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    Default MoP Warlock Guide

    Gear and enchants
    Stats and Reforging
    Professions and Consumables
    Video Guide

    Welcome to the Warlock guide for the Affliction spec in Mists of Pandaria

    This guide is a pre-raid list of what you need to know coming into the expansion and how to handle the first tier of raiding with gearing, gemming and reforging. Be aware that things can very well change on a day to day basis, and i will try to keep it as updated as possible. Mistakes do happen, so take everything with a grant of salt, and as a guideline for yourself.

    Right now affliction will be our strongest raiding spec with a gap of nearly 8k~ DPS down to the second best, that means we want to focus on Affliction in the start of the expansion. All specs are viable and fun to play so dont worry, Blizzard will tune them sooner or later...

    Gear and enchants

    5 Man dungeon gear list

    Head Barovian Ritual Hood Scholomance
    Neck Anarchist's Pendant Scholomance
    Shoulders Whisperwind Spaulders Crane Wing 200 int / 100 crit Siege of Niuzao Temple
    Chest Spelltwisters Grand Robe Glorious Stats +80 all stats Tailoring
    Waist Incineration Belt Scholomance
    Legs Leggings of the Frenzy Cerulean +285 int / 165 crit Gate of the Setting Sun
    Boots Scarlet Sandals Greater Precision +175 Hit Scarlet Halls
    Wrists Bracers of Displaced Air Super Intellect +170 Intellect Stormstout Brewery
    Gloves Spelltwisters Gloves Superior Mastery +170 Mastery Tailoring
    Finger Ring of Malice Shado-Pan Monastery
    Finger Eye of the Tornado Shado-Pan Monastery
    Trinket 1 Vision of the Predator Gate of the Setting Sun
    Trinket 2 Flashfrozen Resin Globule Siege of Niuzao Temple
    Back Scorched Earth Cloak Superior Intellect +180 Intellect Scarlet Monastery
    Main Hand Necromantic Wand Jade Spirit Scholomance
    Offhand Inscribed Jade Fan Major Intellect +165 Intellect Inscription

    Better alternative trinket option: Relic of Yu'lon from Darkmoon Faire

    BIS T14 HC gear list

    Head Xaril's Hood of Intoxicating Vapors Heart of Fear
    Neck Worldwaker Cachabon Mogu'shan Vaults
    Shoulders Sha-Skin Mantle Crane Wing 200 int / 100 crit Mogu'shan Vaults
    Chest Sha-Skin Robes Glorious Stats +80 all stats Terrace of Endless Spring
    Waist Belt of Malleable Amber Heart of Fear
    Legs Sha-Skin Leggings Cerulean +285 int / 165 crit Heart of Fear
    Boots Sandals of the Unbidden Greater Precision +175 Hit Heart of Fear
    Wrists Attenuating Bracers Super Intellect +170 Intellect Heart of Fear
    Gloves Sha-Skin Gloves Superior Mastery +170 Mastery
    Finger Watersoul Signet Terrace of Endless Spring
    Finger Fragment of Fear Made Flesh Heart of Fear
    Trinket 1 Essence of Terror Terrace of Endless Spring
    Trinket 2 Light of the Cosmos Mogushan Vaults
    Back Cloak of Overwhelming Corruption Superior Intellect +180 Intellect Terrace of Endless Spring
    Main Hand Loshan, Terror Incarnate *NOTE* Jade Spirit Terrace of Endless Spring
    Offhand Tornado-Summoning Censer Major Intellect +165 Intellect Heart of Fear

    *NOTE* The Loshan, Terror Incarnate becomes BIS weapon once you obtain both the 550 intellect gem and the extra socket for a 320 mastery gem. Until then the HC elite regail dagger is BIS.

    Picture with calculations of the weapons:

    Dark Regeneration Instant 30% of maximum health for you and your pet plus 25% increased healing taken over 12 seconds. A very good talent for a survival phase with damage taken over a short period of time, but not superior on fights with steady damage taken.

    Soul Leech The passive healing talent for our main attacks and will most likely be the used talent for Affliction on the fights to help out healers.

