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Thread: Hunter vs Dragon Soul [4.3 GUIDE]

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    I read your post and first of all I would suggest that you track the icd of your tier bonus (if you aren't already), and then do the following IF the problem of your raid is tendon damage (which is hard to believe tbh):

    Play normally till first tendon, and use Rapid Fire on it. (stacking rapid fire+your proc isn't very beneficial)
    After that, you check the icd of your tier bonus, and when its over, you start using your multi shots until the 2nd time the tendon opens comes.

    After that, you should again be checking your icd and just as its about to run out, you switch from arcane shots to multi shots. With a 105seconds icd it should be quite nicely timed (barely will need to do any multi shots) if your total raid dps is good enough, maybe for 30seconds max since the time difference of 2 openings should be ~2minutes tops. Of course I haven't tried the tactic that you are saying so maybe the difference between 2 openings is less than 105seconds, since the next amalgamation is already low I suppose. But you can't help that in any way.

    I would suggest to not do multi shots at all if the icd comes off right after the tendon is down, and you have like 80 seconds before next tendon phase. So generally, imo, do it but only if its for a short period of time. Keep in mind that dps on the single amalgamation is very important too. As a general rule I would say, if its <30seconds of need to multi shot go for it, if not just do arcanes. And don't bother if you have hero/rapid fire.

    Hope this covers you.

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    Thanks a lot for the reply :)
    It's hard to believe idd but even with the nerf we still kill the Tendons barely in time so I'm trying to figure out every poss way to max my dps even more on it. As for the amalgamation our dps is usualy more than enough on it so at some point we have the raid stop dps on it and switch to the second one then we have another period of time when we have to wait with dps...basicaly we wait for ppl's trinkets and some other CDs to get rdy so just then we can move the amalgamation to the bloods and plate so I figured out we have mroe than enough dps on it and I can do some multi shotting.

    Thanks for the post again -I'll go google some internal CD tracker now (:

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    needtoknow is the addon im using, just gives u a normal bar, kinda like a dot timer that many spriests/locks use.

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    You should updated your images as they have exceeded the max allowed bandwidth from photo bucket.

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    Hi Roger

    Awesome guide, can you please post the BM spec you used for Spine?

    Thank you

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    Default Hey

    So i get the rotations, the cooldown tracking, item optimization and everything else. The only thing i have an issue with is making good efficient keybinds and of course good clutch keybinds for those times you have to distract shot and readiness into double disengage with deterrence up to give your raid that time needed to down a boss. I've already studied your guilds keybind guide and its been extremely helpful but hunters play style doesn't fit the every day keybind, so if i could get some help i would be extremely grateful. Im not to be baby stepped through this im just asking for a good nudge in the right direction and i can take it from there.

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    Hey flavien. I must admit that fixing your keybinds is one of the most annoying and time consuming things to do. But I must admit that I have lost interest in trying to fix my keybinds on live, and focus only on revamping them at the beta for MOP. I would suggest that you find a good keybind thats easily accessable for switching your aspects. Currently I have it on caps lock and I am experimenting on beta to have it on mouse button 5. I will most likely be making a hunter guide once MOP is released showing all the keybinds that I use. In general I would suggest that you start from your 'big categories of keybinds' like aspects, traps, cooldowns, which imo should be next to each other like F1 F2 F3 or alt-1 alt-2 alt-3 etc. And then the abilities that are situational like disengage, deterrence, freedom, I put on the F, G, T keybinds that are easy to use. Sorry that I am not helping more atm, but as I said I will be making a MOP guide which will be more useful since DS is pretty much over.

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