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Thread: MoP Hunter Guide

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    Default MoP Hunter Guide

    General Changes

    1) No more melee weapon slot!
    2) Expertise! We need 7.5% expertise, and also our hit cap is lowered to 7.5% down from 8%.
    3) Cobra Shots and Steady Shots generate 14 focus per shot, instead of 9.
    4) Readiness is baseline ability now (all specs have it). Nevermind, it's gone too.
    5) All Specializations provide the passive buff called Trueshot Aura.
    6) Trap Launcher is now a toggle on/off ability. So that means you pretty much turn it on and just shoot all your traps forever. A good quality of life change.
    7) Deadzone. It's gone. \o/
    8) No more Aspect of the Wild... about time if you ask me.
    9) No more Aspect of the Fox... which aspect is next?

    Note: RED means 5.4 Updated!

    If Alliance go Panda.

    If Horde Panda, Troll and Orc are quite close to each other and the order changes depending on spec. Orc is overall a safe choice for all specs, with Panda being very close. The difference is quite small regardless though, so you won't be handicapping yourself much picking any of the 3 races. Remember that Orc and Troll have cooldowns to use which might prove useful on certain fights where you need to nuke the boss fast.
    Overall: Orc>Panda>Troll

    I personally like this new system, I think if they work a bit more on it, it does give some nice choices and there will be cases where one talent will be better than another on specific fights. Let's take each tier of talents separately:

    Tier 1: Movement Tier (Disengage Tier) - Importance of Tier 6/10 - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera

    Posthaste: Posthaste will be good on some fights where you need fast movement from point A to point B, if it happens every 25seconds or more. So far I haven't used it at any fight.

    Narrow Escape: It is mainly a PvP talent. It could be usable is some extreme situations where you want to root some adds in place (assuming they are rootable). I have used this for Tsulong during the day phase, so it could have some use for future bosses too.

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera: The clear choice for the majority of pve content. Gives you a lot of freedom with 15sec cooldown on Disengage, and also increases your survivability by a lot with 1min cooldown on Deterrence, especially coupled with the Deterrence glyph (50% reduced damage taken).

    Tier 2: CC Tier - Importance of Tier 2/10 - Binding Shot

    Intimidation: No more Silencing Shot here, instead there is this talent which is absolutely useless for PvE. Sad day for hunters indeed.

    Wyvern Sting: Should only choose Wyvern Sting if you need some extra CC for your 5man dungeoning, where I still think Binding Shot is better. Otherwise pretty useless PvE wise.

    Binding Shot: This is in most cases the best option of the three. There are a lot of bosses where you can utilize this stun for adds. A great example is SoO are the adds in the first intermission of Garrosh HC where if you place it perfectly you can stun 2 adds with it for 5 seconds, which is far better than Silencing Shot would ever be.

    Tier 3: Survivability Tier - Importance of Tier 7/10 - Aspect of the Iron Hawk

    Exhilaration: This is currently really bad for multiple reasons. First of all, has a long cooldown (should be 1min), second of all it only heals you for 30% (should be 50%), and lastly... its another keybind that you need whereas the other choices are better and are also passive. I could only see this being used at PvP if they make it a bit better.

    Aspect of the Iron Hawk: This is by far the best talent of this tier for raiding. The amount of damage you will mitigate from this will make the other 2 talents seem nonexistent. It is also something that hunters always needed. In previous tiers you would check the damage taken charts and hunters would top it because we had no passive mitigation. Now we finally do!

    Spirit Bond: More of a leveling talent, it used to be good, but they nerfed it a lot some patches ago. Not really viable for raiding. The only boss where I figured that it is superior to Aspect of the Iron Hawk is Will of the Emperor Heroic. That is because it has consistent damage throughout the fight, which means that you are never 100% health, but the damage is not high enough to make 15% reduction of it, better than the heal from spirit bond.

