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Thread: Imsupersdw UI

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    Default Imsupersdw UI

    Hey, i just wonder if Imsupersdw could upload his UI? It looks awesome! ;D (If he still has the one he had on Sinestra movie! :) )

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    Hey, sorry for the late response.
    I still play with pretty much the same UI yes, a couple of changes here and there, but nothing major.
    As soon as im done with some stuff that i have planned for the next couple of days ill be able to upload my UI.


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    Still going to upload UI? =) Was a while ago u said just a few days, so just wanted an update ;) Cheers

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    While you wait for super to check back on forums, please check out this - now somewhat classical - official Imsupersdw "Dps-through-the-roof" tune.

    PS. There are rumors that for our moonkin trials to pass they must join Imsupersdw in song to this video. DS

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    @Phlare np I am the best singer world #1

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    /push it high so high that Superdw can read it!!

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    could you please upload ur epic ui supersdw? like it just that much and can't find any other ui that i would like to play with! so please :_)

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    Yes please, that interface is amazing.

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