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11th February 2012, 18:43
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Here u can get a good idea about what role dps death knights have in each of dragon soul heroic bosses and various tips about them too! Death Knights on this content are not the greatest dps (as usual) but as always great survivability and good utility are there to balance things out :) Dps tends to be more competitive when the gear level increases .Also Gurthalak tentacles working with unholy mastery making unholy pretty strong when u are able to get it on your hands , sadly then is when progress is over !

Before i go in detail for each boss i would like to point out somethings about the specs you should be running.As unholy i recommend especially if u are progressing to pick antimagic zone . Zone is SOOOOOOO Powerfull on most bosses to make your healers life easier and almost neutralise some bosses abilities (madness meteor , big blasts on warhorn) and only sacrificing some dps. As for frost the spec pretty standard and not much u can swap around.

Feel Free to contact me in game or on our forums for any questions you might have!



Easy boss. Death knights are good for this fight.There are basically 2 tactics that u can follow in order to beat this boss.Either keep them close to each other , which benefits cleave , or one boss to North pole other to South pole which is exactly the tactic we are using so ill give info about this tactic! In both cases unholy should be better for both survivabily and higher dps output.


If u are assigned to soak along with the tank make sure u save your icebound and army for the sub 25% else u will get one shotted (if more than 2 stomps happen be sure u get another cd from someone). But even tho we have hight armor there are much better classes to have that role!
The great thing about death knights on this fight is that we can have very good uptime on the boss even when he is casting Black blood of the Earth. You should run and hide when he starts casting and then go back using shell while progressing. Else stay , wait few stacks and then use shell and stay all the duration "Warning" this will require some healing so make sure your healers are aware!



Pretty straight forward fight on how u want to deal with it. As a death knight u can have various roles on this fight.When progressing u might be required to run around kill things if your raid have a big amount of melee. Best situation ofc is to be assigned on the Claw of Go'rath (big tentacle) so u can cleave the boss along with it.Worse nightmare for us on this fight is to be the guy who tanks the second Claw of Go'rath .Unholy is best option for this fight also.


If u are frost u can avoid getting yourself knocked when u have Disrupting Shadows while having pillar of frost up.
Make sure you how long you will be fighting the boss so u can make sure you use have gargoule available on the last time the boss eats the ball (hero and pot time!).
Keeping shell for the time black phase damage starts to hit the raid.If u are assigned to dps a tentacle away from the boss the runic power gained from absorbing damage will help your dps loss while moving!
Keep your pet on the boss if unholy.
If you are assigned to tank Claw of Go'rath make sure you are on possition when it spawns and dont forget blood pressence!Use shell on start of black phase since the damage is higher then , make sure u have icebound – army- icebound so healing on you is easier.On Last burst phase make sure u send your gargoule on boss and give Frenzy to a rogue since u are pretty much doing nothing usefull at that point!



Boring 10minutes of oozes.Make sure you run the ooze that is supposed to die in time. What spec to pick really depends on your raid setup and how many adds will spawn.The more fire mages and moonkins your raid has the better unholy becomes on overall dps!Death knights are also great tanks on this fight duel to self healing and shell which makes the dot the boss applies less scary.


If u are tanking make sure u stack up blood mastery before your turn to tank comes.Dont use any cooldowns till you have the max stacks you are supposed to take and then use them when u feel the healing becomes less due to the next tank getting more stacks.
Keep your pet on the boss if unholy.
If there is red ooze on the boss make sure you soak Searing blood(the red beam) with shell.
Make sure u save death and decay if you see a black ooze spawning.
Fight is 10minutes so you should be able to use gargoule + frenzy 3 times.Make sure u remember that!



Lots of movement on a badly designed fight in my opinion. I would say frost is the best spec for this fight . Many frost tombs to aoe and pillar of frost is perfect for the time she is weakened after each transition phase.


MAKE SURE you use dark simulacrum once per phase when she casts Shattered Ice. You can use it when she is already casting it so its hard to miss. It hits over 100k and can crit.
You can soak icelances with shell you dont get the stacking debuff which means u take almost no damage at that point.
Use shell on lighting phase to avoid some stacks.
On frost phase you can use shell to enter the bubble without getting slowed and gaining some free runic power if unholy.
Make sure u keep your cds for when lighting/frost phase are over since she takes extra damage.
As unholy u can send your pet on the last crystal the raid will be killing to gain extra dps.



Basically a tank and spank fight. A Dps /healing check fight. Sadly while we are progressing we arent that great on this fight since there are better single target dps than death knights.A rogue can soak easier hour of twilight and can do much more damage.Make sure you bind your special button on a comfortable bind to press it easy. Make sure u are comfortable with your delay so u can press it as late as possible on hour of twilights or when u are getting Fading light.


Make sure you have anti-magic zone.Helps the whole soaking group you are assigned to. And always use antimagic shell when soaking. U can use icebound fortitude and army to further reduce the damage you will take from hour of twilight.
If your are unholy and progressing on this boss give UF on your beloved friends rogues. They always apprieciate it!<3
After you press your special button you are unable to do any dps and as stated earlier you should use it as late as possible to have the less downtime. But while you are in the "other world" you can use outbreak to refresh your diseases(only ability that seems to be working !)



A really messy but enjoyable fight for me.Death knight is a must have class for warmaster blackhorn mainly because of death grip. You can grip that nasty little creatures called Twilight sappers who want to explode on your ship! Also Death knights can solo soal Twilight Barrages which is a great utility u can offer. Three waves of riders come and when u are done with those the boss and his dragon fight you.Unholy is stronger on this fight. Can soak Twilight barrages easier and antimagic zone is a great tool for soaking the onslaughts.