    Tier 4: Focus Regen Tier - Importance of Tier 8/10 - Fervor/Dire Beast

    Fervor: This is for sure my favorite talent of this tree. It gives you great control over your focus and you can also decide when to use it in order to have some burst aoe. Only use it as Survival. It also helps you get your AMoC off in case you are using it.

    Dire Beast: Always use Dire Beast when specced BM. Never use it as SV though.

    Thrill of the Hunt: I have been using ToTH as Survival lately and I must admit that it is not as bad as I used to say. Information says that it is slightly better in terms of dps compared to Fervor. So my recommendation is to use whichever of the two you feel more comfortable with. If you want to use ToTH but find it difficult to manage your focus well, I have 2 tips for you.
    i) If LnL icd is still running, then act as if the ToTH procs don't exist. Do your rotation normally and try to maintain a decent level of focus in order to not delay any of your signature shots (~40-50 focus)
    ii) If the LnL icd is finished and you feel like a LnL proc is incoming any second now, then try to use as many of the ToTH procs as you can (assuming your Explosive Shot/BA/GT are on cd). The reason I say this is because of the 4p procs that you might get, it is very likely that you will overcap your focus if you start with 50-70 focus. So dump that focus and profit.

    Tier 5: Pet Dps Tier - Importance of Tier 9/10 - Blink Strikes/A Murder of Crows

    A Murder of Crows: A solid choice, but after the removal of Readiness it has lost some of it's power. I only use this talent as SV on specific single target boss fights (e.g. Thok, Malkorok)

    Blink Strikes: The talent you should use always when speced BM and most of the times when playing SV. It is just the easy and safe choice, plus it is a passive so you don't have to worry about using it perfectly like the other talents.

    Lynx Rush: Completely useless talent for this patch. At least for PvE.

    Tier 6: Dps Tier - Importance of Tier 9/10 - Glaive Toss/Barrage

    Glaive Toss: The best dps talent of this tier, its instant, it has low focus cost and it can be really good if you know how to position yourself hitting many targets. It works similarly with the axes that Beastmaster throws at the well known MOBA games. Unless there are a lot of adds in a fight, this is a clear winner.

    Powershot: Completely useless for PvE sadly.

    Barrage:My opinion on this ability changed completely since the start of MoP. It now is the talent I use for most fights, since it is really easy to use now that you can cast it while moving. There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind with this talent:
    Even though when you press the button it makes your character turn to the target, you can then move your camera using your mouse's right click and it will actually CHANGE the cone at which you shoot, while keeping your main target getting hit regardless (assuming you don't have it on your back).
    Also, if your initial target is killed while channeling, you can just pick a new target and it will register it as your new main target.
    Lastly, due to the nature of this talent, you should try to use this during Stormlash totems, since you will get many stormlash procs. Especially if you are playing Survival, because of your mastery. I recommend using this talent on most fights that have adds. Also great for things like Mind Controls during the Garrosh fight.

    Major glyphs

    Forget pretty much everything you knew about the old glyphs, we have new ones which actually don't have much impact on our dps. I will only list the somewhat important ones for PvE raids.

    1) Glyph of Animal Bond: Another passive 10% survivability bonus. This together with Aspect of the Iron Hawk makes us pretty solid healing wise. A guaranteed choice for every hunter.

    2) Glyph of Deterrence: This brings us to a total of 50% damage reduction when you pop Deterrence... we finally got ourselves a shield wall! And to think that this ability actually started as a +25% dodge and +25% parry chance back in vanilla. A good 3rd choice for your glyphs if the fight requires you to use Deterrence to avoid massive damages (goes very well with the Tier 1 talent Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera).

    3) Glyph of Disengage: If the fight requires a lot of movement you should consider using this instead of glyph 2) or 3)

    4) Glyph of Tranquilizing Shot: Sounds good, but won't make a drastic increase in your dps long-term. Still if there is an encounter which requires either a dispel of an enrage effect (and you don't have a druid to do it), or if you need to do a lot of dispels fast on a single target, then you should consider this instead of 2) or 3)

    5) Glyph of Ice Trap: In case you have to slow adds this could be a useful glyph. For example during the Siegecrafter fight this can come in handy for those mines that want to run around.

