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    Default Dream Interface

    I'll start with apologizing for the delay on relasing this UI:
    unlike most of the UI out there this has been built by me from zero with a long and meticulous work that is currently still in progress (and always will be) so i didn't want to just post bunch of files without explanation but I'd rather present you the addons i'm using and why i'm using them. I hope you will enjoy using my interface and hope it will help you improve your gameplay.

    quoted parts
    are copy pasted from the addon website, while the normal text is my short comment on why i use that addon (it means you can skip the quoted parts for a faster read ;p)

    A : SexyMap

    SexyMap is a minimap awesomification mod, supporting:

    • Minimap moving, and movement of things like the quest tracker and durability frame.
    • Customization of zone text
    • Hiding of all buttons attached to the minimap (can be set to be always hidden, or to show on minimap hover)
    • Sexy minimap border options, extremely configurable, with several slammin' presets.
    • Ping notification
    • Mousewheel minimap zoom, and auto zoom-out.
    • A HUD overlay for resource gathering, target tracking, and more.
    Despite the very nice appereance Sexymap is a lightweight addon, 300kb, that allows you full customization of your minimap. It has some very cool premade themes, it allows you to mousewheel zoom, it shows and hides whatever button you want. I use it in "Blue Square" preset but i also like Burning Sun preset.

    B & C : Classtimer

    player bars on left, target in middle, focus on right, all can be moved
    To track CC Effects you must set the CCed mob as your focus if its not your target.
    Only icons and time can be shown if you don't want bars.
    The text can be customised in the options by using, "%s for spell name", "%a for applications", "%u for unit name eg target or player", "%n for mob name"
    This mod is set up with AceLocale so anyone who wants to add other locals feel free :)
    If you want other textures for the bars, get the AddOn SharedMedia.
    This is an essential Combat Addon that i use to track my own DoTs and Debuffs on target and procs and powerups on myself. Till a recent format i was using a modified version, fixed for me by Justwait ,to show even "external" buffs such as Heroism, Power Infusion, Tricks and Innervates. I use a custom texture called "bumps" for it. The addon is very lightweight, only 290kb.

    D : Bison

    Customizing your buff display.

    • free position of all buff buttons
    • support up to 40 buff buttons (the max size can be changed)
    • individual selection of rows and cols for all buff bars
    • individual selection of scale for all buff bars
    • added ButtonFacade support
    • added a first version of prog bar (spell id's can be shown on buff bar)
    • workaround for CancelUnitBuff
    Bison is a simple buff addon that lets you customize buffs' and debuffs' timers, size and position. It's also compatible with ButtonFacade so it has a very nice graphical impact on my ui. It occupies 253 kb.

    E : AZCastBar

    A highly customizable and lightweight casting bar replacement addon, with support for saved profiles and plugins.
    The main release comes with the following plugins:

    • Casting Bars (player, target, focus, pet)
    • Mirror Bars (breath, feign death and fatigue)
    The player cast bar supports safe zone indication for both cast and channeled spells. This "zone" represents your latency, when the spellcast has passed this point, you can safely cancel the cast and the spell will still fire.
    The option dialog, along with the saved profiles are Load on Demand, which means it will only be loaded and take up memory when you're setting up the plugins.
    The slash command for AzCastBar is "/acb". Using it will open the the option dialog. You can clear all plugin settings and reset them to their defaults by using the slash command "/acb wipeconfig". This does not affect the saved profiles.
    I used to have Quartz as my castbard addon, but it was very heavy and i love to have a lightweight interface, so Gatina suggested me this addon, highy customizable, very good for PVP aswell (you can put big focus cast bar wherever you want), and also comes with a customizable texture so very good looking. 87kb

    F : Parrot

    Floating Combat Text of awesomeness.
    Displays Events from the combatlog (damage, healing, ...) as moving text and numbers across the Screen. It also supports various other Events (Loot, Cooldowns, ...). Further Parrot offers a Trigger-system to display Text and play sounds on certain predefined events (e.g. Nightfall for Warlocks).
    Ok, in one month or so you could come back to this thread and find out i'm not using parrot anymore.Although it's nice and highly customizable , it's not very lightweight therefore i may siwtch to MSBT if i can be harsed reconfiguring it ex nuovo. Also Parrot has too much delay on outcoming damage and this is absolutely not good as fire mage as you need to track ignites and crits immediately. So far i setted my parrot to have different scoll areas:

    Incoming Heals (with also the name of the healer, because i like to know who is the faster healing me when i'm low on hit points and who overheals me just after)

    Incoming Mana, to track potions, innervates ticks, mana hymns and mage mana restore abilities.

