has begun and we have uploaded the first video for you! The encounter is called Council of Elders and it was tested in 10 man normal mode.

    Stay tuned for more!

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