    Harvest Life AOE Drain Life, good for short duration AOE fights, as seed of corruption takes time to really do damage. If you need to help AOE, and Seed of Corruption arent enough, pick this to help out (Rain

    When-to-use guidelines:

    #1 Soul Leech
    Steady damage taken fights
    #2 Harvest Life
    Fights with short AOE scenarios
    #3 Dark Regeneration
    Heavy damage taken within a small timeframe

    Howl of Terror AOE Fear, nothing much to say

    Mortal Coil Deathcoil with a 15% heal we can use in PVE

    Shadowfury AOE stun, just as we know it

    When-to-use guidelines:

    #1 Mortal Coil
    Basically any fight for the 15% health gain
    #2 Shadowfury
    Add fight with stun needed or 5 man dungeons with backup stun
    #3 Howl of Terror
    Not much use in PVE

    Soul Link No longer reduces damage taken by 20% onto the pet. It now shares all damage and healing you and your pet takes, but also reduces your pets health by 50%. Risky to use in many situations because if your pet takes damage, so will you.

    Sacrificial Pact A very solid absorb shield, which sacrifices half of your pets health to give a 200% shield of the sacrificed health. This talent can even be used in certain situations without a pet as you will lose half your health for 200% of the lost health turning into a shield.

    Dark Bargain Absorbs all damage for 8 seconds and when the shield fades you take 50% of the damage over 8 seconds. Risky if you take a lot of damage and suddenly will get bursted down when the absorb fades.

    When-to-use guidelines:
    ' With Grimoire of Sacrifice

    #1 Dark Bargain
    Can be used in many situations if you plan ahead, as it still provide the 50% reduction of the damage you take.
    #2 Sacrificial Pact
    With no pet its not as good and I dont like it as much, but its still useable on fights where you can plan ahead and take the 50% health loss to get a bigshield before some known damage taken will occour.
    #3 Soul Link
    Gives you 20% more health when used with Grimore of Sacrifice

    Without Grimiore of Sacrifice I would recommend to take Sacrificial Pact

    Blood Fear Instant fear for 10% of your health and adds a 10 seconds CD.

    Burning Rush
    4% of maximum health per second for 50% movement speed.

    Unbound Will Removes all magic and impairing effects

    When-to-use guidelines:

    #1 Burning Rush
    Useful on some movement fights where you need to reach a position within a certain timeframe and for general movement fights.
    #2 Unbound Will
    Dispels magic effects, which can occur on bosses in Mists of Pandaria, decent talent on some fights with magic
    debuffs involved.
    #3 Blood Fear
    Avoiding hard casting fear, which can be good for 5 mans and any bosses with CCing adds.

    Grimoire of Supremacy 20% more damage on our pets and they turn into different versions

    Grimoire of Service Summons another pet for 20 seconds

    Grimoire of Sacrifice Sacrifices our pet to increase our single target damaging spells

    When-to-use guidelines:

    #1 Sacrifice
    Single target fights: The top damage spell to use for Affliction as of right now on single target fights
    #2 Supremacy: Observer
    Heavy Multidotting Fights: Second best to use on single target fights, but also the best for fights you wont have time
    to cast much Malefic Grasps on (often at around +3 targets) you would use this over Sacrifice.
    #3 Service: Succubus
    Important Burst Fights: The worst for affliction, but useable on short burst duration fights (20~seconds) like we
    know from Burning Tendons in Dragon Soul.

    Archimondes Vengeance Passive reflect of damage and a 25% damage reflect for 8 seconds

    Kil'jaeden's Cunning You can move while casting, but cast time or channel period will increase with 50%. On use you can remove this effect and freely cast for 6 seconds.

    Mannoroths Fury 500% AOE

    When-to-use guidelines:

    #1 Archimondes Vengeance
    Little, but extra damage on fights you take damage on. Useable 25% reflect on big bursts from a boss, can give
    noteable damage reflects and worth using on any fight with damage taken on.
    #2 Kil'jaeden's Cunning
    As soon as you have a movement fight, you most likely want to grap this talent, it can be hard to calculate the
    extra damage of the Archimondes Vengeance versus this talent in raw DPS, but if you have to move a few times
    during a fight it will be worth it very fast
    #3 Mannoroths Fury
    500% AOE sounds good, but there is barely any AOE fights and when you AOE adds are very often clumped up within the AOE range.