    Outcoming direct Damage (with criticals stickied)

    Outcoming Damage on Time Ticks

    G : GoodDamageFont

    Lets you customize game damage font, very cool looking.
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    A : Auctionator

    Auctionator makes the auction house easier to use, by presenting auction house listings clearly and succinctly, and by eliminating the tedium involved in posting and managing auctions. Auctionator is designed for casual everyday auction house users.
    To find out more about Auctionator head over to or, better yet, just download it and try it out!
    If you're already a user and have a question, you might find the answer in the Auctionator FAQ.
    And if you use the built-in Equipment Manager, check out my other addon, EquipSee
    Auctionator is possibly the best AH addon i've ever used. When i search for something to buy i just type the name and as you can see i have instantly a very clear page listing the item starting with the cheapest. Unlike the stupid default system it shows not the "absolute" cheaper but the cheaper/per item prices first.
    Auctionator is also very useful to place auctions .It will automatically place multiple stacks of the same items and automatically calculate the price so that your auction will be the cheapest. You can set how much u want to undercut, i chose the minimum, 1%.
    Auctionator also remembers item prices and shows them on tooltip. Finally it shows "disenchant" value for desenchantable items so you can easily know if it's worth selling an item to vendor or DE it.
    This addon also has more very interesting features that i let you find by yourself.
    Only cons is that this addon is pretty heavy, my workaround for this is to use it only on my bank car and keep it disabled on my main for less resources consumption.

    B : Bagnon

    Bagnon is an addon that merges all of your bags into three frames: One for your inventory, one for your bank, and one for your keyring. Beyond the basic all-in-one inventory functionality, Bagnon also provides the following features:

    • Items can be colored based on quality
    • Quest items can be highlighted
    • Text searching (see syntax below)
    • Offline viewing of inventory information from your other characters (via Bagnon_Forever)
    • Databroker plugin support. Both the inventory and bank frames allow you to display a databroker plugin in the bottom left corner. I find this works well with things like Currency Tracker
    Included Addons

    • Bagnon – Provides single window displays for your inventory, bank, and keyring
    • Bagnon_Config – Provides a means of configuring said frames :P
    • Bagnon_Forever – Enables the ability to view your character’s bank, or items from any other character on the same server, from anywhere. (You need to log onto each character at least once for this to work).
    • Bagnon_Tooltips – When hovering over an item, this tells you who has an item, and where.
    Bagnon is very usefull and visually nice, i use it because i like to have one big bag instead of many small, also it has very useful functions ,such as a search option which allows you to find quickly the item you're looking for in your bag. Also, as you can see from the tooltip it immediately tells you how many of an item you have in your bag, bank and your alts bags on the same account as well!
    On the lower part you can show any of the plugins you have installed, as you can see i'm showing "broker_Cpu" there

    C : Blizzmove

    Simple addon that makes the Blizzard windows movable.
    To move a window just click title of the window and drag it to where you want it.
    You can also use control+scroll wheel over the title of a window to adjust the scale. The positions and scale will be saved only for the full screen windows such as the achievement window.
    Description says it all, make everything draggable movable and resizable: what else??

    D : BasiChatMods

    Type /bcm to configure BasicChatMods, a simplistic, completely modular approach to chat customization.

    By default BCM will allow you to drag your chat frames to the very edge of the screen, it will also allow you to resize your chat frames to any size you wish. The remaining customization is done in BCM's modules which can be enabled or disabled at will.

    Starting since version 6, BCM now has a customizable UI. Due to the way v6 is approached, disabled modules use no memory, allowing extra modules to be created for BCM in the future at no cost to resources. A few of the current modules include:

    • Button Hiding
    • Channel Name Customization
    • Chat Copy
    • Font Customization
    • Chat Frame Justification
    • Sticky Customization
    • Tell Target
    • Timestamp Customization
    • URL Copy

    If you really hate the idea of BCM having a config, or ~15KB is important to you, or you simply want it to be like version 5 and below, the good news is that since the config is it's own module, you can prevent it from loading with the following command: /script bcmDB.noconfig = true