    Minor glyphs

    Just use whatever you like. I would probably go for these 3 though:

    1) Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah
    2) Glyph of Revive Pet
    3) Glyph of Direction


    If you are switching between BM and SV specs in a raid, you need to keep in mind the following about Stampede:

    If you are SV and use stampede without the glyph, the exotic pets will NOT appear! So either glyph it, or remember to switch your pets in the stables so you have 5 non exotic ones!

    Also keep in mind that you will need to summon each and every pet to spec them ferocity and put their abilities to autocaston/off, and do that for both of your specs, since it doesn't save your autocastson/off universally.

    Pets summoned

    Agility is our primary stat and it increases the damage of each shot and the chance for it to crit. It has a huge difference in scaling compared to our secondary stats (around 3-4 times better than Crit/Haste/Mastery)

    Hit (340 rating for 1%)
    Increases the chance your shot will be hit. You need 7.5% hit to cap against a raid boss, that's 2550 rating.
    (6.5% - 2210 rating if draenei)

    Expertise (340 rating for 1%)
    Ranged attacks can now be dodged, which expertise helps to counter. You need 7.5% dodge reduction to cap against a raid boss, that's 2550 rating.
    (6.5% - 2210 rating if troll/dwarf)

    Crit (600 rating for 1%)
    Increases the chance your shot will do double damage. Has almost always been our best secondary stat regardless of spec throughout the game.

    Mastery (600 rating for 1%)
    Survival: Increases your magic damage done. In Cataclysm this meant all of your attacks except for pet damage and auto shot which ended up being a significant majority. This is still mostly the case, but we have more pet damage from Dire Beast, Lynx Rush, Murder of Crows, and Blink Strike, and a bit more physical damage from Powershot, Barrage, or Glaive Toss.
    BM: Increases your pet damage.

    Haste (425 rating for 1%)
    Increases your focus regen (which has a base rate of 4 per second) and the speed of your non-instant attacks. This includes Cobra Shot, Auto Shot, Powershot, and Barrage.

    NOTE: After some personal testing, and then doing some online research on the subject, it looks like there aren't any haste plateus for Dire Beast. You just increase your chances to get more attacks. If you want to you can read a whole blog post here:
    General stat priority is:

    Survival: Agility > Hit/Expertise > Crit > Haste > Mastery

    Beast Mastery: Agility > Hit/Expertise > Haste > Mastery > Crit

    Updated with t16 Heroic gear!

    BiS Gear List
    Slot Name Drops from
    Headguard of the Unblinking Vigil
    Gleaming Eye of the Devilsaur
    Spaulders of the Unblinking Vigil
    Fen-Yu, Fury of Xuen
    Tunic of the Unblinking Vigil
    Wristguards of Ruination
    Gloves of the Unblinking Vigil
    Arrowflight Girdle
    Leggings of Unabashed Anger
    Ravager's Pathwalkers
    Reality Ripper Ring
    Ring of Restless Energy
    Assurance of Consequence
    Haromm's Talisman
    Hisek's Reserve Longbow
    Thok the Bloodthirsty
    Thok the Bloodthirsty
    Siegecrafter Blackfuse
    Sha of Pride
    General Nazgrim
    Spoils of Pandaria
    General Nazgrim
    Sha of Pride
    Kor'kron Dark Shaman
    Paragons of the Klaxxi
    Pre raiding Gear List
    Slot Name Drops from
    Swarmcall Helm
    Scorched Scarlet Key
    Shadowspine Shoulderguards
    Aerial Bombardment Cloak
    Azure Serpent Chestguard
    Bladed Smoke Bracers
    Hopecrusher Gauntlets
    Impaler's Girdle
    Legguards of the Crimson Magus
    Treads of Fixation
    Signet of Dancing Jade
    Seal of Hateful Meditation
    Flashing Steel Talisman
    Relic of Xuen
    Klatith, Fangs of the Swarm
    Gate of the Setting Sun
    Scarlet Halls
    Shado-Pan Monastery
    Niuzao Temple
    Shado-Pan Monastery
    Shado-Pan Monastery
    Niuzao Temple
    Gate Of The Setting Sun
    Scarlet Monastery
    Gate Of The Setting Sun
    Temple of the Jade Serpent
    Shado-Pan Monastery
    Scarlet Monastery
    Darkmoon Tiger Deck
    Gate Of The Setting Sun


