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Thread: Infeh's ui

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    Worked awesome on my PC, tried putting it on my laptop.. looks awesome just the font has scaled down and makes it pretty hard to read. anyway i can increase the size of the text on everything?

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    Great ui thx alot have 1 little question

    the 2 buttons between ur unitframe and ur targets frame looks like its some kind of cd show or uptime show of ur trinkets. how this works?

    Edit: got it myseld :)
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    I downloaded your UI for the Vengeance tracker Infeh. I have it installed on my client, however it's not showing up for some reason :( Does anything need to be enabled in game for it to work? :) Thanks

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    Woops, the one I had in the ui pack above was only for DKs, this one I just removed the whole show/hide part so it works for everyone without issues.
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    The addon shows up, and changing size etc in the .lue file works. But the value remains "0" no matter how much vengeance you have! (Human warrior)

    Thanks for a great addon, and a great UI overall!

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    Guess that's what happens when you do things rushed, forgot to re-reg the event duh, same link as before.

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    Ace thanks Infeh :D Will give that a go tomorrow sometime!

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    Hey Infeh:)
    any chance that you could reuppload your UI for 5.1 considering that the patch broke quite a few things (primarily the tidyplates/threatplates:( )

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    Hi Infeh, thanks for the UI, I have a question regarding font- is the current UI supposed to be in Morpheus by default? And how do I change the font of tooltips etc?


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    No worries, didn't realise it was tiptac before, problem solved!
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