    Class Colors: Are already provided by Blizzard, right-click chat frame tab > Settings > Tick Boxes
    Combat Log Timestamps: Are already provided by Blizzard, right-click combat log tab > Settings > Formatting > Show Timestamp. Repeat this for every combat log, e.g. "Self", "Everything", "What happened to me?", "Kills".
    A very nice alternative to Chatter, Prat and other famous Chat addons. This one basically does everthing a chat mod needs to do: let's you copy and paste, copy link, put timestamps, class colored names and compared to the other addons i mentioned it consumes a ridiculous amount of memory.
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    A : Tiptac

    TipTac is a tooltip enchancement addon, it allows you to configure various aspects of the tooltip, such as moving where it's shown, the font, the scale of tips, plus a lot more.
    To open the option dialog, just use "/tip" without any parameters. Use "/tip anchor" to show the anchor frame and position it as you want.
    You can always get the latest release of this addon on Please post your comments, questions and suggestions for this addon there.
    Great Tooltip addon that you can anchor wherever you want (i keep it anchored to my mouse). You can filter the information you need, for instance i configured mine to show on mouseover my debuffs on targets and who is assisting me.
    Not extremly lightweight unfortunately.

    B : Omen

    Omen is a threat meter.
    Basically, enemies in WoW decide who to attack by deciding who is the most threatening based on the abilities you use. What Omen does is provide accurate values of your group's relative threat level on individual enemies, so that you can see when you're in danger of pulling aggro (or, if you're next on the snack list if your tank bites it). This info is usually only critical in raids, where only tanks can survive aggro, but it's useful for any multi-player situation.
    Don't think i need to tell you much about this addon. Also i'm planning to replace it with a more minimal addon for less resources usage (Omen is pretty big and heavy)

    C : Utopia

    aka: ZOMGDebuffs) With today's high-end boss fights so tuned for absolutely maximum performance, it's important to know exactly what you're getting from your raiders. Do you have all buffs and debuffs available? Are the all improved? Are they active during the fight? Need to see that they were kept up during the fight?
    WoW 3.0 introduced a whole new stacking system for buffs and debuffs. Add to that the myriad of hidden auras that are implied by talents, but don't appear on the tooltips. It's near impossible to look through that ever moving mess of debuffs on a target. It's just too much too look at. Nor should you have to.
    So, here's Utopia. It will give you a very concise and clear view of your buffs and debuffs (see the buff display pictured below). With a fixed number of icons, which don't move or change. They'll simply be highlighted in red if missing; otherwise faded if unavailable, bright if present, yellow if present but unimproved, and so on.
    Clarity is the key, and how fast you can answer yourself any questions mid-fight. I play a rogue, and because our warriors slack (they like to pretend to dps and moan about Sundering), we can very quickly see whether Sunder Armor is applied and, if it's absent, throw Expose Armor into our cycle. The icon is always in the same place, and always means the same thing.
    I find this addon a must have for serious raiders, u always need to know if you have all the buff you need and if your target is properlly debuffed. Cataclysm version tho, is not satisfying me, it has too much delay on showing some debuffs and it's not very lightweight + it has some minor bugs.
    I splitted this addon in three different bars : one for my dps raid buffs such as motw, int, totems, etc , one for my own damage buffs, such as molten armor(as fire), well fed and flask and one for mob debuffs such as crit chance taken and spell damage.
    Uptime function is very usefull to check where you can improve raid performance in temrs of buffs/debuffs uptime:

    D : Grid

    Grid is a party/raid unit frame addon. The compact grid of units lets you select a group member quickly, while retaining a good overview of the whole group. Its aim is to display as much information as possible without overloading the user. It allows you to customize what information you see, and how that information is displayed.
    Type "/grid" to open the configuration UI, or right-click the minimap button or DataBroker launcher.
    By default, Grid includes status modules for health, mana, incoming heals, aggro/threat, buffs and debuffs, range, and ready checks. Statuses can be displayed on any of two center texts, a center icon, the frame border, the frame color, the frame opacity, and a colored square in each of the four corners. More statuses, indicators, and features can be added by installing any of the many third-party plugins available.
    Due to its flexible design, Grid has a fairly daunting configuration menu. We recommend taking a few minutes to look through the configuration and familiarize yourself with the options available to you. There is also a small User's Guide which you may find helpful, and a forum thread for discussion.
    It took me some time to find my optimal Grid setup and i'm still not totally happy with it so it may vary a bit in the near future. I'm using custom texture form SharedMedia [textures not made by me, so credit for the nice work to the creators] and that you will find in the package. I suggest you to try more bar textures till you find the one you like more.

