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    Heey recently i asked for some help on the Streaming Guide thread wich was really nice help it really improved the quallity, But now a friend of mine has some problems with streaming and he didnt had a profile to this website so i thought lets make an post for him.

    The problem he has atm is that his computer freezes while he is streaming and he didnt had that before when he was streaming this started like a week ago and now he has this all the time while streaming.

    His streaming options are like this:
    Streaming in 1280 x 720
    Preset: Xplit Default
    Quallity: 8
    Bitrate: 2000
    VBV buffer: 2000 ( his Speed test )

    His Cpu spec is:
    Intel i7 920 @3.8 Ghz
    Asus p6t Motherboard
    6gb Ram
    AMD Radeon HD 6900 series

    Incase there is more info needed ill add it.

    Cheers for the help


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    Make sure all drivers are up to date. Also, try closing your internet browser and see if it still crashes. If it doesn't crash when there's no browser open, it could be that your shockwave flash isn't up to date.
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    I say this regarding my personal experience, not as an expert.

    Considering the values on the speedtest (upload mostly), the numbers he's using on Bitrate and Buffer are really borderline. It's definitely stressing the bandwidth not to mention that 2000 is just way too much to stream at 720p. Adding to all of this, he has a first gen i7 processor which are not the best ones around for streaming at the higher qualities.

    With this said i'd recommend dropping the Bitrate/Buffer values ATLEAST to 1800 if not lower, keep the resolution, drop the quality value to 6 and be sure to be streaming at 20 fps. Also it would be preferable to be streaming in the simplest way possible, meaning: screen region capture, maybe a picture or 2 and thats it; no webcams or videos looping etc etc.

    Should try this out to see if the CPU and the bandwidth get less stressed during the streaming session to confirm if the freezes go away or not.

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    Ok cheers for the help guys, im gonna tell him about this and i hope for him the problem is fixed, otherwise i need to bother you guys again or help :P

    anyway Cheers for the help!


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