    The average single target fight talent picking as Affliction would look like this

    Must Have:

    [Glyph of Soul Shards]

    Single target fight suggestion:

    [Glyph of Soul Shards]
    [Glyph of Siphon Life]
    [Glyph of Soulstone]

    Multi dotting fight suggestion:

    [Glyph of Soul Shards]
    [Glyph of Siphon Life]
    [Glyph of Soul Swap]

    *Guideline for stats - Updated 10-12-2012

    Starter gear stat priority
    *Simulate your own character to get the best results

    Intellect > Haste 4717 raiting (extra Corruption tick) > Mastery > Haste > Crit

    15% hit is recommended, so try aiming towards achieveing it. Going below the hit cap as affliction is not as bad as other specs though.

    Once you have better gear, you should aim towards the BIS scale factors

    Here is the T14H Scale Factors (BIS)

    Final stats and the haste cap you will obtain with BIS gear should look like15% Hit (5100 raiting)
    15.51% Haste (6590 raiting) - Obtaining an extra UA and Agony tick vs the 4717 one. The exact cap is 6637 Haste raiting...
    8152 Mastery

    Its always best to use Simulationcraft to simulate your own character with Scale Factor for stats, as it might differ for your gear what stats to aim for at first.

    You want to use these values to then reforge your character accordingly, using tools like or simple in game addons such as ReforgeLite

    Gems changed a little in Mists of Pandaria, they now give you twice as much secondary stat (mastery, haste, crit, hit etc) against intellect.
    Example: 320 Mastery vs. 160 Intellect

    We have to be sure to check with scale factors + set bonuses before we figure out the best combinations of gemming.

    This part is a bit more complicated, because simulating scale factors can be really hard as it depends on many factors, and to give an example of the BIS dungeon set, from the results i would get was

    160 intellect x 3,43 scale factor = 548,8 value
    320 mastery x 1,69 scale factor = 540,8 value

    With the +/- interference of bad results, we can in no way say which is superior to the other, as sometimes you can simulate the values differently.

    Though once you come closer to the BIS gear from the HC raiding, you will start to shift towards these values

    Mastery / Hit > Intellect > Haste > Crit for gems

    INT 4.88 160 = 780,8
    MASTERY 2,67 320 = 854,4
    HASTE 2,23 320 = 713,6
    CRIT 1,95 320 = 624


    Meta Burning Primal Diamond
    Red (+15% hit) Artful Vermilion Onyx
    Red (-15% hit) Precise Primordial Ruby
    Yellow Fractured Sun's Radiance
    Blue (Close to cap) Sensei's Wild Jade
    Blue (-15% hit) Rigid River's Heart

    As you can see, you want to calculate with the set bonus of the gem slot what gem you should equip. Most times you want to go for 320 mastery gems above the 160 intellect gems. Hit gems are also good until you reach the hit cap.

    OBS! If you want somewhat accurate results, always simulate your own character and do the math for the values, and if you do not care that much, use the BIS values as you are aiming towards that gear list anyway. 

    Blacksmithing 320 intellect or 640 secondary stats
    Tailoring 320 intellect on average~
    Leatherworking 320 intellect
    Engineering ~320 intellect on average but can be synced with cooldowns
    Jewelcrafting 320 intellect or 320 secondary stats
    Alchemy 320 intellect
    Inscription 320 intellect
    Enchanting 320 intellect
    Herbalism/Skinning 320 haste/crit
    Mining 480 stamina

    Blacksmithing is at the moment the best profession for us as a warlock, as we want secondary stats in BIS HC gear...

    Agony Highest priority dot
    Corruption Second highest priority
    Unstable Affliction Lowest priority dot
    Single target abilities:
    Malefic Grasp Filler above 20%
    Drain Soul Filler under 20%
    Fel Flame While moving
    Multi dotting abilities:
    Soul Swap Glyph it to spread dots
    AOE abillities:
    Seed of Corruption Main AOE ability
    Rain of Fire
    Harvest Life Talent for fast AOE
    Survival CDs:
    Unending Resolve
    Twilight Ward
    Sacrificial Pact / Dark Bargain Talents

    Pre Pull:
    Grimoire of Sacrifice: Voidwalker for using Command Demon that grants you the Voidwalkers Shadow Bulwark
    Potion of the Jade Serpent Pre-pot right before the pull
    Dark Soul
    Soulburn+ Soul Swap
    Drain Soul under 20%
    Malefic Grasp filler above 20%

    Renew dots before they expire because of (Pandemic)
    Under 20% use Soul Burn + Soul Swap to renew dots, instead of applying them one by one
    Life tap if mana is <35%

    Best races for Affliction Warlocks with Grimoire of Sacrifice

    Horde: Troll Berserking
    Alliance: Worgen Viciousness Darkflight

    ' Troll is better then Orc by around 1k~ DPS, but be aware that orc and troll is around the same for Demonology.