    E : Skada

    Skada is a modular damage meter with various viewing modes. It is inspired mainly by Assessment, but also by Recount.
    Skada sports segmented fights and detailed views, while being highly efficient with memory. This is accomplished by aggregating data on fight segments.
    Skada is entirely modular; the modes listed below are all separate addons. Only the modes you load adds to the memory and CPU cycles used.
    I must tell you i never liked skada as much as i like Recount, but despite the fact i'm playing with some of the best hardware available now, Recount just kills my fps and drains too many resources, especially on some fights. If you're aiming for pure performance just don't use any damage meters, if like me, you want to see how much damage you're doing and browse interesting info about a fight then go for skada till a decent relase of Recount is out.

    F : Ora3 + SimpleTankFrames

    oRA3 features the following:
    • Durability, Resistance and Zone. Available for everyone, and automatically filled, no need to run manual checks.
    • Cooldown monitor for just about every spell with a longer cooldown.
    • Invites based on guild rank, zone, keyword, and guildonly keyword
    • Blizzard Maintank based maintank lists with custom sorting
    • Promoting to raid assistant based on guild rank, a list of names or just everyone
    • Intelligent readycheck window that will display a divider bar between groups 2 and 3 or 5 and 6 based on raid target settings
    • Loot settings based on party or raid
    • Works in party for readychecks, checks and cooldowns
    Must have for every raidleader or for everyone that wanna check out better the raid he's in: very handy functions such as mass invite, raid disband, promote and interesting checks to see ppl durability, latency and potions in bag.
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    A : BuyEmAll

    For instance, if you want to buy 80 pieces of Silk Thread, you currently have to shift-click the thread, enter 20, hit Okay, shift-click the thread, enter 20, hit Okay, shift-click the thread, enter 20, hit Okay, shift-click the thread, enter 20, and hit Okay.
    With BuyEmAll, you shift-click the thread, enter 80, hit Okay, and confirm that you want to buy more than a stack if the confirm is turned on. While you can disable the confirmation, I wouldn't recommend it unless you're careful with your purchases.
    To toggle the purchase confirmation box use the slash command: /buyemall confirm
    Know how much you will be spending
    Note: As of now, the money calculation only works with gold. I'm working on support for other currencies.
    Below the box where you enter the amount is a money display. This updates as you change the amount you are going to buy, showing you exactly how much your purchase will cost.
    Quickly fill stacks or buy as much as you can
    The BuyEmAll window has Stack and Max buttons which allow you to enter a full stack or as much as you can afford/fit. Hovering over the buttons shows a tooltip with the number of items you will be buying and how much it will cost. See Notes for information on the maximum you can buy.
    If you already have some of an item, the first click of the Stack button will enter the amount you need to fill that stack. Subsequent clicks will add full stacks to your purchase. Also, right clicks will decrease the amount by one full stack.
    Simple and very lightweight addon to buy more stacks at the same time, saves a lot of clicks and time

    B & C : Pitbull

    PitBull4 is a continuation of PitBull.
    Differences from PitBull 3:

    • It's mostly done, but not entirely done thus why there are still only betas (despite this it is still very stable).
    • Documentation is written before functions
    • Much easier for third-party extensions.
    • Options will be much, much simpler. In 3.0, there's about 200 panels that you can mess with, it's overwhelming. I want to bring this down to somewhere around 10.
      • Layouts are defined deterministically and unit groups use the layout rather than ad-hoc layouts on a per-unit basis. This will make setting up your unit frames far, far easier.
      • Due to some decisions made, 4.0 is actually more configurable than 3.0. As a layout designer, you will have a lot more control over how things look. You can have different fonts on the same frame, different textures, more precise positioning, and a whole slough of other things.
    • CPU Efficiency will be taken much more seriously.
    • It uses Ace3 instead of Rock.
    Pitbull is my default unit frames for target, self, focus and target of target, not much to say about it except the fact it features a bit too many modules and it's not exactly lightweight, ergo i might change it soon. The disadvantage to use less popular lightweight addons is that they don't get the same support the "monsters" like pitbull and xperl get, so u will hardly get a functional version of an unknown unit frames addon during ptr raids and beta.

