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    Quote Ladan from Raiding Research: "In Part 1 of my interview with members from DREAM Paragon, I get into the Tier 13 race, class disadvantages, the reasons we say sorry, and the future raiding outlook. We also talk about orc muscles, going from human to troll, what a gym clown is, and the fact that Finland has many floors!

    Participants included: Arx, Daewyn, Devai, Kruf, Lappe, Tombolo. And a special offline appearance from Paragon GM Seita! Do enjoy. :)"

    Read more to watch part 2

    "In this, the second (and final) part of my interview with the guys from DREAM Paragon, we get into a few more tidbits of serious and important raiding discussion and lot more silliness!

    For example:

    * Guess who the achievement monkey of Paragon is.
    * Figure out why Arx should not quit his day job to start designing raid bosses.
    * Learn about the one time last week when Baltha (one of the two Paragon officers) actually did something.
    * And discover who has the true linguistic skills in the guild!..."

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    1. Sparkuggz's Avatar
      Sparkuggz -
      When an intro takes 4-6 minutes, you fall asleep before things even start. Not these again :<
    1. Artzie's Avatar
      Artzie -
      yeah 60 min interviews are so long :|
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