• World 1st Celebration; Win Epic Prizes

    Update: The winners are Rune Bjørkenes (Razer Megalodon 7.1) and John Høeg (Razer Naga Molten), congratulations! You will receive a message via FB/Twitter shortly.

    We would like to thank you guys for all the support and congratulations by giving away 1x Razer Megalodon 7.1 and 1x Razer Naga Molten (EU only). All you have to do to participate is complete these simple steps:

    Razer Megalodon 7.1 (EU only)
    1. Like us on Facebook
    2. Leave a comment below this photo

    Razer Naga Molten (EU only)
    1. Follow us on Twitter
    2. Retweet this tweet

    The give-away ends Wednesday (17.10.) 23:59 CET. Good luck everyone and stay tuned for more give-aways soon!
    Comments 23 Comments
    1. Kichirou's Avatar
      Kichirou -
    1. Alekslario's Avatar
      Alekslario -
      Well Done!
    1. Taigao's Avatar
      Taigao -
      Gratz for the World First Good Job and Sco i Love your Stream 8)
    1. xodanwanab's Avatar
      xodanwanab -
      amazing job guys :D!
    1. smitten's Avatar
      smitten -
      Huge Congratulations to Method and all the people who participated in the World First raid!
    1. Hinch's Avatar
      Hinch -
      Well done and congrats to everyone involved! Keep it up
    1. Vorkreist's Avatar
      Vorkreist -
      Big gratz for the World First! Looking forward to seeing you guy dominate this expansion.
    1. matti96's Avatar
      matti96 -
      i were in org when u got worlds first it was a relief that method got it........
    1. Peppolo92's Avatar
      Peppolo92 -
      Congratulation guys!!!
    1. Crasius's Avatar
      Crasius -
      Congratulation to the WORLD FIRST I hope you will get the WORLD FIRSTS of the other 2 raids! Gratz to everyone involved!! I'm looking forward to see your next epic WINS!
    1. nerkomac's Avatar
      nerkomac -
      well done!
    1. Araphis's Avatar
      Araphis -
      Gr8 job best guild EU!
    1. Catfish's Avatar
      Catfish -
      Great job and keep it up!
    1. equity's Avatar
      equity -
    1. Niko's Avatar
      Niko -
      Congratz to the world first i'm sure you will get the other raids to!
    1. Guzzi's Avatar
      Guzzi -
      gz, nice job!
    1. zombelas's Avatar
      zombelas -
      Congratulations, awesome!!!
    1. havenrl's Avatar
      havenrl -
      awesome job guys!!
    1. maddy's Avatar
      maddy -
      Gj guys! keep the good work up :)
    1. Herdan's Avatar
      Herdan -
      Very well done! Followed Sco's livestream during normals, hope to see more streams and i know there will be more World Firsts! GG!
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