    D : DoomCooldownPulse

    Ever wanted to know when a certain ability will come off cooldown, but you're too caught up in a fight to notice? Doom_CooldownPulse is designed to fix that problem! It flashes the icon of the ability in the middle of your screen whenever it becomes usable again.Great! Now.. how do I set it up?

    Doom_CooldownPulse requires no initial setup; just install and you're good to go! However, the options frame (which is accessable by typing /dcp) allows very easy customization. You can change all of the following:
    • Icon size
    • Icon position (press the unlock button)
    • Fade in time
    • Fade out time
    • Max opacity (transparency)
    • Max opacity hold time
    • Animation scaling (how big/small it gets when it flashes)
    • Cooldowns to ignore
    • Overlay color for pet cooldown pulses
    It is intended to be very easy to customize, and your changes take effect immediately. You can see how your settings will look by pressing the "Test" button, or reset them to the default settings by pressing the "Defaults" button.
    One of my favourite cooldowns addon, flashes the abilitiy where you want, the way you want, the size you want. Nice to see and useful.

    E : CooldownCount

    This addon displays a large yellow number (and text for numbers > 60 seconds) on spell icons for action bars, bags, character sheet, and quest icons in the tracker. Font can be modified, and the cut-off for how long a cooldown needs to be in order to display on the button can also be changed. The number begins flashing when time remaining is less than 10 seconds.
    This is an update for 3.3.5/4.0.1 compatibility since 4.0's new API nuked some of the code here. The original addon was created by hshh and the compatibility has been fixed by TheCheat5 and Kiki.
    Shows countdown for abilities cooldowns on my bars and also flashes the spell icon in the bar once it's ready to be used again.
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    A : Broker_Cpu

    A lightweight Data Broker plugin to visualize AddOn CPU/Memory usage, Framerate and Latency

    • New Now uses a dropdown menu by Blizzard instead of dewdrop
    • New For 2011, I'm revisiting the addon to correct known problems, improve the code and make use of resources to a bare minimum
    • Automatic tooltip actualisation w/ configurable thresholds
    • Can use a simple GameTooltip or advanced LibQTip
    • No required librairies, they are just enhancements
    • Can force to not use a library if it's detected but not needed
    • Developed in order to use the bare minimum of cpu and memory
    • Improved reading of data, you find a look addons assets and bad boys
    • Garbage collect, detachable tooltip and more...
      Optionally you can:
    • Install LibQTip for cpudiff, memorydiff, icons columns & a cleaner tooltip
    • Install LibDBIcon for a minimap icon
    • The mod also supports AddonLoader
    Keeps track of fps, latency and memory usage, also there is a garbage collect option.

    B : GoGoMount

    One-key mounting solution, useful whether you have just one mount or several.
    Supports all mounts currently in game, sensibly chooses/randomizes between what you have.
    Bind a key and hit it to mount/unmount or shapeshift/deshift, or use '/click GoGoButton' in a macro.
    Fancy addon that with one single keybind it uses the appropriate mount depending on where you are (flying, sea, ground) .Also it cycles among all your mounts ,using a different one everytime you mount up, plus you can customize your favourite mounts.

    C : TTell

    TTell adds a slash command and key binding for whispering your current target as well as a slash command for whispering the last person you whispered.
    Available slash commands

    /tt <message>: Whisper <message> to your current target.
    /wt <message>: Whisper <message> to your current target.
    /rt <message>: Whisper <message> to the person you whispered last.
    /rtt <message>: Whisper <message> to the person you whispered last.
    Useful for macro functions.

    E : Dominos & Button Facade

    Dominos is an action bar addon intended to do the following:

    • Reuse as much standard blizzard action button code as possible.
    • Contain a relatively minimal feature set
    • Be easy to use
    • Be stable
    It includes the following features:

    • 10 action bars, pet, class, menu, and bag bars. Each one has customizable settings for padding, spacing, columns, scale, and opacity.
    • Customizable paging. You can switch pages on: action bar pages, modifier keys, forms, and targeting.
    • Customizable show states. You can tell your bar under which macro options to show.
    • Fading bars. You can set your bars to fade out to a certain opacity when not moused over.
    • The ability to customize showing empty buttons or not
    • Full button facade support
    • Keybound support
    • Sticky frames
    • The ability to move buttons in combat
    • A movable casting bar (optional)
    • A movable roll frame (optional)
    • A movable xp/reputation bar (optional)
    • Configurable right click targeting
    • Configurable self cast key settings
    • Possess bar support
    ...and will probably not end up with the following:

    • A stats bar
    • A minimap bar
    • True variable length bars
    Here’s how you use it:

    • To see the current list of slash commands, type /dom ? or /dominos ?
    • To open up the options menu, either go into interface options, or type /dom
    • To move bars around, either go into the options menu and press the “Enter Config Mode” button, or type /dom lock
    • To bind keys, enter binding mode via /kb or /keybound, or press the “Enter Binding Mode” button in the options menu.
    You can use the following to add extra functionality:

    • tullaRange – Colors action buttons red when out of range
    • OmniCC – Adds cooldown count text
    • ButtonFacade – Allows you to change the look of the action, pet, and class buttons
    • Inline Aura – Adds buff and debuff highlighting to action buttons
    Dominos is my bar addon and it does everything i need from a bar addon. I use button facade plugin to make it even more good looking (works on every button / icon)
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    Other Addons:

    Acheron:one of my favourites!! after you or somebody in your raid died just type /acheron show and you will be able to have a VERY CLEAR view of what happened to him, if he got heals, what kind of damage he took, if he used his own cd to survive. You will also be able to post in a VERY CLEAR way what happened in chat, much better then the chaotic death report from recount!

    Tells your party members when you interrupt stuff, or fail to do so. There's no config except you can manually set a variable in the Lua file to tell the addon where to output the interrupt message.
    By default it will output to party chat.
    I modified this addon to output on both party and raid chat.


    PhoenixStyle is a WoW addon that tracks many useful and interesting information on boss fights and has some interesting thing for raid leaders.
    /fen or /phoenix - open menu (announce are enabled by default, you need promote for this, it has antispam function, only 1 addon will report it to the same chat)

    Localization (need your help!): Add your translations or english corrections here
    some chat commands:
    /fen wipe (or "wipe" in chat) will consider current fight as a wipe and report current fails in combat
    /fen break n (will start a break timer bar for N min for everyone in a raid in their bossmods)
    /fen pull n (will start a pull timer bar for N sec in all bossmods for all raid members and announce it into raid_warning chat)
    Old modules (_Coliseum, _Ulduar, _Icecrown) are not more supported, you can delete them manually, if CurseClient didn't do that for you.
    What it can:
    * autoupdate marks on raid members that you don't want to lose in the combat by one of BossMods (you can set more then 1 nick for each mark!)
    * report some important fails (failbot) or useful information on boss encouters such as damage done to Alakir's adds, who killed them when it was not needed, all info about casts' kicks etc (all reports are easy to config)
    * save that information, so you can see it after fight and make a little report about your raid
    * easy way to start a timer bar for all raid members (in all BossMods)
    * find spell link by name or ID and read it's description without tab in wowhead
    * potions check used in combat, flask and food check (need to install RaidSlackCheck addon (RSC))
    * buffs check after rebirth in combat (need to install RaidSlackCheck addon (RSC))
    * achievement's fail announce (need to install RaidAchievement RA addon)
    * avaible achievements in current/choosen zone (very useful not only for Cata) or from current target (need to install RaidAchievement RA addon)
    * boss' shields monitoring frame (need to install Boss_shieldsmonitor addon)
    This addon is really cool, hope it will be developed more, it tells you who is not dsping shields (council) who is dpsing shield (omnitron) and tracks a big number of fails, also tracks potion usage and other interesting things.


    Postal offers enhanced mailbox support by providing the following features:

