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    Default Dear : Method administrator

    Hello! guys.
    My name is LooKa, working as a Game reporter from 'Inven', On-line game-media in Korea - Asia.

    Also I'm currently managing a Korean World of Warcraft official fansite named 'WoW Inven',
    The most biggest WoW fansite in Korea. (About 300,000 visitors per day)

    So.. this is my first greeting to Method, but respecfully I would ask for an interview to Method guild.
    Korean gamers have long been interested in Method and are eager to know more about u guys. :)

    (We interviewed 'Paragon' last July, And this time we would like to have a simple talk with Method
    about the 'World Of Warcraft' 4.3 patch.

    If you accept our interview, I promise to get the link back to u guys when the ariticle of 'Method' is posted.
    (when u tell me ur E-mail address, I will send u specific Q/A list)

    I sincerely wish we make this interview and it will be a great chance to introduce 'Method'
    to hundred thousands of gamers in Asia.

    After reviewing our website, reply me please.
    Have a nice day, :) >>> My e-mail address.

    ( = Our official WoW Fansite
    ( = Main website

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    Hello Looka, I have sent you an email to

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