Hello everyone, this is a guide made from Method's shadowpriests for Dragon Soul raid, patch 4.3

Shadowpriest in the Dragon Soul bosses, is not the class that will be the key to beat an encounter, although it offers damage,utility,survivability.On most bosses, your raid will be wanting to have at least one shadow.

So let's look at each boss separately.


Your specc will be the standard one ( right here ) with the standard glyphs.
Your job is to maximize your damage output & soak the crystals. Make sure you move to soak the Resonating crystal after the Stomp is cast, the crystal will spawn before the stomp cast, but will always detonate after the stomp and you have enough time to move.
During the AoE phase, find a place where you can DPS the boss while not getting the damage from it, there are a few places that offer this opportunity pretty much on every AoE phase.

Tips: Use Devouring Plague while moving, to maximize your DPS (SW: Death below 25%).Use Shadowfiend on cooldown.

Warlord Zon'ozz:

In this encounter, we use shadowpriest to soak the Void of the Unmaking(orb), in a rotation together with fire mages. Therefore the specc and the glyphs i choose are the following:
right here

If you are not supposed to soak an orb alone, there is no need to put the Dispersion glyph, keep the SW:Pain one.
Also notice that i have specced into Silence.

During phase 1, your job is to soak the orb ( if told to ) else just stand with the raid and DPS the boss until the tentacle party phase comes
During the tentacle phase, dot and DPS down the Flail that is closest to you ( assuming that you are using set positions of 4-5 people each, DPSing the closest tentacles to them ) and then proceed on dotting the Eye tentacles + the Claw if you have one close to you.

This phase is where you will also use your Silence. You can cast it on an Eye tentacle and interrupt its casting, which will reduce a portion of the damage in your raid. It won't show the effect "Silenced" nor will you see a cast bar on the Eye tentacle. What is actually happening is that the Eye tentacles cast a beam towards the raid, and it's cast time is around 3 seconds. So basically when you see a beam coming out of the Eye tentacle, wait for 1-2 seconds then use silence on it.

After the tentacle phase, repeat what you did during phase 1, according to the strategy you are using.

Tips: Use Dev Plague while moving and remember to replace glyph of Dispersion with glyph of SW:Pain after the fight is over ( -_-"). Use shadowfiend on cooldown

Yor'sahj the Unsleeping:

Suggested specc: right here
In this encounter, shadowpriest offers good utility with mana hymn + divine hymn, also being able to offer good AoE damage output when there are adds.
Your job in this encounter is to DPS the boss until blobes appear. According to the strategy your guild is using, you will have to switch as fast as possible on the blobe that you want dead.
Switch to the boss when it dies and continue your rotation until the next blobes appear. AoE with Mind sear whenever there are adds around.

Tips: Use your Mana hymn when the first mana void appears to help your healers, do NOT use your healing hymn/shield when the Purple blobe effect is active ( the one with healing debuffs ). Remember to prioritize mana void when it is there, AoE the adds but at every case, DPSing a blobe down before it reaches the boss is your #1 priority. Use Shadowfiend on cooldown

Hagara the Stormbinder:

Suggested specc: right here

This is probably the easiest boss on the whole instance. As a shadowpriest you offer a lot of DPS and utility in this fight.

During the Frost transition phase ( the one with the 4 crystals that have to be DPS'd down ) you should dot up the 2 Binding Crystals that are closest to you, and then proceed on Mind Flaying/Mind Blasting one of them, the one that most people DPS. Watch out for the Ice Wall, it oneshots you if you dont have any cooldown up. Move around in the outter circle and DPS the crystals until they are all dead.

During the Lightning transition phase ( the one that you have to charge 4 crystals by chaining the lightning ) if you are not assigned to a specific spot to chain the lightning between two crystals, the best thing to do is exit shadowform and start mending/renewing/flash healing and divine hymning. It will help your healers a lot. After all crystals are charged up, DPS the boss.

Tips: You can use dispersion and move towards an Ice wall during the frost transition phase so that you can stay close to the same crystal and continue to DPS it ( the ice wall would force you to move away of the crystal, but you override it with dispersion ). Place your Ice Tomb when you have the debuff ( arrow above your head ) close to the boss so that all the tombs can get AoE'd fast ( assuming everyone places their tomb close to the boss, depends on strategy that your guild uses ). Try to use shadowfiend after transitions and go Mind Spike/Mind Blast rotation.


Suggested specc: right here

This is a stand and DPS fight, where you will have to maximize your DPS to beat the enrage timer. Shadow in this fight is somewhat good, but not better than rogues and mages. It depends on your guild roster on if and how many shadow priests you will be using.

There is not much to be said about this fight, you make sure you maximize your DPS and not fail on Fading Lights + Hour of Twilight

If you are assigned to stay in the twilight realm during an Hour of twilight with dispersion, make sure to use it fast since the cast of Hour of Twilight is 3seconds. If you are not, make sure to use "Heroic Will", the extra action button 1 before the cast is finished.

If you get the Fading Light debuff ( duration varies, from 9 seconds to 2-3 seconds ) make sure to use it at 1 second so that you can maximize your DPS as well. If you fail on using the Heroic Will button, you will die from this ability when the debuff timer reaches 0, there is no escape.