    Dark Soul with CDs
    /cast Dark Soul: Misery
    /use Blood Fury
    Add any trinkets and other on-use items to this macro

    Instant dots macro
    /use Soulburn
    /cast Soul Swap
    Puts all the dots on your target

    Soulburn: SoC
    /use Soulburn
    /cast Seed of Corruption
    Spreads corruption to all your targets on explosion

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    Good guide! However, I'm curious as to how you got the 365.45 number on tailoring. If I'm right, the cloak proc has a 60 sec icd and a 15 second duration with a 2000 int proc, making it ~500 int on average. Subtracting the normal cloak enchant (180 int) gives me 320 int on average. What am I missing?

    edit: from the math you did, it seems like you are saying that the icd on lightweave embroidery is 55 seconds. I cant confirm or deny this, but it seems kinda weird that they would change the icd to 55 seconds in mop, when they could just settle for 60 seconds and 320 int (which is a number represented by several other profs)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronamic View Post
    Good guide! However, I'm curious as to how you got the 365.45 number on tailoring. If I'm right, the cloak proc has a 60 sec icd and a 15 second duration with a 2000 int proc, making it ~500 int on average. Subtracting the normal cloak enchant (180 int) gives me 320 int on average. What am I missing?

    edit: from the math you did, it seems like you are saying that the icd on lightweave embroidery is 55 seconds. I cant confirm or deny this, but it seems kinda weird that they would change the icd to 55 seconds in mop, when they could just settle for 60 seconds and 320 int (which is a number represented by several other profs)
    Yep, i didn't actually double check the math but you are very so right if the ICD is the same as the old one.

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    Is there any reason in particular you don't have the Deadman ring listed? I'm guessin it has to do with the hit rating cap? Great guide by the way, read it last night and saw your vid this morning. Do you see Demo being viable for any of the progression HC fights? I'll be rolling Affliction for most of it unless I see a fight where Demo would shine.

    Vithrak, Gaze of the Deadman
    Binds when picked up
    +849 Stamina
    +566 Intellect
    Requires Level 90
    Item Level 476
    Equip: Increases your haste rating by 383 (0.90% @ L90).
    Equip: Increases your mastery rating by 368 (0.61 @ L90).

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    there are several bosses where demo will be the way to go, the aoe is very strong and if you have several targets who live long enough for doom to tick it might even surpass affli in multidot scenarios. it also allows you to be mobile during your burst phase which comes in handy on certain bosses (get-away phase on lei shi in terrace of endless spring for instance)

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    I didn't get to test out any of the heroic raids during the beta so that's why I asked. I prefer playing Demo now because it imo is "fun" to play. Ofc, I'll play whichever spec is better on a per fight basis, because what's more fun than topping meters while staying alive etc.
    "The words of a dead man are modified in the guts of the living."

    W. H. Auden

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    I was wondering about the weapon choice, isn't the Headmaster's Will from Scholomance better since it's 476 but only the offhand is 476 and the dagger is 463?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Henkz View Post
    I was wondering about the weapon choice, isn't the Headmaster's Will from Scholomance or the Inscribed Serpent Staff better since they both are 476 but only the offhand is 476 and the dagger is 463?
    Only use the list as a guideline what to obtain 'easily' to have decent gear for start of raiding. If anything is better then the list, yea ofcourse go for it. Farming for some epic item is very time consuming and the list is more of a "grap this item fast" to be somewhat competative! There is alternatives to most items

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    ok thank you very much and also for the overall nice guide!

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    Updated gear list with better items for some slots, use the Dungeon Gear List as a guideline of items that are fast to obtain, there will be alternatives and possibly better ones in some slots, but i will try to keep it up2date.

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