    After capping hit and expertise (2550 rating each), you should go for Crit > Haste > Mastery for the rest of the gear for SV and Haste > Mastery > Crit for BM.

    I use this addon which helps me immensely and saves a lot of time: ReforgeLite
    You can set it up to reach certain ratings and it does the calculations instantly, so put these amounts in and then put the scaling accordingly so it prioritizes Crit:

    Hit: 2550 rating (2210 if draenei)
    Expertise: 2550 rating (2210 if troll/dwarf)
    Crit > Haste > Mastery

    Here is a picture of how my ReforgeLite looks like:



    Now that secondary stats are doubled you will need to think more about what gems you want to use. Use the stat weights to check if it is worth it going for the bonuses or not.

    Metagem: Agile Primal Diamond
    Red: Delicate Primordial Ruby
    Yellow: Deadly Vermilion Onyx
    Blue: Glinting Imperial Amethyst

    The best profession used to be Leatherworking. But it seems like they changed the wrist enchant from 170 agility to 180 agility. So the benefit from LW is 320 agility (500-180), which means that it provides the same bonus as any other profession.

    Basically just pick any of the 320 agility professions and you are fine. Blizzard has pretty much balanced them all out in Pandaria.

    *LWing still gives you cheap leg enchant
    1. Leatherworking ( 320 agility )
    2. Engineering ( ~320 agility on average - 1920 Agility for 10seconds every 60seconds)
    3. Blacksmithing ( 320 agility - 2 extra sockets)
    4. Jewelcrafting ( 320 agility - 2 gems with 320 Agility instead of 160 Agility)
    5. Alchemy ( 320 agility - 1320 Agility instead of 1000 Agility from flask)
    6. Inscription ( 320 agility - 520 Agility shoulder enchant instead of 200 Agility enchant)
    7. Enchanting ( 320 agility - 2 enchants on rings for 160 Agility each)
    6. Tailoring ( 1090,91 AP on average - 180 Hit )
    7. Herbalism/Skinning ( 320 haste/crit )
    8. Mining ( 480 stamina )

    Consumables are pretty straight forward:
    Food: Sea Mist Rice Noodles - 300 Agility.
    Flask: Flask of Spring Blossoms - 1000 Agility.
    Potion: Virmen's Bite - 4000 Agility for 25 seconds.

    I am a person who believes that a good UI is 50% of your maximization, so you need to have a working UI that shows everything you might need to know, without making it impossible for you to see anything else going on during the fight. Here are some addons that I think are a MUST have and I wouldn't be able to play without them:

    Stay Focused! - Shows your focus bar in the middle of your screen.
    TellMeWhen - Tracks every single buff/debuff on any target you want (yourself, your target, your focus target, etc).
    NeedToKnow - Tracks internal cooldowns of your trinkets.
    Dominos - Moves your bars wherever you want. I use this mainly to hide most of my abilities that I don't need to see, and to put the important ones for my rotation in the middle of my screen.
    OmniCC - Cooldown display on your bars.
    Skada - Damage meter which helps me improve my dps in fights by checking how much damage each ability did in a fight and adjusting accordingly.
    Threat Plates - Nameplate addon which helps with targeting and knowing when it is Kill Shot time.
    Shadowed Unit Frames - Unitframe addon which you can customize to show buffs/debuffs.

