Please introduce yourself

Hello everyone! My name is Kostas i am 25 years old from Greece and im studying at Department of Telecommunication Systems and Networks at a small city called Naupaktos! My toon is named Razielz and i am a Death Knight.

How did you get involved with WoW and what were you doing before you eventually joined Method?

I have been a gamer since i was very young. As for online games i have been playing a lot of Dota and counterstrike around when WoW got released. As i have always been a fan of warcraft series (played since wc1 was released) along with some friends we decided to take a look at the game. Started playing at March 2005 along with 2 very close friends.

We started on Sylvanas and i made Sexiest Gnome Rogue ever existed named Razielakos! Had lots of fun as we made a lan and played together. When summer came I gone for good long vacations and didnt bother with it anymore till early octomber!

Then i restarted playing along with 1 of my friends and leveled to 60.(the other one kept playing during the summer and had already joined method). I myself after a while of being 60 I met 3 russian guys played quite a lot with them became friends and then i asked them to join their guild. And so i did join my first guild that actually raided! That guild was named DARK. My first raid was in molten core when the guild master said "Anyone for MC?" i offered my self and we were infront of garr! We killed the boss (first kill whooo) and thats my first raiding exp! The raid was compiled from 4 different smaller guilds (Cohors Praetoria, Molotoff Coctail, Shadow Conclave and DARK) with a wierd signup/rotation system. After a while each guild mass recruited and there was like 100+ people signing up for a 40 raid. Total Chaos! Then was the time that we decided to create "our" own guild with best raiders from DARK and some good other people from the other guilds. Then was when was created.

I signed up that charter and eventually became an officer of the guild. And well to keep it short after a good year or so in the guild i had big differences with some ppl of the guild so i decided to leave. At that point i had 2 IRL friends and a lot of ingame in Method. So i decided to apply. I made a pretty terrible application(still got it in my sentbox!) but after a while Zeuzo decided to offer me a trial at around november 2006 if i remember correctly! And so there it is. I joined Method!

You are the longest still active raiding member in the guild after Sco, what was the guild like back when you were the new guy?

I have to say at start it was pretty rough. I wasnt liked for , for no reason , by a beaver rogue and her boyfriend ( ;D ) so i had to fight pretty much for a long time for my raiding spot. Thanks to Zeuzo and Zhai (fellow rogues,many others too ofc) for supporting me all that time ! When TBC came where the raid spots gone from 40 to 25 i slowly managed to win my spot by performing well and eventually the beaver and the bf left the guild so everything became good :D .

What have been your best and worst moments as a member of Method?

Worse moment for sure is not being able to be in for our first Vashj kill because of terrible connection at that point (was playing from net cafe and when someone was dling something wow was unplayabled so i had to pass myspot :D good greek internet cafes!)

Best was being a part of our KJ kill. For sure best feeling i ever had as a raider in my wow career!

What does it take to survive for so long in a top raiding guild like Method? Any advice for trials or generally people new in the scene?

Rule 1. Handle Critisism and improve by it.
Rule 2. Handle Critisism and improve by it.

Dont rage when someone is critisising you. Especially if you are new to the scene. If there is potential in you the leading team of the guild you decide to join will possibly see it and will help you reach it. You have to keep trying to improve. Make sure you communicate with other people of your class so you can see their view on various things. Play for your guild and not your self . In high level guilds people can see if u are doing your job and that is what is required from you. Make sure you have proper motivation , dedication and focus when new content is released learn to adapt to new fights fast and dont make mistakes so you can help your for the best!

How do you prepare for big content patches and individual raids during progress? Any routines you are going through?

Well at past a good amount of time was used to farm consumables. Blizzard decided to make that part easier for us with feasts and cauldrons which is more than welcome! Also its important to make sure i have lots of easy to make food(and vitamins!) and LOTS of orange juice for energy. Make sure all the house work is done a clean and tidy enviroment makes me focus better! Last and maybe most important for me I make sure i prepare my sleeping pattern so i am able to keep my energy up for for the long raiding hours!

What is your opinion on the latest raid dungeon Dragon Soul?

Totally disappointed once again. Total joke first bosses , hardly any interesting/challenging mechanics besides very few things, fights that just required class stacking and basically nothing more. Biggest disappointment was Deathwing, such an easy boss (took us few pulls to kill him) Nothing epic on the fight like every last boss should be.

What do you think Blizzard should do different in the next raid content?

They should first of all gain some imagination and create something interesting and fun. Also i would love if they stopped making 90% of bosses able to die in matter of hours after the new content is up. They should really think of a way of making class stacking less needed. Probably a good way would be to make some more complex mechanics on some fights where classes would have a particular role that others wouldnt be able to perform! A higher "challenge meter" should be implemented so only the best would be able to beat those encounters after a lot of hard work!

Do you like what you have seen so far of Mists of Pandaria (specifically changes regarding Death Knights)?

From what i have seen in blizzcon and some talent trees updates i can say things seem promising. I hope they manage to make all talents balanced and each player can have a personal taste on some talents and not everything will become a "must" to have and some other never touched by any player. I hope they will use their recources /focus and time on making nice new features, bringing good content , making pvp more fun and interesting etc instead of some pointless features (pokemon lol)!

What is your favorite WoW ...?

- Expansion
Burning Crusade

- Raid Dungeon
Karazhan! First 10man raid. Felt so nice working as a small team :)

- 5 man Dungeon
Shattered halls. Was hard and u had to be fast and without mistakes. Great challenge!

- Boss Encounter

- Tier Set Design
Bloodfang on my rogue. All Death Knight ones are pretty much terrible. :(

Are you playing any games besides WoW and is there a game you looking forward to?

I really look forward on Diablo 3 along with lots of people i suppose.Lets see how long it will take blizzard to bring it on! Besides that i play some Star Wars :TOR with some RL friends. Also i spend some time playing/watching Heroes of Newerth and League of legends. Recently got a dota 2 key but havent really bothered with it yet. I am a big fan of Football Manager series, my team cant get a championship so i have to it for them! At last i never say no to various oldies but goldies either snes games with my new razer onza (Platform / RPG mainly ) or some adventures (quest for glory series <3).

How come popcorn isn't a vegetable?

Popcorn is awesome , vegetables are not!


Steak or Sushi?
Steak.Sushi is not food for real people! :(

Avril Lavigne or Hayley Williams?
Hayley <3 her hair.

2010 or 2011?
2012....The end of the world. Again.

Tastleless or Artosis?

Dexter or Breaking Bad?
Dexter. One of the best series out there. Breaking bad is good too tho!