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    Smile Xerofour

    Hello Xero. I did discovered your stream tonight and I just fell in love with your ui. So can you be a kind soul and upload it to a fellow wow gamer that would love to get a awesome-looking ui that is working good in raids. I have seen other post here on the forum that you dont really wanted to upload your ui, but there is so many people out there wanting it and I know that it can be alot of trouble/time-consuming if you need to upload it, but I would really appreciate it as alot of other gamers out there :)

    Sorry if my english grammar isnīt the best, but I hope that you understand

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    I've had a lot of requests, I may make it available soon but not right now. Keep checking back!


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    Okey, thanks for the fast replay, And I will check back both on livestream and on this forum. Good luck with the future raiding and in real life :)
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    Hi again xero. Has been a while since my post. And Im just wondering when the UI is coming out? Have tried to copy so many of you addon settings like the shadow unit frames, power auras etc. And I just cant get it to look as good as yours. So would appreciate if you could upload it soon :)

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    Really want that awesome looking ui :)

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