    Here is a screenshot of how my UI looks (Updated!):

    Rogerbrown's UI

    You can Download my UI using the instructions in this thread.

    The hunter rotation became a bit more complicated in MoP with the addition of the 3 tier of talents (tier 4,5,6).


    SV opener:

    (ToTH + AMoC + Glaive Toss)

    -03: Misdirect
    -03: Hunter's Mark
    -02: Glaive Toss (Since Glaive Toss doesn't pull a Boss until it actually reaches him, you can save a gcd by using it before the pull)
    -01: Potion + Rapid Fire + Blood Fury
    +00: Explosive Shot
    +01: Black Arrow
    +02: Stampede
    +03: AMoC (If you don't have AMoC then just skip to Serpent Sting)
    +04: Cobra Shot
    +05: Serpent Sting
    +06: Explosive Shot (probably LnL has procced already by now so just spam the Explosive Shots)

    SV opener:

    (ToTH + Blink Strikes + Glaive Toss)

    -03: Misdirect
    -03: Hunter's Mark
    -02: Glaive Toss (Since Glaive Toss doesn't pull a Boss until it actually reaches him, you can save a gcd by using it before the pull)
    -01: Potion + Rapid Fire + Blood Fury
    +00: Explosive Shot
    +01: Black Arrow
    +02: Stampede
    +03: Serpent Sting
    +04: Arcane Shot (If LnL proced by now, just spam Explosive Shots)
    +05: Cobra Shot
    +06: Explosive Shot (probably LnL has procced already by now so just spam the Explosive Shots)

    Then follow the priority list below

    SV priority list:

    Black Arrow (Keep in mind if you have the cdr trinket that you don't want to overlap the Black Arrows)
    Explosive Shot
    Kill Shot
    Glaive Toss/Barrage
    Serpent Sting
    Arcane Shot
    Cobra Shot

    SPECIAL REMINDER: Many people have been asking me about LnL and if you need to put filler shots in between each Explosive Shot to not lose any ticks. Ever since MoP was released, the Explosive Shot dot mechanic was changed to be the same as the Ignite one. Which means that you can spam as many Explosive Shots back to back with no fear about losing any damage. You might notice that you have less ticks, but have no fear, the damage gets added and your ticks hit for higher!

    Beast Master

    (Dire Beast + Blink Strikes + Glaive Toss)

    BM Opener:

    -03: Misdirect
    -02: Hunter's Mark
    -01: Potion + Rapid Fire + Glaive Toss
    +00: Bestial Wrath + Kill Command
    +01: Stampede
    +02: Dire Beast
    +03: Arcane Shot
    +04: Arcane Shot
    ~+10: Serpent Sting (Wait for your 10second proc trinket to be over and cast your serpent sting after it expires)

    Then follow the priority list below

    BM priority list:

    Bestial Wrath
    Kill Shot
    Kill Command
    Dire Beast
    Glaive Toss
    Focus Fire (The old rule of not using this during Bestial Wrath doesn't apply anymore. Especially now with Arcane Shots being 30 focus, you can usually find a gcd to squeeze it in there. Keep in mind that this gives your pet focus as well which means more bites during BW)
    Arcane Shot
    Cobra Shot



    Use Explosive Traps + Barrage. If there are 6 or more targets, spam Multi-Shot. If there are less targets, keep using your Explosive Shots (at least LnL procs) + Kill Shots at the most important target, while using Multi-Shot.

    Beast Master

    Don't bother dropping Explosive Traps. If there are 3 or more targets make sure to keep your Beast Cleave buff up as much as possible.

    Boss Spec Choices

    Since many people have been asking me about which spec is better, I decided to make a list of all the SoO Bosses and which spec is imo the best for each fight.

