• Q&A: LoL, HoN, DotA 2 - Which Do You Prefer And Why?!

    Title says it all, we have a lot of members in Method playing these games so let's see what they have to say about it and feel to post your own opinion in the comments!

    I'd rank them in the order of Hon/Dota2>LoL.

    LoL, while starting off based on the Dota genre, they made too many changes to make it "their own". Not being able to deny creeps and the whole rune system/summoner spells which takes away the 'join game > pick hero > play' element, is why this game didn't suit me.

    HoN, is the game that felt like a natural step forward coming from WC3:TFT Dota with a huge improvement in graphics and general gameplay. Not having to resort to 3rd party programs to be able to bind your inventory and also being able to reconnect properly if you dc. Staying true to the Dota genre.

    Dota 2, while I haven't played it a lot yet, it seems logical to give it a chance. With the guy who came up with the dota concept plus one of the (imo) best gaming companies out there behind it, it's bound to bring greatness.

    Hon > Dota2 > ANY GAME > Tetris > Suicide > LoL

    Hon is a great game, WC3 style, I like it.
    Dota2 is an even more WC3 style game, that requires a lot of skill to play it at the highest level. I find it to be boring to play after a while though, that might just be me.

    DotA2: I like the pace of the game, i like the items in the game and the heroes that it has as a difference from HoN, the ability to deny and dominate a game if you get a really good early game together with the utility items in dota2 really makes it the best game in my opinion.

    HoN: It was a good game to play due to graphics while dota was only available on TFT, so it was also alot easier to get balanced games due to the ranking system that got implemented in it. But with the heroes they are releasing which imo are getting worse and worse, will make me switch to DotA2 as soon as I can, as a "side game" to WoW obviously.

    LoL: Its a game with a whole different mechanics and items compared to HoN and DotA2, I have played it a bit, but I just dislike the not having the ability to deny creeps. I just personally dont like the scaling of items/spells etc in this game.

    I did 1 single game of Dota 2 and what a terribly crap game it is. I can understand why Blizzard wants the trademark to stay free. I woudln't want my mod to become such a pathetic game.

    Lol is by definition oriented toward competitive gaming and easy access. Things are easy but combinations are endless.

    All the other games are turned toward advanced graphics and so are all the games today to the detriment of real gameplay. I see Lol as the CS1.6 of MOBA. Rest looks more like the new FPS aka MW3 BF3. Fun to play? why not. Skill? Maybe. But definitely not a good gameplay. That's the very same reason why I didn't switch to another MMO yet. Nothing has ever came close to Wow gameplay... but still had much better graphics.


    dota is by far the most competitive one but lol has, like phlare said, its own, new style which makes it different and on higher rankings its more skill based than hon
    sadly lol is pretty shit at casual gaming level, sometimes it feels like all the noobs, kiddies and feeders are playing lol to fuck up others, while dota and hon are pretty fun whever u play on higher rankings or just casually on noob rankings, there are ( at least thats my impression ) less of this retarded ppl that fuck up games just for fun
    i played all 3 quite a long time, and still palying them from time to time depending on which ppl im playing with.

    I don't play either but I do watch the occasional tournament so I can only give my opinion as an outsider whos last moba game was the original dota.
    Anyhow I'd have to say I very much prefer dota2 from the looks of it, seems to have the nicest flow to the game.
    The metagame in general seems to be more skillbased than the others too, makes it quite interesting to watch.

    I prefer LoL, mainly due to what people would call "poor graphics", but I think it's easier to see what's going on and the spell effects aren't too extreme and therefore do not remove your focus entirely. The only think I dislike is the ELO system and the slow interface.

    Used to play LoL. It was ok in the start. I wanted to move in a more competitive level via ranked matches and play in high ELO. You can't do that with the average person that plays LoL, you simply can't. Sometimes when i go to net cafes here in Greece to play WoW, there are kids nearby playing LoL. They are fucking 12 years old and i've seen younger ones playing. Then i started thinking that I get to play with this kind of people when i queue and i asked myself; what is this joke

    Thank god there is a subscription for WoW.

    I consider Dota2 as the best of the 3. Was lucky to get into the beta and generally playing ~ 6 games per day at least. Its also the nicest one to see broadcasted(<3 Tobiwan) and the most balanced one.

    I played quite a bit of HoN in the past, but stopped after the game went for the F2P,Early Access new heroes style. The F2P model was uncontrolled, you can just make a new email and register a new account there. The game got filled with smurf accounts and poor play. The Early Access heroes are the epitome of Pay To Win.Its also the one I would not recommend to friends due to the harsh learning process. From a watching broadcasts PoV, I can tell you with 90% accuracy who wins from ~10 minutes in. Not so fun.And while I like his style not even Breaky can make a game like that seem interesting.

    LoL is the lay back and relax version of the genre. It seems to have caught quite a bit of people, but I for one can't stomach it due to its childish graphics and game mechanics. I turn off any broadcast in ~20 seconds. I guess I could recommend it for beginners/casual dota genre players but just play Dota 2 instead!

    N1 Hon: I like the feel from hon when i want to play seriously.
    N2 DotA2: Dota is my go to game when i just wanna relax and mess around with a group of friends and play casually.
    N3 LoL: Anyone still plays this with much better games out there?!? O_o

    Dota2 Simply, cos its the most skill based game.
    I cant say that LoL is a bad game, but LoL is very easy and i dont like it at all, LoL is a perfect game if you're palying PUBs a lot, but Dota is much better if u're playing with friends.
    And ye, HoN is just terribad lol.

    League of Legends is a fun game that you can play pretty good without investing too much time in it, whereas as Dota2 which needs alot of dedication to get very good.

    Learning to play a few numbers of champions and the basics game mechanics is enough to be able to carry through soloQ and start playing the real deal, if you have time for it.

    It is also very enjoyable to watch in streams, from various people, although I enjoy Tobiwan's casting and watching N'avi raping everyone :D. (Pudge Dendi FTW)
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      HoN, sadly i suck so hard.
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      ArtZ -
      Dota2 feels amazingly similar to Dota1 from WC3. I played a lot of Dota1 so starting Dota2 was very smooth transition alowing me to play at high MMR competitive games right of the bat. While going into LoL or HoN I'd have to learn the game from scratch pritty much.
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