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    Please introduce yourself

    Yo, my name's Glenn and I'm a 24 year old Swede living in Stockholm. My current in game handle is Phlaryu although a lot of people might know me better by my previous one; Phlare. I've played a priest as my main since WoW's release back in 2004.

    What is your history before joining Method? How did you get started with WoW?

    Okey this'll be a long one so bear with me.

    As many others I got into WoW because of friends, Even though I played WC3 alot and was really into the lore I had never played an MMO properly before and didn't find the concept very appealing. They ended up pre-ordering it for me and that's how I ended up playing it.
    They decided we were going to play horde on the realm Daggerspine. When I came to the character creation screen I just asked them all what they were playing and ended up with what wasn't already picked; Undead Priest. I leveled casually and I pretty much loved it right off the bat. I remember ending up healing in dungeons because my friends were a bit faster at leveling than me and back then the healer was pretty much the only one who could be a bit under the dungeon level and get away with it. That's pretty much how I started favoring healing over doing damage.
    Later on as we closed in on level 60, I randomly stumbled upon some guy who were looking to fill his guild – which was called Warning - to be able to start raiding and that's how I eventually got into raiding. Once in Warning I did full MC clear plus a few bosses in BWL with them, but had a falling out with one of the officers and I ended up getting kicked. I tried my luck with PvP and eventually ended up being the GM of the best PvP guild on the realm named Guerilla, though at this point most of my friends had moved on to other games and the PvP grind got boring pretty fast.
    I thought about getting back into PvE but at this point the horde side had only 2 successful raiding guilds, the one I had been kicked from and the other one wasn't recruiting priests. So I ended up deleting my undead priest (about a week before I got high warlord on top of it!) to accept a guild invite from an alliance guild named Guardians, whom I had gotten friends in while PvP'ing. It's a funny story actually, I used to play on and off in an internet cafe in central Stockholm. One of the days we were grinding BG's someone tapped on my shoulder and it turned out to be one of the rogues on the opposing team we usually faced. At this point most of us actually took a free migration to Kazzak from Daggerspine as the server had become overpopulated and lagged heavily.

    Anyways I ended up raiding with Guardians from AQ and the rest of vanilla wow, although we got stomped pretty badly by Forte in Naxxramas I still had a good time and stuck with Guardians until the guild officially went casual a few months before TBC.
    As the expansion was closing in I had to focus more on various school projects and ended up playing the game casually throughout most of the expansion, however I was part of making the guild Slashcry which still to this day is a good raiding guild back on Kazzak as far as I know.
    I didn't come back to raiding until mid Sunwell progress, I waited around in Slashcry as a casual until a priest spot opened and supported the guild in whatever way I could. For example; during lunar festival I stood outside sunwell and gave them the 250 health buff with the rockets before every Kil'Jaeden attempt. Once a spot opened I was able to continue the farm content with them and was atleast able to experience the content before the nerfs.
    As Wotlk came we cleared the first tier content in an orderly fashion, nothing in world rankings but pretty effectively. Ulduar arrived and we cleared normal mode server first, no problem. I however did not feel comfortable in Slashcry at that point, there were some troublesome people and the GM/Officers at that time refused to do anything about it so I ended up leaving.

    A few days after I had left Slashcry I thought whether or not I wanted to continue raiding and if I wanted to push harder then I ever had before. I came up with; Yes, Fuck yes! So I looked around for an end-game guild that was recruiting, there were a few at that point which were looking for a priest, But the one that caught my interest was Method. At that time they had a news post about one of their priests completing an achievement on their front page. I thought it was faith guiding me towards my destiny and applied 5 minutes later.

    Your guild rank is Officer, does this status bring any special obligations? Do you get more fan girls than a Member?

    Yes to the first one and no on the second one, Xabok steals all the women before I even notice they're there haha.

    On a more serious note though, there's definitely more responsibility being an officer. While everyone in a guild represents the guild in a way, as an officer you're more of a chosen representative of the guild. The way it works for us now is that all officers have a shared area of responsibility, for example questions such as wether we should faction change after specific racial change or how we want to schedule our raids, general topics like that. Then we have some personal areas as well where we do extra work. Mine happens to be loot distribution and management of the guild bank. So don't get on my bad side or you'll go into the next tier naked! *insert evil laughter*

    What are your best and worst memories of raiding with Method?

    The best one has to be the first day of when I joined Method. I applied to Method at around 22:00 in the evening, at ~01:00 I had been accepted, at ~07:00 I migrated over to Sylvanas and was invited and at 14:00 the Freya progress raid started. I hadn't slept at all that night but since it was my first day I did what any good trial should do; went and bought 5 cans of redbull. At around 19:00 that evening freya went down and the feeling I got is undescribeable, I've never felt so good during a raid in my entire life.