    Immersus: Survival
    The Fallen Protectors: Beast Mastery
    Norushen: Survival
    Sha of Pride: Survival
    Galakras: Beast Mastery
    Iron Juggernaut: Survival / Beast Mastery
    Kor'kron Drak Shaman: Survival (Beast Master if you tank both Bosses together)
    General Nazgrim: Survival
    Malkorok: Survival / Beast Mastery
    Spoils of Pandaria: Survival
    Thok the Bloodthirsty: Survival / Beast Mastery
    Siegecrafter Blackfuse: Survival / Beast Mastery (Survival if you are killing mines, Beast Master if you are going on the Assembly Line)
    Paragons of the Klaxxi: Survival / Beast Mastery
    Garrosh Hellscream: Beast Mastery (Survival is good if you have big problems with breaking Mind Controls when players aren't gathered)

    I am using a lot of macros but here are the ones that are mostly useful for hunter:
    /cast Cobra Shot
    /cast Deterrence
    /cast Feign Death
    /cast Disengage
    /use Healthstone
    /cast [@focus,help][@pet,exists] Misdirection
    /cast Heart of the Phoenix
    /cast Revive Pet
    /cast Cower
    /petautocastoff Growl
    /petautocastoff Cower
    /petautocaston Dash
    /petautocaston Bite
    /petautocaston Claw
    /petautocaston Rabid
    /petautocaston Cackling Howl
    /petautocaston Furious Howl
    /petautocaston Roar of Courage
    /cancelaura Deterrence
    /cancelaura Misdirection
    /cancelaura Hand of Protection
    /cancelaura Levitate
    /cancelaura Slow Fall
    /cancelaura Goblin Glider

    Simulation Craft
    Elitist Jerks

    Special thanks to Pottm for all the help he has given me for this guide.

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    A very nice talent, but still not the easiest to make full use of since we are not focus starving anymore with the cobra/steady shot change. That causes us to sometimes have too much focus and no need to cast cobra shots which results in your serpent sting almost falling off. And if it so happens that your fervor comes off cooldown at that time, you need to either let serpent sting fall, or overcap yourself with focus.

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    Default Awesome thread, but there is a mistake.

    Nice thread, ty very much, but u made a mistake with the "Bladed Smoke Bracers" They dont drop in "Mogu'shan palace", but in "Shado-pan Monastery" ^^

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    thanks themasti, fixed!

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    Hey Roger and thanks for probobly the best Hunter guide there is atm :) But will you be posting a new version of your Dragon soul Hunter guide but in the mop raids?
    Like tips and tricks but also what specc and where. Since I noticed BM and SV is very close when it comes to dps. Feels like there is some aspects of the speccs that makes it superior than the other on some fights. Just would be cool to see how you think around this.

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    will most likely do that after we have killed all the bosses of this tier in heroic mode, so it will have to be in about 1month from now

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    you mentioned one of the best choices for hunters is panda, why is that?

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    because u get 2xfood buff bonus, so that is 300agility assuming you use the best food. That is quite close to the racials that the other races have (orc or troll). But ofc it also means that if u die in a fight you lose all of the benefit! Having said that I think Orc is the safest choice overall!

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    Roger, could u tell me what ratings i need to enter @ reforgelite for Crit and mastery ?

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    because u get 2xfood buff bonus, so that is 300 agility assuming you use the best food. That is quite close to the racials that the other races have (orc or troll). But ofc it also means that if u die in a fight you lose all of the benefit! Having said that I think Orc is the safest choice overall!
    Actually the food bonus, bouncy and rest bonus are useless on arena, so you'd end up with +600 agi bonus for world pvp or rated bgs only. The only all around perk of the panda is the quake palm.
    Orc is the best for horde, but for ally I'd choose worgen for the improved dmg and elemental resist, or dwarf (same as worgen but must only use guns).

    edit: the above is for pvp or all-around, for pve's specific content panda's bonuses are good : ]
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