    • BlackBook: Adds a contact list next to the To: field.
      • Tracks all your characters (as you log each one on) and list them if they are on the same realm/faction on an "Alts" list
      • Tracks the last 10 players you mailed on a "Recently Mailed" list.
      • Autocomplete names from Alts/Recently Mailed/Contacts/Friends/Guild list. You can choose which of these lists to use.
      • Option to autofill in the last person mailed to the To: field.
      • Option to disable Blizzard's name auto-completion popup.
    • CarbonCopy: Allows you to copy the contents of a mail.
    • DoNotWant: Shows a clickable visual icon as to whether a mail will be returned or deleted on expiry.
    • Express: Adds shortcuts
      • Shift-Click to take item/money from mail
      • Ctrl-Click to return mail
      • Alt-Click to move an item from your inventory to the current outgoing mail (same as right click in default UI)
      • Mousewheel to scroll the inbox
      • Added option to disable multiple item mail tooltips.
    • OpenAll: Allows you to open all mails of selected types at one go in your inbox unattended.
      • All AH Cancelled mail
      • All AH Expired mail
      • All AH Outbidded mail
      • All AH Success mail
      • All AH Won mail
      • Non-AH mail with attachments
      • AH settings are divided into neutral and faction-specific settings.
      • Shift-Click on the OpenAll button will open all mail and override your filter settings.
      • Choose to have a number of bag slots always left free when opening mail.
    • Rake: Displays summary of money gained from opening mail
    • Select: Adds checkboxes to the inbox with buttons for selective opening/returning
      • Added mail indicator numbers above the checkboxes.
      • Added help note that you can Shift-Click 2 checkboxes to select everything between them.
      • Added help note that you can Ctrl-Click a checkbox to select all mail from that sender.
      • Choose to have a number of bag slots always left free when opening mail.
    • TradeBlock: Block trades and guild charter signature invites from people while you are at the Inbox
    • Wire: Autoupdate the subject field with money amount if blank.
    Postal's menu and settings can be accessed at the upper right corner of your mailbox.
    Very useful addon to manage mail, mass send, mass open, selective open. Must have if you play with auction house and even if you don't..


    nserts media(fonts, bars, borders, etc) into LibSharedMedia's storage. They can then be selected by any addon that supports LibSharedMedia, a lot of them do.
    Must have to make your Ui cool. Can import Fonts, Textures, Sounds. Everything you need to customize your ui look. My package includes some very beautiful textures i found browsing addon sites, credits to the creator of such textures.


    ellMeWhen provides a flexible system of icons for displaying vital information (and only vital information) about cooldowns, buffs, debuffs, and reactive abilities... always in a consistent place on your screen. PLEASE DIRECT ALL FEEDBACK/BUGS/SUGGESTIONS HERE.
    Some examples of things you can do with TellMeWhen:

    • Display an icon when a clearcasting buff procs
    • Display an icon when an ability or boost trinket is finished cooling down and is ready to use
    • A death knight could have icons appear to show when Freezing Fog procs, when Rune Strike is usable, and when Horn of Winter drops and needs to be refreshed
    • A mage could have a Polymorph icon appear when the mob they've set to focus becomes unsheeped
    • A rogue could monitor their own stack of Deadly Poison on a mob, and have icons appear when they need to reapply poisons to their weapons
    • An elemental shaman could set an icon to show when they have more than 6 stacks of Lightning Shield
    • A ret paladin could show an icon for Templar's verdict when they have 3 holy power
    • A hunter could show an icon for mend pet when their pet's health is below 50%, or their pet is not completely happy
    You choose which spells, abilities, items, buffs, and debuffs TellMeWhen shows. Cooldown icons can be shown when an ability/item is either usable or is unusable. Buff/debuff icons can be shown when the buff/debuff is either present or is absent. Icons can be set to only show in combat. Icons can show timers on cooldowns and (de)buffs. Compatible with OmniCC for text display of time remaining, and with ButtonFacade for skinning the icons.
    Very useful addon for raiding, prolly a must have to check important buffs and debuffs on you and on boss. It places big icons on your screen when u need to react somehow. I really don't like how it's developed and the fact u need to use infinite number of buttons for infinite number of debuffs while they could have just put a big button in the middle that was working for 100 different abilities, but still it's a must-have for a serious raider.


    to come....
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    Video of the UI in action:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Method vs Cho'Gall 25m Heroic[/ame]


    1. Back up your "Interface" and "WTF" folders and store them away safely, then delete them from your WoW folder.
    2. Extract the "Interface" and "WTF" folders contained in the .rar into your WoW directory.
    3. Open up the new WTF folder, and then the Account folder located in it.
    4. Rename the folder called "RAGHATHOL" to your account name. Keep caps.
    5. Open the folder, and rename the folder "Xavius" in it to the name of the realm your character is located on.
    6. Open that folder and rename the folder located in it called "Dreamer" to your character's name.
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    Update 5/3

    Missing my main chat font (will update asap)
    Missing some addons descritpion as Automaton, Teksloot and Erromonster (will update asap)
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    It took some time, well worth it, thanks alot for a really extensive thread about every addon.

    Works fine so far for me. Only got one problem, blizzard original raidframes aint hidden eventho the "Hide Blizzard Frames" Is active, any idea what to do?

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    Check if Grid / Pitbull has a Hide blizzard raid frames option, tomorrow i'll check aswell how did i hide it myself.

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