Tips: Dont worry about having to stop casting when you want to use your "Heroic Will" button. When you press it, you automatically stop casting and exit the Twilight Ream. The "Heroic Will" also is not affected by the global cooldown on your abilities. Use shadowfiend on cooldown

Warmaster Blackhorn:

Suggested specc: right here

Your job here as a shadowpriest is to maximize your DPS by multidotting, and soak the "traps"

The priority on what you will have to DPS in phase 1 is: Twilight Sapper > Twilight Assault Drake > Twilight Elite Dreadblade > Twilight Elite Slayer.
At phase 2, multidot both Goriona and Warmaster Blackhorn, and Mind Flay/Mind Blast Goriona until she reaches 20%

During phase 1, depending on the strategy you are using, you will have to soak small & big traps. On every big "trap" every member of the raid has to soak, so be swift and move in it. When soaking small traps, you will get a debuff that lasts 5 seconds ( called Twilight Barrage ) and if you soak another "small" trap while you have it, the chances are that you will probably die, so track the debuff, and do not soak while you have it.

When you have killed 3 waves of Twilight Assault Drakes phase 2 will come.

As mentioned above, DPS Goriona until she is at 20% and then switch to Warmaster Blackhorn, the fight is really easy after this.

Tips: You can dot up the Twilight Assault Drakes at phase one while they are dropping their add ( Slayer + Dreadblade ). For targetting them fast make a macro /target Twilight Assault Drake
At phase 2, find a position in which you are somewhat close to the boss but you are not getting interrupted by his Disrupting Roar, so you can dodge the Shockwave easy. Use shadowfiend on cooldown, on Twilight Assault Drakes

Spine of Deathwing:

Suggested specc: right here

In this fight, shadowpriest is an "ok" class to use. Offers good burst DPS on the tendon ( below mages + rogues though ) and offers mana hymns/divine hymn, Leap of Faith

The best gear setup for this fight is that you have 4p t13 set bonus, and you reforge the stats in your gear using the following order : Mastery > crit > haste, and obviously you are hitcapped (17%)

When a Burning Tendon is exposed, assuming you have the above gear setup, use shadowfiend on the tendon and start Mind Spiking + Mind Blast, using SW:Death below 25%. This gives you the optimal burst and the max damage output on the Tendon. Trinkets activated on use are amazing for this fight.

Other than DPSing the tendon, during the fight make sure to be gripped when barrel rolls happen so that you don't get thrown off, and if your strategy involves interrupting Corruption Tentacle grips do it with Mind Spike. We used mages for this job though.

Tips: Buy the + intellect on-use trinket from Valor Points Bottled Wishes (1650VP cost). It's exceptional for this fight. Save your Archangel for the Burning Tendon opening, and try to mind flay as much as possible between each tendon, in order to get your shadowfiend back up and ready for the next open.

Madness of Deathwing:

Suggested Specc: right here

This is the fight where shadowpriest shines, providing really good DPS and utility (hymns)

Your DPS priority in phase 1 (any platform, before the boss is stunned and is at 20%) is :

1) Always nuke the Corrupting Parasite when it appears
2)Always nuke the Elementium Bolt when it appears(bolt and parasite aren't up the same time)
3)Mutated Corruption > Blistering Tentacles > Regenerative Bloods when AoE is announced.
4)If all the above are dead, go on the Arm Tentacle

If you have a parasite on you, make sure to place it on the melee/Nozdormu's zone, depends on your strategy.
Also spread as much as possible to minimize the damage from the Corruption Tentacle.

There isn't much to say for phase 1, its pretty much a repeat on every platform, it's just that you lose buffs after you destroy the arm tentacle in each platform.
Multidot Arm tentacle and Corruption tentacle, and follow the DPS order mentioned above.
Remember though, stop multidotting when the Arm tentacle is at ~83% while Mutated corruption tentacle is up(the one casting impales) or else, the Blistering Tentacles( the 6 small ones in the Arm tentacle) will spawn, which will lead to AoE in the raid and if this happens it will stress out your healers a lot, and will probably be a wipe

Phase 2:

After you kill 4 arm tentacles in Nozdormu/Kalecgos/Alextrasza/Ysera platforms, the boss is stunned and you jump to Ysera's platform to finish him off.

During phase 2, the dps priority that you are going to follow is: Congealing Blood > Elementium Fragment/Elementium Terror > Boss

During the last % ( boss dies at 2%, so 4-5%, you will ignore any adds that Deathwing will spawn, but still DPS Congealing Blood fast with Mind sear )

Remember to use your Ysera buff when you are targetted with Shrapnel.

Tips: Mind Spike dps is better on Elementium bolt. Also, if you have your fiend ready, and 4p t13 set bonus on Corrupting Parasite, Mind Spike dps is better than dots on it. Multi-dot the Blistering tentacles at phase 1 with VT/SW:Pain, unless you are told to focus in 1 specifically in which case you go Mind Spike if you have Archangel ready, or dots otherwise. When you lose the Nozdormu buff, the Elementium Bolt is landing instantly and does a lot of damage. Your raid will be standing away of it using raid CDs. As a shadowpriest you can use Dispersion and stand anywhere, only losing really few HP. Make sure to cancel it though and still DPS the bolt. Use shadowfiend on cooldown, or try to time its use on the Corrupting Parasite(and go Mind spike/Mind blast) or on Elementium bolt(the same)

Thanks for reading, hope it helped you, good luck on the bosses !

Method's shadowpriests.