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Thread: Having problem with your Livestream

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    Default Having problem with your Livestream

    Didn't know where to put this but im trying to watch a stream on on Justwait's livestream and they are using Xsplit livestream.

    When I first enter the site I need to install a uppdated version of what I have and I do that.

    When I have done that I rebottet my internet explorer and re-entered the website and I end up in green / grey like really bad connection on a Television so it's really impossible to see and sometimes it disappears in 1 second and then it's back any suggestions what I can do about this ?

    This is how it looks exactly


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    It's most likely a codec issue from your side. When I start a stream I have this as well but it lasts 3-4s only.

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    Wierd for me it's keep going and going all the time

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