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Thread: Sparkuggz UI

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    Default Sparkuggz UI [5.2 UPDATED]

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    who gives a fuck lol; stop whoring

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    My ui is build to whore mancy, u jelly?!

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    I lb bloods when meteor is up. Problem?

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    you dps ultraxion when fading light is at 0.5sec so, not surprised ^

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    Nice UI i just downloaded it but it didnt come out as yours in the picture which is a shame haha im also at the same resolution as you but i feel like ill have to
    work so much to get my ui like yours otherwise a hood one hopefully i can get it to look like yours not very good at Ui's so wish me luck

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    so ive downloaded it and did everything you said in the read me file and nothing has happend maybe if i repair wow incase i did something wrong and then tried it again it might work because i cant copy files into the game for ur settings

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