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Thread: MoP Unholy Death Knight Guide

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    I'm trying to find a good DK sim out there. Do you know of any that work pretty good? I've been having issues with the ones I've tried.

    Secondly, Do you think you could upload your profile for TellMeWhen?


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    Hi is the first set bonus fail? DW frost has primary spells frost strike (+10%) and HB.Unholy dk has Scourge Strike (+10%) and FS, DS, but Two-hand Frost dk has primary Obliterate spell (+10%) and Frost Strike (+10%)

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    @Makz , i would recommend leveling as Frost , best for lower dungeons and can burst down mobs easier while questing.\

    @Nekrone , Im afraid there is not any real DK sim from what i know myself . And here is the link for my tellmewhen , hope its fine :D Tellmewhen

    @Tobi , If you have 2 piece u should aim for either playing 2h frost or unholy unless the fight includes a lot of aoe. The 2piece bonus is really strong both for unholy and 2h frost especially on single target.

    Gonna be updating a lot of things when progress is over since as i have stated earlier some things are really inaccurate!

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    Thanks Raz, got it working without a problem!

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    Is DND still more powerfull then scourge strike? and is it worth to be used on a single target fight? Read this from Elitist jerks.
    Scourge Strike hits harder than Death and Decay by a small margin (~1-3%)

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    If u get 2 tier bonus skip dnd on single target !

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    Do you think that being able to have 2 sha-touched weapons as DW makes DW nearly as good as 2H again? Surely an extra 500 str and an extra prismatic socket must make quite a difference.

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    the Sha-touched gem is unique equipped, meaning that you can only have 1 equipped at a time.

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