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Thread: Owld Healer Questions

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    Default Owld Healer Questions

    Hey I have some questions to You and ur Healing

    1) Why dont you skill Blessing of the Grove but Perseverance?
    2) Do you mean t12 heroic set bonus is so much better than t13 heroic ?
    3) is 2) the reason you take t12 heroic ?
    4) Can u show us your healing UI ? please

    That was all , I hope you will answer and I say thanks

    Stay Tuned ! Sûrfcing EU Eredar Horde - Tears of Abaddon 6/8 HC

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    1) BotG is very negligible on healing. average 30% healing by rejuv, already 150%+ healing on rejuv, 152% leads to maximum +0,3% healing max. I prefer Perseverance.
    2) I currently have 3/4 T13 HC, waiting for 4T13 to switch. Yes 4T12 is much better, it averages 3-5% healing and 4T13 is basically 1,5% healing max at best. I would switch if I had a normal piece but I don't.
    3) you end up with the approx the same output
    4) hasn't changed much =>
    Using POWA and NTK to track everything

    all numbers rounded as I can remember them.
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    ok thank you for the quick answer, but I have a new Question, you only would switch to 4 t13 when its all heroic right ? cause the stats are much bigger and i want to know which addon do you use for the raid members is this grid ?

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    Basically the gain in stats overcome the loss of the 4T12 bonus only if you trade for 3 heroic 1 normal or 4 heroic which would be better.
    Yes I use grid.

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    ok to push this , i have another question. So Mist of Pandaria will come out this year I think. Do u play the Beta ? and do you have any idear for taking the talents ? Cause i have no key for beta and want to know as quick as i can , which are the best talents

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    What a silly question.Its Beta right?So anything anyone tells you now can change in next couple of months that MOP is going to be in beta.

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    As of now I haven't been doing some thinking as the final design isn't really in place. For the talent, there is not much choice. It is going to be very encounter dependent and what role you play in. But on a regular basis I would go for:
    Feline Swiftness
    Dream of Cenarius

    Although there is a lot of room for switching depending on encounters. Nothing is mandatory. I consider maybe Heart of the wild a good choice for progress on dps-heavy encounter. As for the glyphs I'm not sure yet.

    This will probably change.
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    Ok, just read this today . Ur right Testerone its silly.
    this is my gear and my reforge , talents etc.
    Do you have any tips for me ? I know i have an old Firelands heal trinket, but i didnt got some from lfr ore somewhere else.

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    Hi, you should probably play with a 8/2/31 cause you have quite low spirit and no regen trinket. If you have no mana issues, it means you don't spam enough. Remember overhealing more isn't always a bad thing as soon as you also increase your effective healing. You could probably also change your chest gem for a 25int 25mastery instead. I haven't made the tc but I think getting the belt from the valor points would be a better pick.

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