    The worst memory has to be the fall in ToC, coming into Method and ending up as world second in ulduar then falling so far down on the rankings as we did. We also ended up losing some great players, felt pretty horrible.

    According to GuildOx you are #3 in the WoW Achievement Points rankings. What role does the Achievement-System play in your overall game experience?

    It used to be a pretty big part of why I liked and played WoW to be honest, but since the later part of Wotlk it isn't much of a competition anymore. People just started catching up and you yourself sort of ran out of achievements to do, so nowadays I just do it for my own enjoyment. Also being in Method doesn't always help, it's good in the way that you're in a position where you get heroic kill achievements really fast, but most people in the guild don't really care about achievements – Which I don't blame them for, some like it, some don't – so unless there's a chance to get glory world first we don't really go for it.

    How do you prepare for big content patches and individual raids during progress? Any routines you are going through?

    I try to be as prepared as I possibly can, that means making sure you have all the time you need. Make sure you've done what needs to be done before the patch hits, like laundry, cleaning your house/apartment, purchase all the food you're going to need (not only fast food!), make lunchboxes etc.

    Also in game you stack up on necessary flasks, foods and anything else that could possibly be of use to you in the upcoming patch.

    What is your opinion on the latest raid dungeon Dragon Soul?

    Well it certainly felt a bit different. Some bosses were better then others and I'd say I'm satisfied with the instance as a whole. At least there was good 'portals' and you didn't have to run around chasing a bunch of useless trash all the time. Yor'sahj was probably my favorite boss in there because of it being more technical then the rest. But I don't think the instance lived up to the hype that blizzard was creating for it though.

    What do you think Blizzard should do different in the next raid content?

    More outdoor bosses + Single style bosses such as Onyxia/Magtheridon! I also feel that they need to keep aiming for content where you don't need to class stack as much. I'm not really sure how that'd be done, it's obvious that on some fights for example melee will be better then range, but Spine was just terrible. I also believe that trash is totally unnecessary, nobody really likes it and especially having to grind it because it can drop that item which this tier happens to be BiS for you. Ridiculously boring.

    Do you like what you have seen so far of Mists of Pandaria (specifically changes regarding Disc/Holy Priests)?

    Well haven't really "seen" anything besides the announced talents and what they talked about on Blizzcon, but the talents so far looks really promising, I'm waiting to see how the new spell Divine Star plays out. I also heard that they planning to change intellect so it doesn't add to your manapool anymore, It'd be interesting to see how they change Rapture in the discipline tree with such a change since it's such a core mechanic for the disc priest at the moment.

    What is your favorite WoW ...?

    Burning Crusade

    -Raid Dungeon

    -5 man Dungeon

    -Boss Encounter

    -Tier Set Design

    What is your opinion on the Alliance/Horde racial balance in regards to raiding? Does either faction have a significant edge?

    I believe that horde has a clear advantage in racials when it comes to raiding, mainly because the majority of their On-Use-Racials contributing to almost evey class's throughput/dps (Troll/Orc) and then the Blood Elves Arcane torrent which currently is insane for healers. Alliance has some mobility with the worgen sprint but the horde has a similar mobility racial in the goblin rocket jump. Realistically mobility racials don't make a huge difference in a raid. Sometimes you end up using them, sometimes they might even "prevent a wipe". But if you are on your toes and just don't fail you can make do without them, the dps racials are always useful no matter what type of boss you face.

    Are you playing any games besides WoW and is there a game you looking forward to?

    I tend to play some Heroes of Newerth and I used to play alot of Skyrim, but once I completed all the main quest/story lines I forced myself to uninstall the game, freakishly addictive I swear I would've made another character and started over haha.
    I tried some SWTOR in the beta and it's a pretty fun game, but being such a completionist as I am I don't think I'd have the time to play 2 MMORPG's.
    What I look forward too hmm, I tend to not think alot about what hasn't been released yet as I don't like yearning for things. But I guess all the upcoming blizzard titles will be fun; Heart of the Swarm, Diablo 3 and of course Mists of Pandaria!

    If you were a geometric shape, what would you like to be?

    Probably a crescent, it sort of looks like a smiley!


    Big Mac or Whopper?
    Big Mac

    Megan Fox or Jessica Alba?
    Jessica Alba

    Day or Night?

    Swifty or Athene?

    The Godfather 1 or 2?
    Neither, Anime ftw! Go watch Twelve Kingdoms, wipes the floor with the godfather.
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    Nice read french mate, see you in ZG ! (wait you're not french?)

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    Team Sweden represent.

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    Nice read bro!

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    Some bosses were better then others and I'd say I'm satisfied with the instance as a whole.
    wasn't able to control my laughter, couldn't help it

    besides that, awesome read

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