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Thread: MoP Hunter Guide

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    So, new buffs active on the PTR:
    - Aimed Shot damage +10%.
    - Chimera Shot damage +50%.
    - Steady Shot damage +20%.
    - Black Arrow and Explosive Shot damage +15%.

    Anyone doing any sort of testing? Im doing my own ofc but would love the feedback from credible players here. Seems to me MM will be surpassing BM as the spec to pair with SV. Can gear pretty much the exact same and haste scales better then mastery. Thoughts from people? Also, I would assume this does not affect the MM priority at all?
    I'm also pretty much interested to know if MM is going to be our main spec in 5.2 or not, this will help me a lot since I want to change my race.
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    Hello! Will the guide be updated for 5.2?

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    Any chance of a bis list?

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    I will update this after progress is over guys, sorry but I both don't have much free time, and also am not 100% sure about stuff myself such as BiS items and best spec etc. Wanna experience first things.

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    Have you looked into the RPPM scaling with haste, and how that could make haste a more desirable stat? I believe simc has that modelling in now, and a lot of parses with high gear levels has haste scales really high.

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    Haste is generally overvalued when simming, MM is ofc a different story with haste plateaus and what not. Currently I have been running pure SV for every encounter (full cleared ToT, on 2nd heroic) to very nice results. I am going the standard Crit>Mastery>Haste, remember that mastery will become exponentially more effective in AoE situations over haste. As for RPPM, with the buffs recently received that proc often enough that there is no need to try and game them with haste. As Rogerbrown said he's still focusing on progression over theory crafting I'd suggest looking at a few other forums where this very topic has been fleshed out multiple times. (referring to RPPM ofc)

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    Ya I know he wont get around to it till after progression, was just leaving a note on it. The only site I've really read into it is on EJ.

    Currently I'm doing the same, just surv on all fights so far (only up to Durumu on normal). Just thought the RPPM was an interesting topic.

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    i wonder if the new RPPM makes the relic trinket a little better since the chances now gets added up, or is the RPPM just for new trinkets?

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    I think it's just for new trinkets and set bonuses.

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    I have found this guide very helpful and knowledgeable, thank you Rodger.

    Ok from personal sims everyone may have different stat ideals due to various gearing levels. From mine it showed Crit as 1.45 and haste = mastery at 1.30. I noticed a slight dps increase when i went crit/haste but it was lessened on fights where I didnt have to switch as much or control as many mechanics.

    I do think haste will pull ahead with the RPPM being based on haste now and the amazing no ICD trinkets we have now. That being said I find it hard to believe that we will ever go away from Crit/mastery for BM or surv. In BM they play too closely on focus management and DPS.

    Side note is Max DPS a viable site it dosnt seem like it to me when they rank the Vicious Talisman of Shado pan assult as the 3rd highest dps trink.

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