You can solo soak twilight barrages when using antimagic shell. Make sure you are full hp and u dont have the debuff that increases shadowdamage taken when you are soaking.
Be aware of your position when dpsing the adds. Twilight Elite Dreadblade Cleaves and also applies a stacking debuff after the cleave.The debuff is not that deadly but both cleave and debuff are easy avoidable damage. Also be sure you avoid the Blade rush ( really visible line on ground ).Dont try to soak when u see a blade rush pointing on the barrage big chance that you might die.
Make sure you have a macro to target sappers (/target twilight sapper) . Wait till they vanish and make sure u have yourself positioned on a good clear of fire spot and be ready to grip them. Grip them when they reappear and make sure you use chains of ice on them.
Use death and decay, spread diseases or use Howling Blast to cleave down the 2 melee adds if they are tanked close to the flying dragons to help out ranged killing them faster.
Make sure you have antimagic-zone , almost negates the damage from Twilight onslaught. Communicate with your healers so you know when they need it!



Hardest encounter in Dragon Soul.And its all about Burning Tendons dps. Mages and rogues are the strongest classes for killing the tendons. Both Frost and unholy can have their purpose but your spot and spec is really dependant on how your raid composition looks like.Frost can handle the blood killing and bring 4% physical damage so all your rogues can be subtely.Unholy can provide a rogue with Unholy Frenzy and give instant 8% spellpower on the tendon and can also aoe if needed.


Spam escape a bit before you pull so u instant cancel the movie.
Make sure u make a macro /cancelaura parachute so u can cancel the parachute and start fighting asap instead of waiting to reach Deathwings back.
Use shell when the amalgamation is exploding or when barrelrolling.
Use the lightwell if you have Searing Plasma.
DO NOT MINDLESS AOE if you have 9 dead bloods or if the Corruption is close to what you are killing. You dont want extra bloods to die (uneccesary damage to the raid) and extra dps on the corruption can make it die early – chances to have a grip when dpsing tendon.

Tips on how to maximize on tendons :

BUY Rotting Skull (trinket from valor points) by far best trinket you can use here - its up on every tendon open. As second choice i would pick Bone-Link Fetish especially if you are aoeing. If u dont want to depend on the rng of it u can go with Eye of the Unmaking – but make sure u keep it up after u move away of the exploding amalgamation.

Make a macro to target it and instant cast outbreak :
/targetexact burning tendons
/cast [target=target,exists] outbreak


Make sure you have 5 shadow infusion stacks on your ghoul when the amalgamation starts to explode.Use Dark transformation when u see the amalgamation casting explosion.
Give Frenzy to a rogue the moment you see the amalgamation exploding.
Gargoule acts pretty stupid here. Try to summon it on a blood away from the spine and then make sure u swap it on the tendon.If u summon it when the tendon appears or close to the spine it will sometimes try to find a good position for 10seconds :D Make sure you use your trinket before you summon it.You will have the gargoule on every first opener on each plate.


Use PoF and your trinket 1.5 sec before the plate appears and then summon your ghoul.(you will get used to when the plate opens so u can make your timing perfect)
Make sure u use Empower rune weapon sub 35% for more dps on the tendon.(use it on first and third plate)



Another looong and boring on most parts fight. Not a hard fight if everyone is dpsing what must be killed.Frost should be higher on dps , but unholy survivabilty and antimagic zone makes one pretty usefull in the raid. Our kill order is 3 1 2 4 (numbers from left to right)


Use dream on first platform when blisterings spawn.Also u can use it on the last (make sure u have it up if u are targeted by Shrapnel)
If you are unholy make sure your pet is at safe distance from the person with the parasite. The explosion will kill it.
On 3rd and 4th platform make sure u instantly swap to blistering tentacles and kill them asap.A good time to use shell when they spawn.(swap your pet too!)
Do death and decay half a second before the parasite spawns(hit the mutated corruption too) spread diseases to it when it comes and then max dps it down. On 3rd platform you should spawn it inside the nozdormu zone. On 4th we are using heroism and cooldowns instead.
When u have to aoe bloods make sure u prespread diseases on them. When parasite spawns use death and decay. Be sure u have saved 4 Death runes. Target a blood and Use 4x blood boils. Then swap on the parasite and outbreak it and max dps on it.(Unholy)
As unholy on 4th plaform when there is no nozdormu zone the meteor will land and do big aoe damage to the raid. Thats where zone is ssssssssssssick! Make sure u have a proper timer for when it lands and use your zone on the raid like 0.5 second before it lands and boom almost no damage taken.
Make sure at all times u maximize damage on Mutated corruption so u wont have a risk of having an extra impale which can be deadly!

20th February 2012, 23:41
Stoped playing DK after 4.3 lauchend but now im back and i have to say i quite enjoyed this quide that has in depth pro tips for all encounter HC, gotta say some are pretty smart choices that if u ain't using them u will probably lose alot of dps.

Razie ftw :devil:

11th April 2012, 21:14
Ok I have a question. Our MTs are DK and Warr(myself). Our DK pulls Yorsaj and gives me shit about doing too much threat. He says he can't afford to be matching my threat so early as he is building up blood mastery, I counter that early in the fight no one else is even getting healed and he should trust healers and max threat (we are talking about the pull only). Alternatively, let the warr pull and he can do whatever he wants with his runes early on. Its unfortunate we don't have better synergy between us. I have tried to build a rapport with or DK tank to no avail. I am looking for a experienced Blood DK to help me understand why he is asking me to not max my threat/dps. And any suggestions to help me better understand and work better with a DK/Warr tandem are appreciated. I wish we could have resolved this between us but the last convo we had about this ended in a rude "roll a blood dk, tank yorsaj and then you'll understand" reply. Thank for reading. Feel free to reply privately to my email joshuacrabtree@gmail.com

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What I*read*I really liked it.*Thank you for*your information!